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It goes without saying that tablecloth is the first thing you should consider before decking out your tabletop. But what if your table linens look a bit dull, and you are too short on budget to fork out for a bunch of new tablecloths? That’s where our gold table runner collection comes into play. Sewn from high-quality fabrics, our runners come in a wide range of fabrics and designs to suit any theme. Since we are the manufacturer ourselves, all our gold table runners are available at competitive prices. Here’s what you need to know about the gold table runners from

What We Have to Offer

As it was mentioned above, offers an extensive collection of gold table runners, which come in a large variety of fabrics and designs. Though gold color is a true embodiment of majesty, the level of grandeur you can get from our gold table runners depends on the fabric.


For example, if you don’t want to make a splash of majesty on your tabletop and just want to dress up your table with warm neutrals, look no further than our gold polyester table runner, which is so reminiscent of milk chocolate! Made from polyester, this gold table runner will fascinate you with its durability – use it over and over again, and it won’t lose its crisp appearance. It’s highly recommended to spread our polyester gold table runners atop our blush rosette linens to transform your tabletop into a charming amalgam of warm shades.

Translucent Runners

If you are looking to add some regal flair into your décor in a subtle manner, our solid-colored organza gold table runner is exactly what you need – sewn from translucent fabric, this gold table runner will elegantly blend in with the tablecloth underneath. Meanwhile, our gold table runner made of chiffon will win you over with its dramatic drape. Alternatively, our designer organza gold table runners will add an additional visual interest into your setup.

Gold Chiffon Table Runner

Sparkly & Glossy

In case the mesmeric metallic sheen is what makes you crave for gold, we are at your service with our sequin & payette gold table runners – featuring multiple sequin rounds, which are intricately sewn onto tulle, these gold table runners will bedazzle everybody with their sparkly luster. Are you looking for an alternative to sequins? Look no further than our shimmering polyester and mirror foil gold table runners!

Satin & Taffeta

If the milk chocolate appeal of our gold polyester table runner has you swooning, but the occasion calls for some festive sheen, we strongly recommend you consider our gold table runners, which are made from satin and taffeta. For a classic display, go for our gold satin table runner. Meanwhile, our rosette and taffeta gold table runners are sure to bring loads of texture into your setup.

Metallic Polyester Gold Table Runner

How to Use Table Runners

Rectangular Tables

When it comes to the positioning of our gold table runners, please bear in mind that you can place them lengthwise or widthwise. Whichever way you go, measure the length and the width of your table before purchasing a gold table runner from – when placed lengthwise down the center, your table runner should take one-third the width of the table, so please take it into consideration when deciding between our 12 and 14-inch gold table runners. Furthermore, if you want to have a 6-inch drop (which must be even with the edge of the tablecloth), make sure that your table is <96 inches long – all our gold table runners are 108 inches long.

Those who go for the widthwise placement should keep their gold table runners at one-fourth the width of the table. Likewise, for the lengthwise placement, your table runner must allow at least 6 inches of a drop at either side and must coincide with the tablecloth drop.

Round Tables

As for the round tables, the same rules regarding the drop length apply. When it comes to the positioning of our gold table runners, there are two ways to choose from:

  • You can place one gold table runner lengthwise;
  • You can place two gold table runners into an “X” formation.
Gold Table Runner atop a White Tablecloth

How to Match Our Gold Table Runners

If you are not so good at matching different hues, we’ve got a good news for you – gold is a neutral shade and goes almost with any hue (“almost” means that your gold table runner will clash horribly with yellow or neon shades, will look a bit depressing if combined with brown linens without a pop of any brighter color, and will turn out to be cheesy if not balanced with other hues). At the same time, it should be noted that it always depends on the occasion which color to choose to complement this shimmery hue. For example, our shimmering gold table runner spread atop your black linens is a classic combo for a New Year’s Eve party or a Gatsby-style event. Meanwhile, red and gold have been paired since the dawn of mankind to showcase wealth and power – just spread our sequin gold table runner atop your red satin linens, and you’ll see for yourself! Are you looking for a “cooler” version of majesty? Try matching our gold table runner with purple, deep blue, or emerald linens. To evoke feelings of fall, try dressing up your table with an orange tablecloth topped by our gold table runner. A gold table runner atop pastel-hued linens will brighten up your spring events. On top of that, a gold table runner combined with navy blue linens will make the latter look more elegant.

Gold sequin runner, navy napkins, and white tablecloth

That’s all you need to know about our extensive line of gold table runners. It’s worth noting that the gold table runners from are so comely that they can be used on their own, with nothing underneath. Furthermore, whichever gold table runner you choose, feel free to style it with a matching buckle, ribbon, a flower from our online store, or leave it as it is if the theme requires so. Was this article useful to you? In case you have any questions regarding our gold table runners, please don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments below!

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