How Table Skirts Are Used For Decoration?

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Irrespective of the magnitude of your event, table decoration is surely an art. Even after choosing the right tablecloth and classy dinnerware, if somehow it all just looks dull and dreary, the solution is quite simple— adding a table skirt, that will surely give a festive touch to your tables. Table skirts are fabric, paper, or plastic decorative coverings for the table edges used to hide unattractive and lackluster table legs and under-the-table storage items while elevating the look of your tables by adding dynamic layers to an otherwise stagnant decoration. They can be used all around the tables to enhance their visual appeal and transform your simple table decor into an imperial setup. Are you still uncertain about what is table skirt used for? Fret not; as we have gathered some important details and significant benefits of beautifying your tables with table skirts so that you can surprise your guests with celebratory and striking table decor at your upcoming gathering.

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What Is The Skirt Of A Table?

A table skirt is a striking décor accessory that is wrapped around the edges of your table to cover it completely, as compared to the tablecloth that conceals only the top of the table leaving the unsightly legs exposed and visible. This stylish and trendy table linen that hangs all the way down to the floor is preferably used for sweetheart tables, dining tables, cake tables, or any specific table you want to enhance and highlight. They pair well with tablecloths, overlays, runners, and throw covers to give a cohesive and consistent appeal to your tables. Table skirting looks best when paired with matching tablecloths but thinking out of the box and using it in a mix and match arrangement can also add magnificent appeal to your table decor. For a fabulous pairing, try out our range of fuchsia table skirts and pair them with white, navy blue, or black polyester tablecloths to add elite textures and attractive appeal to your table setup. However, for a stress-free and effortless table enrichment, opt for our stain and water-resistant plastic table skirts that are cool to manage and easy to dispose of.

What Size Table Skirt Do I Need For A 6ft Table?

Whether you are planning just a casual lunch at your home or a grand dinner party, table skirts are an interesting way to effortlessly improve the table aesthetics in a budget-friendly manner. However, before ordering your desired table skirt, deciding on the number of sides of the table you wish to skirt is important to achieve the desired look. For a free-standing 6ft table, it is suggested to order a 17ft table skirt to adorn all four sides of the table with ample coverage. Whereas, tables that are pushed against walls need only a 14ft table skirt to easily cover the three visible sides.

How Does A Table Skirt Attach To The Table?

If you are looking for a simple yet stylish way to glamorize your party tables, then skirting them with the finest quality table skirts would do the purpose in just no time. Skirted tables, instantly elevate the visual appeal of your event decor while concealing the undesirable parts of your tables that are left due to the limited length of table covers. But when it comes to properly attaching the skirts to the tables, it is important to measure the thickness of your tabletops and pick suitable table skirt clips. These clips are super easy to use and come with a Velcro backing for flawless attachment. Whether you want to opt for the delightful tulle table skirt or love the fascinating curly willow table skirts, our metal table skirt clips can embrace them for hours and can be repurposed several times without any hassle.

Undoubtedly, a table skirt is a significant décor accessory that makes your tables look complete and attractive while beautifully concealing the dull and drab legs of your used tables. Which of our table skirts do you think would complement your table linens? Let us know in the comment section below.

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