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With May ending soon, everyone is excited to enjoy the most awaited long weekend that comes with a lovely patriotic holiday. Yes! You got it right, it’s Memorial Day weekend coming up; a day when we honor and remember all those brave soldiers who have fought bravely and sacrificed their lives for our future. Also known as Decoration Day, Memorial Day is celebrated on the last Monday of May each year and is also marked as the beginning of the sweet summertime. There are certain Memorial Day traditions that people practice to keep the spirit of this patriotic holiday up high, for instance, visiting the graves of the martyrs, attending Memorial Day parades, and enjoying a relaxing long weekend with friends and family.  Revive the pomp and pride you have for your homeland and gear up to celebrate Memorial Day 2022 in style by decking out your space with festive Memorial Day decorations and exhibit patriotism in full swing. If you are short of ideas on how to decorate for Memorial Day, continue reading as we are sharing some cool Memorial Day decoration ideas that will surely make your happy Memorial Day a memorable one.

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Memorial Day Flower Arrangement

Flowers have their own language, these tokens of Mother Nature are used to express grief and joy at the same time. While planning for a festive Memorial Day decorations, make sure to arrange pretty flower arrangements and ooze refreshing floral vibes all around your space. The flower that is traditionally associated with Memorial Day is a red poppy flower. People wear it on their shirts, make flower bouquets or use them in wreaths that are to be placed on the graves of the brave soldiers, or even make cute DIY paper poppy flower crafts with them.

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Add a dash of floral flair into your Memorial Day table decor by setting up a lovely red poppy flower arrangement and breathe life to an entirely festive atmosphere. You can also involve kids in a fun and festive Memorial Day arts & crafts activities in which you can make plenty of DIY paper poppy flowers using red craft sheets and let them know the importance of this patriotic holiday.

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Highlight the passion of patriotism in your Memorial Day home décor by creating a chic floral Memorial Day decoration featuring the colors of patriotism and add an awe-inspiring floral touch to your Memorial Day decor ideas. Combine burgundy/fuchsia baby breath flowers along with Artificial Dusty Miller Leaf to create a vibrant Memorial Day decoration. To give it an enticing appeal, place this enticing flower bouquet in a blue glass flower bud vase and give your space a fresh and festive feel this Memorial Day. Either place this floral decoration for Memorial Day atop your dinner table or arrange on a fireplace mantel, coffee table, or hearth; the patriotic charm it will exude will give your Memorial Day home decor a truly refreshing feel.

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Honor A Veteran On Memorial Day

If you are one of those lucky ones who have a veteran family member or friend, then feel yourself privileged and honor that brave solider or his family in the most thoughtful way this Memorial Day 2022 by setting up a special patriotic ambiance. Let them know what you feel for them and showcase your utmost gratitude towards the real life superheroes of our country by honoring them with great respect on Memorial Day.

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Choose A Cool Spot

Usher in the festive patriotic spirit by setting up lovely outdoor Memorial Day decorations and take full advantage of the beautiful weather. Turn your backyard, patio, or terrace into an emblem of fun and festivity by decking it out with sparkling Memorial Day decorations and enjoy partying with the special guest.

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Decorate The Venue

Adorn the walls or railing with bulb string lights and hang an American flag to give your Memorial Day decoration ideas a true patriotic feel. Indulge in peppy DIY Memorial Day arts & crafts activities by making some cool and funky American flag glasses using spray paint or craft sheets in red, blue, & white color. Wear these American flag-inspired goggles, hold the American flag and bring in the absolutely remarkable look and gleaming effect to your ambiance.

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Give your veteran family member the most festive time by involving him in some sweet and simple Memorial Day home décor projects and enjoy his company in the best possible way. Serve him his favorite tea or coffee and charmingly set up the coffee table with a patriotic centerpiece to give him that special feel. Insert American flags in wooden sticks or choose biodegradable sugarcane straws for that and later place them inside a lovely embossed glass bud vase. Moreover, cut star shapes using blue foam sheets and stick them on any old specs. Put them on and enjoy with your favorite company by singing and dancing to your favorite patriotic songs and liven up with the spirit of positivity and patriotism.

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Memorial Day Arts & Crafts

Put your creativity on display this Memorial Day and dip your hands in red, blue, & white patriotic colors to feel the real essence of this festive holiday. Create a cute DIY poppy flower decoration for Memorial Day using patriotic colors and showcase your love for America in the most creative way. To make this simple yet highly adorable Memorial Day craft, simply get hold of our red, blue, & white craft sheets and cut them in poppy flower shape, next, wrap stem tape around straws to make lovely flower stems. Stick your handmade poppy flowers in these stem sticks and feel patriotic looking at this cute diy Memorial Day decorations.

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Honor and remember all those valiant military personnel who lost their valuable lives in combating for the unity of our country this Memorial Day and get your hands on plenty of Memorial Day arts & crafts activities. To get into the spirit of this festive holiday surround yourself with festive diy Memorial Day decorations and remember the brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives in battle while serving in the Military. Americans love to decorate their homes with ‘home of the brave’ signage, so make your home shine with pride by making lovely decorations for Memorial Day. Get our Styrofoam flats and cut them in a square shape, next, adorn the borders with jute ribbons and beautifully scribble ‘Home of the Brave’ with chalk markers on it. Hang these lovely diy Memorial Day decorations on the walls using strings or let them be a memorable giveaway that your friends will cherish for a long time.

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Make your Memorial Day holiday the most exciting and fun-filled one by indulging in some easy Memorial Day arts & crafts activities and honor the American heroes by setting up some enticing Memorial Day home décor. If you want to create a different ‘HOME OF THE BRAVE’ wall art décor then we have another simple yet super chic Memorial Day decor idea. Simply choose our chalkboard signs with hanging twine and customize it by spray painting it or pasting blue craft sheet. Turn this lovely Memorial Day craft into a festive decorative piece by hanging it with a red & white beaded string, next, neatly write ‘HOME OF THE Brave’ with a chalk markers on it, and let this adorable decor for Memorial Day exhibit your American pride and unswerving patriotic spirit.

Enjoy the pride and passion of American freedom and graciously remember our national heroes this Memorial Day by celebrating it with utmost honor and respect. Make some star-spangled Memorial Day decorations and liven up the festive spirits of everyone up high! What do you have to say about our Memorial Day decoration ideas? Did you like them? Are you going to incorporate them in your Memorial Day home decor? Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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