Enchanting Unicorn Themed Decor Ideas for Your Next Summer Bash

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If you’re looking for a magical theme for your little munchkin’s birthday party, all you need is a touch of sparkly unicorn-themed décor to make your bash an enchanted one. There’s no denying the fact that the very thought of this mythical creature evokes rainbow, glitter, and awe, and this is the reason why kids all over the world adore unicorns. If you’re wondering where to start on the decor for your unicorn-themed party, we’ll be your guide to set up an exotic and fantasy-inspired party setting to make your celebration fun-filled and way more colorful!

Unicorn-Themed Décor

Planning to give your unicorn-themed party a fabulous start from the moment your guests arrive at the entrance? Let your guests feel the magical atmosphere by welcoming them with our magnificent balloon arch decorated with differently shaped four-leaf clover balloons, available in an array of beautiful hues. As unicorns and rainbows are a match made in heaven, create a rainbow-inspired arch using the clover balloons to perfectly complement with your unicorn-theme. For a firm and steady balloon arch, attach these gorgeous and uniquely shaped foil balloons with the help of our translucent balloon clips. The transparency of these clips has been kept on purpose to bring out the beautiful colors of your balloons that will surely add oodles of festivity into the ambiance.

Unicorn Themed Balloon Arch

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Craving for a picture-perfect backdrop to grace your party space? Capture Instagram worthy pictures in front of a unicorn-themed backdrop created by draping our long tassel curtains on our sturdy and high-quality backdrop stand. Further accentuate this gorgeous décor accent with a balloon garland made with our fabulous collection of vibrant latex balloons. Cut out eyelashes from a piece of black colored paper and stick them on the tassel curtains along with our charming giant paper blooms for a unicorn-theme backdrop.  Let some more creativity flow into your party’s décor by introducing some DIY unicorn balloons. Our latex balloons will help you create the cutest DIY that all kids at your party will adore. For this simple yet unique décor accent, inflate the balloons and add a horn made out of a party cap or from a piece of cardboard and add a fun factor with some rainbow-colored ribbons coming out of the top of the cone. Next, add some paper ears cut out from pink and white craft paper to the unicorn balloon by sticking them with the help of our easy to use glue dots. For the final touches, use a black marker to draw the unicorn’s face and attach rainbow-colored tassels to the balloon’s string. Voila! You have just created a cute unicorn balloon to make all the kids squeal with joy.

Unicorn themed balloon

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Table Settings

You can’t go wrong if you include bright rainbow colors, sparkle, and glitter into your unicorn-themed party. So, forgo the usual and rather dull party table settings by dressing your table with our rainbow tulle table skirt and a matching polyester tablecloth. For the glittery and sparkly part, we strongly recommend you to serve your guests in our luxurious collection of gold dust disposable platesglasses and cutlery to bring a truly extravagant look onto your table settings. These remarkable ideas for your tablescape have just enough details to evoke the mythical creature but won’t require an art degree to pull it off.

Unicorn themed Tablescape

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Centerpiece Décor

Let your imagination run as wild as a unicorn and see what colorful and crafty creations you can come up with for the perfect unicorn themed party. For example, you can create a wonderful centerpiece décor accent using our wooden planter box and paper lantern to adorn your unicorn tablescape. Simply attach a stick decorated with a ribbon bow to the lantern and anchor it in the planter box. Fill the wooden box with our delicate and elegant tulle fabric, draw the eyelashes of a unicorn on the lantern with a marker, and glue a horn and paper cutout ears just as we did on the unicorn balloon. Since unicorns are magical and make you smile just like flowers do, enhance the charming appeal of your DIY unicorn centerpiece by accenting it with gorgeous flowers. The end result will be a truly awe-inspiring décor accent to leave your guests mesmerized.

Unicorn Themed Centerpiece

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If our ideas have inspired you to recreate your own unicorn-themed party but you are short of time, setting up an adorable décor with our unicorn party decoration kit will be a breeze as it includes everything that you’ll need for your theme decorations. Now that you have inspirational ideas to surprise your little girl who adores unicorns, we would love to know what more could be added to the list. Do you have other unique ideas to create this fantasy-themed décor? Please share them with us in the comment section below.

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