How Many Flowers Do You Need For A Wedding Arch?

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A ceremony that gives you an opportunity to flaunt décor statements influenced by your artistic sense is a wedding. Making the wedding décor look as colorful as possible to spread excitement and fun around is the trick but that involves many décor supplies such as the aisle runners, table runners, chair sashes and so on. But what attracts everyone’s eyes as much as the couple does is the wedding backdrop that hogs the limelight displaying alluring grandeur behind the couple which includes the wedding arch as well. The wedding arch adds up as a photo booth too, making every photo picturesque with its stunning floral décor. And speaking of floral décor, “how many flowers do you need for a wedding arch?” will be the immediate question to pop up in your mind. Tableclothsfactory with its premium collection of exotic floral décor supplies will offer you something more than just mere answers. And now, let us start exploring about wedding arch ideas to know how creatively a hexagon wedding arch can be decorated for a wedding ceremony.

hexagon wedding arch

Extravagance with Garlands and Vines

Even the thought about a flamboyant floral décor on the hexagon wedding arch is so irresistible that prompts the question, how many flowers do you need for a wedding arch? And the answer is not in numbers that makes the hexagon shaped wedding arch look irresistible but in the creative combination of flowers and color pastels involved. The Red Artificial Flowers Garland Bendable Wire Vines wrapped along with the Blush Artificial Flowers Garland Bendable Wire Vines around the hexagon arch look subtle and elegant while the Purple Silk Hydrangea Artificial Flower Garland or the Cream Silk Hydrangea Artificial Flower Garland look bold with their popping color palettes. Both these hexagon wedding arch plans are sure to impress every guest at the ceremony and it is a decision to be made by the wedding planner and the hosts to choose either the subtle elegance or the bold vibrancy. But if you want to impart hexagon arch décor that looks as a complete package on the hexagon wedding arch, use the Burgundy Artificial Flowers Peony Garland Bendable Wire Vines with Seeds and Leaves that will perfectly augment the ambience of the ceremony as the burgundy color tone of the hexagon arch décor perfectly matches the elegance of the hexagon shaped wedding arch.

Artificial Flowers with Bendable Stems and their Visual Appeal

The hexagon wedding arch dazzles with suave and sublime looks when the décor setup involves creatively layered vibrant flowers. The hexagon shaped wedding arch achieves a stunning look that is ineffable when wrapped around with White Real Touch Silk Rhododendron Bush Flowering Vines along with randomly placed Purple Rose Buds Real Touch Artificial Silk Flowers and Poly Hybrid Lily Paper Craft Flowers. The hexagon wedding arch plans that involve artificial flowers with stems are easy to fulfill as the stem wires can be bent around the hexagon arch. Decorating one diagonal end of the hexagon wedding arch on the top and revealing its true surface on the other side proves to be a trend among the hexagon wedding arch plans. The popping color palette of the hexagon arch décor look gorgeous while wrapping with Royal Blue Rose UV Protected Chain Garland across one top end of the hexagon arch and inserting some Yellow Chrysanthemum Silk Artificial Flowers across the length while perching 1 Pack Cream Artificial Silk Handcrafted Open Rose Flowers in the middle making the photo books hold many picture perfect moments amongst its pages of the couple having great fun with their loved ones on the stage.

The Magnificent Hanging Wisteria Vines and the Luminous LED Operated Garlands

The quintessential hanging wisteria vines and glorious LED operated garlands should definitely find space among your hexagon wedding arch plans if the intention is to make the hexagon wedding arch look topnotch. The hexagon shaped wedding arch will look lavish and gratifying when the Cream Artificial Wisteria Vine Ratta Silk Hanging Flower Garland is used and winding the LED Battery Operated Pink Orange Artificial Rose Flower Garland around it. If you would prefer to display opulence with much luminance involved then wrap the Royal Blue Real Touch Rose Wedding Garland Centerpiece along with Battery Operated LED Warm White Artificial Sunflowers Greenery Garland and Battery Operated LED White Artificial Foam Rose and Lace Flower Garland. This hexagon arch décor puts up a stunning celestial look as much as the stars in the night sky do, impressing everyone at the ceremony.

So, how many flowers do you need for a wedding arch? Definitely a lot of them but the count doesn’t matter as long as the creative artist inside you knows the colorful panache that could be created with floral décor on the hexagon wedding arch. The guests will be impressed with the flamboyance of the hexagon wedding arch plans with its décor signatures and the hexagon shaped wedding arch dazzling alongside. Do let us know about your thoughts on how else you would beautify the hexagon arch décor as comments down below.

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