Embrace Boho Elegance: How to Design a Rustic Romantic Floral Hoop for Your Decor

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Prepare to infuse your decor with enchanting charm using our newest DIY project: the rustic romance floral hoop! If you have a fondness for bohemian aesthetics and the rustic appeal of nature-inspired elements, this delightful craft will surely capture your heart. This article will provide a step-by-step guide on creating your own floral hoop, adding a boho vibe to your event that perfectly balances elegance and simplicity. Join us as we explore the realm of natural beauty and creativity, embarking on the exciting journey of crafting a captivating centerpiece that is bound to be the highlight of your gatherings!

What You Need:

- 5ft | 4-Tiered Gold Hoop Pillar Flower Stand
- 24 Pack | 6" White Styrofoam Cone
- 2 Pack | 20 Gauge Green Floral Wire
- 2 Stems | 19" Green Artificial Boston Fern Leaf
- 2 Stems | Green Artificial Asparagus Fern Leaf
- 2 Bushes | White / Yellow Artificial Silk Peony and Hydrangea Flower
- 4 Bushes | 11" White Artificial Silk Daisy Flower Bouquet Branches
- Set of 5 | Dusty Blue Spandex Cylinder Stand Covers
- Set of 5 | Clear Acrylic Cylinder Plinth Display Box Stands


What You Need to Do:

Step 1: Assemble the Hoop Stand

Person assembling a hoop stand

Begin the process by gathering the components of the flower stand and commencing the assembly of the hoops at the lower section. The provided instructions will guide you through this procedure, ensuring the hoops are firmly positioned by appropriately fastening all screws.

Step 2: Put on the Styrofoam

Person attaching styrofoam to the hoop stand

After assembling the flower stand, now it's time to add the bottom part that will hold the flowers and plants. Cut the styrofoam cone in half and attach it to the base. Use a green floral wire to tie it securely and prevent it from coming loose.

Step 3: Put Together The Flower Decorations.

Person arranging the floral decor onto the flower stand

To make the flower decorations, use some Boston fern leaves and stick them through the cone. Put plenty of asparagus fern branches with them. When you've made a nice arrangement, put in some yellow peony flowers and white daisies to add bright colors. Do this same process for all the hoops until they all have flower decorations.

Step 4: Arrange the Display Stands

Floral hoop decor in the middle of cylinder display stands

Make your flower hoops look great by putting cylinder stands with dusty blue covers around them. This will add a magical feel to your event and connect with the natural look of the floral hoops.

Making your own floral hoop for boho decor is a great way to add a natural and romantic feel to your space without spending too much money. This easy project lets you be creative and personalize your home or event. So, gather your favorite flowers, vines, and rustic items, and start making a beautiful floral hoop that captures the relaxed and pretty boho style.

If you need more ideas for planning a unique party or any special event, check out our other blog posts or look through our collection. We have lots of suggestions to help you make your celebrations memorable and visually appealing.

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