How do you seal sand art?

Weddings are the extra special occasions that are all about intimacy, gaiety and togetherness. Are you ready to step into a brand new phase of our life with your partner this wedding season? Apart from the fun-filled pre-wedding plans to decorative florals and sweet cakes, including a ceremony will be one of the most meaningful choices you’ll make. The interesting and traditional segments in the wedding ceremonies add statement and substance to your big day that every couple eagerly waits for. Bring in variation and exception in your wedding and this time instead of having a unity candle ceremony go for a unique alternative like the wedding sand ceremony, especially if you’re having your wedding in an outdoor setting as this will help you avoid the fuss created when candle flames blow out and will give you a natural feel. Just like other ceremonies, the wedding sand ceremony is also a pure symbol of the affection and commitment of the power couple. Express and celebrate the partnership and love in a simple yet incredibly powerful way by planning the perfect wedding sand ceremony for your big day. Once the sand ceremony is complete, you will surely want to preserve it so that it can add a visually symbolic element in your homes and the beauty of your love lasts a lifetime. Like many others if you’re also wondering, “How do you seal sand art?” don’t worry! Along with few eye catching sand color inspirations we’ve also incorporated some of the easiest ways to preserve the sand and to give you everlasting memories from your wedding sand ceremony so keep reading to let your creativity shine through your special day.

wedding sand ceremony

Vivacious Orange with Joyous Blue!

Accent your wedding sand ceremony by our decorative sand available in vivacious hues like coral orange and royal blue. This charismatic color combination will wow your guests and spread bright splashes of color in your wedding sand ceremony. You can also compliment your wedding décor with a vivid royal blue tablecloth and vibrant orange silk roses. For sealing the sand filled glass jars, make sure your fill in the container completely and eliminate any space between the top layer of colored sand and the lid so that none of the sand mixes and the designs you both have created with all your heart reach home without any damage.

Fresh Green with Happy Yellow!

Bring a breath of fresh air in your indoor wedding with a lively color combination for your wedding sand ceremony. Go for a pop of lemon yellow sand and balance with a light and gentle shade of green sand for your wedding sand ceremony. You can also amalgamate your other aesthetics with this theme and blend in our lush green floral foam spheres along with exuberant yellow acrylic beads. Fill in layers of your sand in luxe hexagon glass jars and preserve it by pouring melted candle wax at the very end as well as over the top of the jar and wait until it hardens for a much stable sand pattern with a timeless appeal.


Graceful Grey with Peaceful Turquoise!

For a minimal and chic wedding sand ceremony, pair up exquisite silver grey sand with a classy turquoise colored sand. Symbolizing sophistication and grace, this trendy color combination will create a whimsical ambiance in your wedding and will surely serve as the guide for the rest of your wedding décor. For a more romantic look, you can incorporate a magical set of glass turquoise candle holders as well as a stunning silver cake stand for your sweet confectioneries. Place a glass jar with its lid as a glamorous centerpiece on your tabletop as your wedding sand ceremony will be incomplete without it. Don’t forget to melt some glue stick or paraffin wax over a double boiler and gently pour it over the sand until it reaches just below the rim of the jar. Now that you have allowed it to sit for a while, your innovative sand arrangements are all ready to be placed in your home shelves with a fascinating insight.


Choose the best shades of sand for your wedding sand ceremony and customize your happiest day with alluring colorful details. Try out these perfect pairings for an enchanting and mesmerizing  sand ceremony.

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