Gender Reveal Party? Let the Season Work on You!

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The temperature outside may be dropping, but not your excitement – you’re ready to find out whether it is a mini Mr. or Miss. But here’s the thing – with so many gender reveal ideas out there, it is difficult, if not impossible, not to blend with the others…unless you look around and see what TableclothsFactory and the fall season have to offer.

Choose the Theme!

For your gender reveal party occurs during autumn, you can theme your event around the pumpkin – luckily, this unique characteristic of the fall season gives plenty of inspiration, from gender reveal pumpkin cake to lovely polka dot pumpkins!

In case your gender reveal falls on one of the autumn holidays, you’ll need just to weave your decor into that holiday. For example, for your Halloween gender reveal, you can ask your guests to wear a black costume if they think it is a boy and an orange one to represent a girl. In case your gender reveal collides with Thanksgiving, you can put pink or blue booties on the turkey or dye mashed potatoes pink or blue.

Go Creative with Your Gender Reveal!

For gender reveal parties, the moment of the gender reveal is like blowing out candles on the birthday cake! Fortunately, fall gives lots of ways to make this moment special. For example, for your football-inspired party, you can fill your ball with blue or pink decorative sand – as you kick the ball, the color of a cloud will tell everybody about the child’s gender. If you’re planning your gender reveal in October, it’s just in time for Halloween, meaning it’s time for the Scarecrow Family idea – line up two large scarecrows to represent parents and a little one dressed up in pink or blue to represent your future boy or girl.

In case the pumpkin is your focal point, you can infuse it with blue or pink confetti (decorative sand or paint will also do), get everyone outdoors, and play a game of Smash the Pumpkin with your significant other. Alternatively, you can pre-cut and gut large pumpkin, put pink or blue baby pumpkin inside, and seal the pumpkin with hot glue – when it’s time to announce, let anyone huddle around and carve the “tummy” of the pumpkin.


If you’ve chosen to make your gender reveal party décor pink-and-blue-oriented, you can reduce your décor expenses and prepping time with our fanciful decoration kit, which includes balloons, swirl ribbons, tassels, pom poms, and other accessories. To add a little sparkle into your setup, we suggest draping your table with one of our rose gold sequined tablecloths  or combine your white linens with a blue or pink tulle table skirt.


To infuse your party space with that autumn flair without compromising on the pink-and-blue palette, you can paint pumpkins (or any other autumn attribute) blue, pink, and rose gold. If you’re into flowers, embellish your venue with our giant paper or foam blooms. To spell out theme-related phrases, we suggest you try out our pennants or gold foil letter balloons.

Though the pink-and-blue scheme is one of the most popular gender reveal party color schemes, you can always come up with something else. For example, you can opt for black and orange gender reveal for your Halloween theme or choose a brown-orange-red-and-yellow palette for your Thanksgiving-inspired event. Either way, TableclothsFactory will always help you bring you ideas to life with plenty of goodies!

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