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Looking for a fun-filled theme to celebrate your next summer bash? With summers in full swing, cool off in style by hosting a revitalizing ice cream and sprinkles themed party. There are endless ways to incorporate an ice cream and sprinkles themed décor into your party. From the decorations to the actual food, ice cream can be a versatile theme for your child’s birthday or any other celebration with sprinkles serving as a cherry on the top! To save you from the hassle of searching the internet for ideas, we have rounded up some unique ideas that will help you throw the best party with an ‘icy cool’ décor.

Party Backdrop and Décor

It goes without saying that Ice cream parties are a lot of fun and you can lift the party’s décor up a notch with the addition of edible and decorative sprinkles all around your space. Welcome your guests to your ice cream and sprinkles party with a gorgeous cone photo backdrop to create some happy memories. Create this backdrop with our latex balloons and an ice cream cone garland. The beautiful colors of our balloons will bring a vibrant look into the ambiance while the cone garland will perfectly echo the theme of your party. Creating the ice cream cone garland is a rather simple DIY that can be assembled with our honeycomb décor or pom poms on a party cap or a cone made out of cardboard. Glue some paper cutouts from colored craft paper to resemble sprinkles on the cones and attach them to a string to make a fabulous garland.

Ice Cream themed backdrop

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 If you’re wondering what more could be added to make your backdrop further awe-inspiring, the addition of a ‘SCOOPS and SPRINKLES’ signage with our trendy foil alphabet balloons will certainly do the trick. Furthermore, let some more balloons float around your space to add a festive flair into the ambiance. Our giant clear balloons filled with cheerful rainbow confetti will complement your sprinkles themed party perfectly while enhancing the look of your décor to the highest limits. Burst these balloons over the kids at the end of your party to make them giggle and have some more fun!

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Looking forward to creating ice cream and sprinkles themed décor but can’t get flowers off your mind? Don’t fret as we have yet another gorgeous backdrop idea for you to bring a floral flair into your party’s ambiance. Decorate our stunning life-like faux hydrangea wall mats with clusters of balloons sprinkled with colored paper cutouts and hang our lusciously colored pom-poms and lanterns all-around your space for a whimsical display.

Ice Cream themed backdrop

Ice Cream and Sprinkles Themed Tablescape

The mere thought of sprinkles evokes cheerful colors scattered all around. So bring a splash of vibrant hues with our rainbow confetti on your table draped with our premium white tablecloth. The white background provided by our classy tablecloth will make the colors of your confetti really pop on your tablescape. Furthermore, our endearing polka dot or payette sequin runner placed atop your tablecloth will perfectly complement the rainbow confetti sprinkled on your tablecloth.

Your ice cream and sprinkles party would be incomplete without delicious sprinkles topped ice cream served in our uniquely shaped oval dessert bowls or perhaps a sundae presented in our plastic cones. The classy shape, vibrant and transparent plastic material of these cones and bowls will showcase the layers of your ice cream sundae brilliantly. Top off your ice cream sundae with colorful edible sprinkles and other delicious toppings as per your guests liking for a cool celebration.

Ice Cream themed tablescape

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Centerpiece Décor and Party Favor

Just as you introduced flowers into your backdrop décor, we have a breathtaking idea for you to include flowers in your centerpiece for your Ice cream and sprinkles themed party too. Simply arrange faux flowers in an ice cream cone instead of a vase and place this flower accented cone on our elegant cake stand along with sprinkles topped ice cream scooped cones. This simple DIY would be the sweetest cone centerpiece to adorn your little girl’s birthday party table.

Ice Cream Themed Centerpiece

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Looking for a contemporary vase filled with flowers to serve as a centerpiece? Fill our clear glass vase with colorful vase fillers such as sprinkles or try our rainbow-colored water beads and water crystals to bring a splash of color to your clear vase. Accent this stylish vase with our exquisite collection of silk peonies and hydrangeas to bring a refreshing feel with the realistic appeal of these gorgeous faux flowers. For a note of thanks to your guests when the party wraps up, our ice cream time favor will be an adorable little memorable favor to complement your ice cream and sprinkles themed party!

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As you can see, this summer-time theme can be incorporated in virtually every element of your party’s décor.  Be inspired to adopt this fun theme for your munchkin’s birthday who drools over ice cream and sprinkles or for any other celebration for a cool bash. Will you be recreating your own ice cream and sprinkles themed party décor? Please share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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