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Eccentric votive candle holders paired with candles exhibit a stunning blend of elegance and extravagance and impart a luxurious allure. Adding a sense of warmth and coziness to a space, a votive candle holder helps in brighten any space and accentuates the ambiance up by several notches. Spreading serene and calming vibes all around gorgeous votive candle holders holding pretty candles serve as a perfect decorative accessory. Providing a firm base to the candles, the votive candle holder not only holds them straight to avoid any accident but also collects the dripping wax from the candles without messing up the area where they are placed. The candles that are most likely paired with votive candle holders are votive, as it gives them a maximum burn time and with pillar-like structure, these candles get a nice hold in these decorative votive candle holders. Choosing the best votive candle holder that matches your candles and helps you achieve your desired look is a tough call.

Right Materials For Votive Candle Holders

Votive candle holders come in different materials like glass, metal, wood votive candle holders, & crystal votive candle holders. Choosing the right material for a votive candle holder is important as it helps in achieving the desired purpose of decor. Available in a myriad of charming designs and styles, these decorative votive candle holders invoke radiance and oomph into your décor. Right Materials For Votive Candle Holders The best material for votive candle holders is glass, as glass votive candle holders are heat resistant, sustainable, and have the most attractive designs as compared to others. Oozing woodsy rustic charm and peaceful earthy tones, wooden votive candle holders create one of a kind candlelight display. Crystal votive candle holders with intricate detailing and designs create mesmeric light effects when votive candles and tealight candles are lit inside them. Whereas metal votive candle holders are sleek and stylish and create a charismatic candlelight display when pillar and votive candles are lighted up. They help accumulate all the dripping wax from the burning candles and ooze warmth and radiance all around. Adding elegant strokes of artistic beauty these decorative votive candle holders will add a dash of warmth and soft radiance to your candle decorations. Get more tips to choose the right material for a votive candle holder here. Candles Used In Votive Candle Holders

Candles Used In Votive Candle Holders

There are some amazing shapes, sizes, and designs in which candles are available, but for votive candle holders, the best-suited candles are votive candles. Votive candles are a little taller than tealight candles but if you compare them with pillar candles they are smaller in size and might collapse without the support of the holder. Well, here is where the votive candle holder plays its part, since votive candles are small and slow-burning candles they easily get fit in a votive candle holder that has small cups that help them stand upright and avoid a lopsided burn. Tealight candles on the other hand are enclosed in small containers but they too get the support from these votive candle holders. Votive candles are usually about 2.5" high and about 2" wide and tealight candles are small round candles fenced within a container, but both these candles can best fit a votive candle holder and look stunning on their own.

Fascinating Shapes & Styles

The perfect decorative accessory that glams up your candle decorations is decorative votive candle holder. These votive candle holders are available in different shapes and styles and have small containers that give votive candles a lovely fit and accomplish a proper burn as they increase their burn time and make less wax wastage. Fascinating Shapes & Styles The best votive candle holder is bowl-shaped votive candle holder as it lets the melted wax stay inside the bowl and if you choose metal pillar votive candle holders with detachable glass holders you can display these pretty candles in creative ways as it offers a multitude of decoration options and choices that invoke warmth to your décor. Geometric oval design candle holder stands combined with votive candles will create a magical flickering candlelight display and will add a touch of style and sparkle into your décor and designs. Create an artful lighting display by lighting votive candles inside our glassless metal terrarium candle holder that comes in a stylish hollow geometric design. By lighting votive candles in a gold metallic pillar votive candle holder you will give a sparkling tint and pretty flair to your space. Learn more uses of votive candle holders according to their shapes and styles here and make them appear classy and elegant. votive candle holder

Available in Amazing Designs

The elegance and beauty of votive candles is enhanced when they are paired with decorative votive candle holders and make the ambiance brighter and more magical. Votive candle holders come in charming colors, designs, styles, and sizes that accentuate the beauty of votive candles and make a striking decor statement. Our geometric, primrose, speckled, honeycomb, palm leaf, studded, square, and antique design mercury glass votive candle holders are small votive candle holders will gorgeously display votive candles, taper candles, LED candles, pillar candles, and tea lights. Available in Amazing Designs If grandeur is on the agenda then create a splendid display of extravagance, height, and dimension by opting for our tall votive candle holders like Nordic style metal & glass amber votive candle holders & hurricane votive candle holders or choose baroque style pillar votive candle holder that will display your candles in an enchanting way. We offer contemporary and unique design votive candle holders like crystal beaded pillar votive candle holders, crystal candelabraspearl beaded candelabra, & metal candelabra votive candle holders that will create exotic illumination and will make your occasion extra special and memorable. For a quirky and trendy allure, pick a geometric votive candle holder and add style and dimension to your candle decorations.

Astounding Color Choices

Votive candles in eccentric votive candle holders create a warm and tranquil atmosphere; these twinkling beauties are available in pretty designs and colors that help one pick that complements their interior décor. For instance, choose gold votive candle holders or silver votive candle holders that have a dull, soft shine making your candle display a classier and elegant one. Add a radiant glow to your space by choosing metal crystal votive candle holders that are available in blush gold, silver, & gold color to perfectly blend with your thematic decorations. Our masterfully handcrafted mercury glass votive hurricane candle holder in beautiful blush, silver, & gold colors or cylinder mercury votive candle holders in navy blue, blush, silver, & gold will add color, light, and warmth to your space and will amp up your candle decorations. Brighten up your space with our glass votive candle holders set that comes in red, turquoise, frosted, clear, & amber colors to add a lovely glowing finishing touch to your decor. votive candle holders

How To Clean Wax Out Of Votive Candle Holders

Votive candles made of wax are bound to melt, spill, and create a mess but if you choose a proper votive candle holder then it might cause you less stress. Since the votive candle holder collects the melted wax in the holder, thus cleaning this wax later to keep the votive candle holder clean and tidy is important. Cleaning wax out of a candle holder might seem like a difficult task but with a votive candle holder, it isn’t really so. Votive candle holders are easy to clean and handle, if you want to learn how to clean wax out of votive candle holder, then continue reading as we are sharing some simple tips and tricks. It is easier to clean the wax when it’s warm, so once you have blown out the candles remove the wax deposit as it is soft at that time. Glass, metal, and ceramic votive candle holders are waterproof, thus softening the wax by placing the votive candle holder in warm water will help you peel it off with a gentle press of fingernail. Placing the glass votive candle holders inside the oven will help you wipe off the wax with a tissue or a cloth. While cleaning fragile glass or metal votive candle holder display stands, cover the bottom of the sink with rags. Freezing the votive candle holder is also a great option as it gets hardened and by carefully scraping with a spoon or butter knife any brittle deposit can be pulled out. The black stains on the sides of the votive candle holder caused due to the uneven amount of burning flames of the long-burning wicks of votive candles can be avoided by cutting short the size of the wick. Putting some sand at the bottom of the votive candle holder or adding some water to a glass votive candle holder before placing the votive candle will also create less mess. Using LED flameless votive candles instead of wax ones will keep you away from the hassle of cleaning wax from a votive candle holder. These battery-operated LED flameless candles or dripless candles are a perfect alternate for keeping the decorative votive candle holders clean. Votive candle holder is a perfect decorative accessory while decorating any space. These decorative votive candle holders make a remarkable impression when they are properly and elegantly arranged. Do check out our extensive collection of votive candle holders and don’t forget to share your comments in the box below!

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