Freaky yet Stylish Table Setup for a Kids’ Halloween Party

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When it comes to celebrating Halloween, there really is no age limit to get in the spirit of the holiday. However, this spooky-fun festive holiday is a little close to the heart of those little trick-or-treaters who get to put on interesting Halloween costumes, play exciting games, and of course, hoard up gobs of sweet scrumptious candy! Are you planning to host a kid-friendly Halloween party this year? Have you creatively tricked out the porch with spooky Halloween decorations, hung a bewitching wreath on your front door to welcome the little ghosts, goblins, and ghouls in style, and even transformed your living room into a scary graveyard? What’s next on your Halloween party checklist? Decorating the kid’s dining table, of course! Well, we have that covered for you! We have set up a funky Halloween party table that covers all the bases— cute, creepy, silly, funny, wicked, and downright spooky. Sounds just perfect for a kids’ Halloween party right? We think so too! As expected, all the classic Halloween colors and accents make an appearance in our setup to invoke the festive spirit to the bone. Are you excited to know more about our surreal Halloween party table decorations? Just keep on reading and we’ll show you how to recreate this fun yet creepy Halloween party table through our setup video and photos!


In order to create a solid foundation for our Halloween themed tablescape, we decided to set things in motion by choosing linens right off the bat. Since this holiday table set up for kids was all about blending in all the traditional colors of Halloween for a funky festive appeal, we decided to completely shroud our dining table in a bright orange-hued crushed crinkle tablecloth that instantly added a charming flair to our otherwise lackluster table. But just like throwing on a white sheet over your head with a pair of dark sunglasses isn’t going to cut it for a Halloween costume party, swathing just a single tablecloth over our Halloween party table wasn’t enough to bring out the freaky charm. Thus, we ended up pairing our orange table linen with a sheer black square organza table overlay and also unfurled a sage green chiffon fabric bolt along the middle of our table letting the ends drop down the table and onto the floor which emulated a puddle of gooey green slime. The sheer black organza overlay perfectly balanced out the garish orange hue of the tablecloth underneath while the sage green runner not only added a perky contrast to our Halloween color story but also breathed life into our table decor!

Halloween party table decorations

Because we wanted to conjure up a spooky ambiance, setting up a backdrop for our table made perfect sense. Hence, without giving it a second thought, we swapped out our plain curtains with shimmery black spandex curtains that instantly evoked a dark and mysterious aura into the room. But we didn’t just stop there! In order to add a riveting contrast of color to our Halloween party backdrop, we accented the black glittery curtains with our metallic foil purple fringe curtains. With the self-adhesive back sticker, it was not only super quick and easy to attach these foil panels to our rear curtains but their mesmeric glint coupled with the shimmering lustrous allure of our spandex curtains elevated our room aesthetics tenfold.

However, when it came to bedecking our dining table chairs, we placed our bets on our black fancy spandex chair covers to impart a lovely cohesive appeal. And boy did it pay off! These well-fitted spandex chair covers have given a sleek look to our chairs whereas, the metallic glittering backs matched perfectly with our glistening black spandex curtain backdrop as you can see in our setup video! To avoid overkill we haven’t adorned our chair backs with any decor accessories. But if you want to further embellish your chairs, we suggest that you keep things simple and tie cute little bows using our orange or purple-colored organza chair sashes for an enchanting yet elegant flair!

Halloween party table decorations

Table Centerpiece

As soon as all our linens were in their place, it was now time to zero in on creating an endearingly scary yet stylishly wicked centerpiece for our kids’ Halloween party table. Because we wanted to imbue some seriously spooky splendor into our tabletop decor, we didn’t look any further than our black Manzanita tree for our main table centerpiece. Standing tall on a round mirror with a glistening twisted trunk and sparkling crystal chains drooping down from the eerily bare branches that extended towards the top, our surreal Manzanita tree centerpiece definitely looked the part.

Halloween party table decorations

However, to tone the gloomy and witchy vibe down a bit, we ended up adding some silly little DIY Halloween party decorations to our terrifyingly haunted tree centerpiece. After all, what’s a Halloween decor without some spooky DIY craft projects! So we decided to summon some friendly ghosts that we were sure would scare up some giggles from the young crowd. Drawing inspiration from the sheet ghosts, we have wrapped our scalloped edged paper napkins around small 2" or 6" white Styrofoam balls and secured them using a white satin ribbon. In order to etch the ghost’s facial features, we have used small black stick-on rhinestone gems to turn them into adorable little creatures. While we suspended some of the ghosts from the acrylic chains, others were creatively arranged on the tree branches to mimic the ghosts levitating over the haunted tree. In case transferring these tiny rhinestones from the sheet to your mini ghosts is not your cup of tea, you can also use puff paint for detailing. This easy-peasy DIY craft is the perfect hands-on Halloween party activity for kids that’ll keep them busy until the meal is served. Just hand them the supplies and let them create some silly-looking ghosts for your tree centerpiece.

Halloween party table decorations

Additional Tabletop Decorations

Considering that we were decorating a Halloween table for a kids’ party, we wanted to keep the frightening and gory decorations to the minimum. So, we decided to pair our ominous black tree centerpiece with lots of bright and perky accents that’ll add the much-needed vibrancy and flamboyance to our fun kids’ Halloween party tablescape. Thus, pumpkins being the hallmark of Halloween have made multiple appearances on our holiday tablescape. While we have graced the table with two fair-sized fake orange pumpkins arranged on either end of the table runner, we have also placed an eye-catching small painted pumpkin topiary along with our glass apothecary candy jars filled with candy corn beside our main centerpiece that has brought a fun festive charm to our tabletop. In case you’re up for a fun twist, don’t be afraid to animate your table with a couple of silly faced carved up pumpkins to add a playful touch to your Halloween party table decorations. Moreover, we also snaked down our purple starry string lights around the decor accents coiling it around the black Manzanita tree for a magical twinkling radiance.

Halloween party table decorations

Table Settings

Next on the agenda were the place settings. For our kids’ party table, choosing disposable tableware was the utmost ideal and rational choice. Hence, we have set the stage for our Halloween table setting with round orange reef chargers and black or white flared dinner plates on top that has flawlessly reinforced the classic Halloween color scheme and designs into our setup. Moreover, we further accessorized the tableware with our white and black striped satin napkins, purple crinkled linen napkins, disposable silverware, and silver rimmed glasses and cups for a chic harmonized flair. Because this tablescape was set for kids, we also placed coordinating white and black striped favor boxes with each place setting for the munchkins to fill them up with candy corn and other sweet treats. Whereas, we opted for our small black disposable cooking pots to serve up the Halloween special dessert that truly elevated the witchy charm of our settings.

Halloween party table decorations

This Kids’ Halloween party table decor is the perfect combination of scary and stylish! From the shimmering table backdrop to the freaky yet surreal tabletop decor, no one will ever question your commitment to this fun holiday once they catch a glimpse of your handiwork! What’s more? This dinner table could also function as a craft table for the kids to show off their creativity and imagination. Do you love our funky Halloween party table decorations as much as we do? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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