How Big Should A Wedding Cake Topper Be?

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There is no wonder why wedding cake toppers have come a long way in the past few years. With a plethora of designs including flourishing flowers, castles, crowns, characters, and chic rhinestone letters, you can now think far beyond the decorative figurines of brides and grooms to make the cake a standout statement at your wedding. While it is quite easy to check out all your options at our online store, you’ll still be thinking about how big is a wedding cake topper and how it will fit perfectly over your cake. Thus, we’ve rounded up some amazing ideas to help you embellish a wedding cake with your favorite cake topper. So, stay with us while we disclose the secrets to enriching your wedding cake with sparkly embellishments and enticing everyone with its tastefully pleasant sight.  

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Exquisite Gold Wedding Cake Toppers

Adding hints of gold to your décor can instantly transform the ambiance to a whole new level of magnificence. If you’re one of those couples who picture their wedding with a whole lot of sparkle, you must go for our gold wedding cake toppers. Our sparkling rhinestone letters, royal crowns, and 3D butterfly decals will add oodles of shimmer and glimmer to your wedding cake exciting your guests to snap a photo of it. Whether you top your cake with a royal crown or a luxury candelabra cake topper, bring in a few flowers and feathers for a pretty combination to enhance the sumptuous appeal of your wedding cake. The best part about the king and queen crown wedding cake toppers is that you don’t have to fret about inserting any prongs into your cake and that’s exactly why you’d adore them more than the monogram toppers. With a base diameter of 4-inch, crown toppers make the best fit for the topmost cake tier and the same goes for the candelabra topper. Make sure to pair these royal beauties with our baroque cake stands to elevate your wedding decoration up by several notches.

Dreamy Fairytale Wedding Cake Toppers

Make your fairytale wish come true with our Disney wedding cake toppers. You may top your wedding cake with a Cinderella’s castle and pair it with florals and whimsical fairy lights to imbue a magical glow into your big day. Make sure that the base of your toppers is not larger than the top tier of your cake or else you would end up creating a mismatched look. Go for the smaller-sized castle or customize a unique wedding cake topper to your desired shape instead. We have an amazing cake topper with real feathers that’ll impart a whimsical flair to your wedding cake making you live out a feathery fantasy on your special day.

Dazzling Rhinestone Monograms

Incorporating bejeweled wedding cake toppers into your cake décor will transform the whole ambiance into a starry-eyed realm even if you’ve kept your wedding decoration simple. Opt for our gold or silver rhinestone monograms and let your wedding cake sparkle in every photograph captured during the classic cake cutting ceremony. Take care while you insert the prongs down to the appropriate height so all the other accents remain intact on top. You’d certainly want to treasure as many mementos as you can from your wedding and these monograms certainly make the best keepsakes. Surround your cake with a pretty combination of flowers and green garlands and bring everything together with flair and finesse to complete your cake décor.

Unique Wedding Cake Toppers

There’s nothing more beautiful than draping flowers over a tiered cake for an incredibly wonderful look. Position pretty white orchids down the sides in a cascading pattern to create a beautiful and glamorous-looking confection no one would take their eyes off from. Also, dress up the cake stand with feather fringe trims, and don’t worry if any of those lovely orchids tumble over to the stand as they’ll make a perfect complement to the cascading arrangement. You can even skip the florals for some succulents attaching them to the sides of a naked cake for a personalized rustic touch.

With a plethora of wedding cake toppers available at Tableclothsfactory, don’t just limit yourself to using only a few accents. Feel free to mix and match wedding decorations and put plenty of thought into the luxe details to bring in an aura of good vibes. We’d like to know if our tips and ideas have inspired you to include toppers in your wedding cake decor. Please leave a comment below!

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