How Do You Get Pink Succulents?

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Having plants inside your house can be a great décor trick as they are innately capable of uplifting the décor aesthetics and furnishing a splendiferous appeal to your abode. Plants come in various types and each one adds great touch of décor beauty to your house but if there is one variant that is remarkable out of all, then that is the pink moonstone succulent. With its subtle pastel appeal of pink shades on its plump leaves, the succulent pink moonstone can be a phenomenal addition to your abode but the important question to be asked is how do you get pink succulents? Do all moonstone succulent plants with pink pigment naturally exhibit wondrous shades of pink once they grow up? Well, though the pink pigment is common, not all pink moonstone succulent plants emit such shades on their leaves as they grow but can be made to do so with careful nurturing. And speaking about careful nurturing, Tableclothsfactory makes it easy for you to do so with its exotic range of décor inventory such as pots, planters, decorative rocks and so on that enable proper and healthy growth of the moonstone plant and other plant types as well. So, let us now check out some nurturing methods that will throw light on, how do you get pink succulents?

pink moonstone succulent

The Right Pot for Proper Root System

The first nurturing method in order to grow a healthy pink moonstone succulent is to choose the right kind of pot for your moonstone plant. So this might make you wonder about why is it so necessary to talk about pots while your question is all about, how do you get pink succulents? Well, the answer is succulent pink moonstone plants do not grow lengthy roots which means a bigger pot will hold inappropriate amount of soil and so the 11” Rose Gold Polypropylene with Metallic Hammered Design or the 12” Gold Polypropylene Indoor Plant Pot can be your perfect option to accommodate your moonstone plant. The significant point to bear in mind is that pink moonstone succulent should be grown in small pots. This will ensure less amount of water given to the succulent pink moonstone plant compelling it to store majority of the water received in its leaves to make them become plump which will in turn make the moonstone succulent exhibit wondrous pink shade as it grows. If your choice is to grow a number of moonstone succulent plants exhibiting different color shades together, then choose the Rectangle Preserved Moss Planter Box with Inner Lining which also exudes a stunning natural flair.

Regulate Proper Water Flow by Placing Rocks

Regulating proper water flow within the pots of the pink moonstone succulent plants is the second nurturing method when you ask, how do you get pink succulents? The succulent pink moonstone will suffer root rotting in case of excess water logging near the roots or within the moonstone plant pot. But the decorative rocks will help you prevent it and grow a healthy moonstone succulent with pink plump leaves to make its presence felt within your abode. Choose the Assorted Natural Polished Decorative Stones to be placed within the soil just beneath the roots of the moonstone succulent and the Metallic Rose Gold Crushed Gravel to be scattered across to cover the top soil. The polished rocks beneath, ease the flow of water to drain quickly while the crushed gravel on top prevents the soil from rapid drying due to sunlight, making sure the pink moonstone succulent plant stores maximum water into its leaves.

More Sunlight, More Pink Shade!

The most important ingredient out of all in order to make the pink moonstone succulent more lush and wondrous, is to expose the moonstone plant to abundant sunlight which is up to 90°F. This makes the succulent pink moonstone to emit its wondrous shades of pastel pink in the absence of the sunlight. But sunlight coming into houses can be a big challenge if it is an apartment building where balconies are the only place where the sunrays might fall. But the 3 Tiered Wooden Planter Stand with Metal Ladder and the 4 Tiered Wooden Planter Stand with Metal Ladder will make it easy for you to expose your moonstone succulent plants to sunlight because of their tiered nature. Housing all your pink moonstone succulent plants and other moonstone plant types as well, one below another in the wooden rows makes it easier for you to accommodate them at a place within your house where sunlight falls.


So, are these three steps of nurturing pink moonstone succulents enough for you to answer the question, how do you get pink succulents? Well, following these steps with ardent care and consistently will help their growth and health which eventually leads to their bright pink shades. Do leave your thoughts behind as comments about what else would you do to make your succulent pink moonstone plants be healthy?

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