How Do You Set Up A Wishing Well?

A highly decorated box, wedding wishing well is set up at special events to collect cash from donors. The trend of wedding wishing well ceremonies is gaining popularity globally as more and more people around the world are opting for such ceremonies. Having no need for home wares or wanting to shop the things of their choice on their own are some of the reasons couples are increasingly seeking cash instead of traditional gifts from their guests. If holding a wedding wishing well ceremony is on the top of your mind and the question, how do you set up a wishing well?, is troubling you, you are not alone. Being a new phenomenon, many people have no idea about how to set up a wishing well. As there is a need for sharing such knowledge, we here try to educate you about the process of setting up a wishing well.

wedding wishing well

Creating an Online Wedding Wishing Well

An online wedding wishing well serves the same purpose as a physical wishing well, and the purpose is to collect cash on the wedding day for the bride and groom. However, unlike physical wedding wishing well, it does not have a physical existence and exits online in the form of an account opened in favor of the couple. Once the account is created, the link is shared with the guests. The guests use the link to transfer funds to the online wishing well account.  

Creating a Physical Wishing Well for Wedding

A physical wishing well can be made out of any box readily available in your house or neighbourhood. For example, a simple basket, a wooden box, a tin box, or an iron box can be customized to match the wedding theme and converted into a physical wishing well. You may also choose to purchase raw material and make the wedding wishing well box from scratch. Irrespective of how you make your wedding wishing well, it is a good opportunity to showcase your artistic talent. When it comes to choosing a suitable box from the market, you have a lot of options. Our transparent acrylic pedestal risers, rustic galvanized metal buckets, and square planter boxes, for example, are ideal for the job. With a little creativity and effort, they can easily be transformed into wonderful wedding wishing wells. Use gold metallic foil sheets to cover the exteriors of the boxes that you select for a wedding wishing well. Fill the insides with wedding supplies like pink scented rose soap party favors, fuchsia large acrylic ice bead vase fillers, and DIY craft unity sand. To make the wishing well box more appealing, tie beautiful ribbons around the center section. To signify that the box is a wedding wishing well, use our personalized gold stickers alphabets and chalk markers. The wishing well for your wedding is ready.

Choose a Secure Location for your Wedding Wishing Well

Once the wedding wishing well is complete, position it somewhere where it will easily attract the attention of guests while remaining safe from malicious or unintentional public damage. Envelopes and a pen should be placed on the table next to the wedding wishing well, as some guests may forget to deposit their money in the Thank You Envelopes. Place a roll of round thank you stickers and blue stickers on the table and let the cash from guests come in.    

So, we have seen that setting up a physical wishing well is not a big challenge as there are plenty of different boxes that can be transformed into beautiful wedding wishing wells. A basic trunk made of wood or iron can work miracles if moulded into the correct shape. As the question, how do you set up a wishing well?, is no longer a concern, construct a unique wedding wishing well in an upcoming event and let it provide a new meaning to your celebration.  

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