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Organizing any event, whether big or small requires proper planning, every little detail that you take under consideration becomes the reason for your event’s success. Apart from the venue, menu, & program, your designated guests also look forward to get some special treatment and that can be done by creating a sophisticated chair decoration that will indulge them in a truly VIP experience. Entrancing chair décor makes a gorgeous impression boosting the overall aesthetics of your event, and chair covers play a significant role in tying together every aspect adding a prominent oomph factor to your event decor. Venue and table decorations are the prime focus in most events, whereas, chair decorations are often an afterthought. Well if you want to give your event a catchy appeal, jazz up your party chairs with accent chair covers. Chair covers come in a plethora of colors, designs, materials, and styles that can help you create your anticipated look but with this many choices to pick from, choosing one is no easy feat. To help you learn about, how to choose chair covers for your special event, we have listed some simple tips. Read on and learn how to choose the best chair covers that will make your guests rave about your party decorations!

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Chair covers are a great addition to any event design and are relatively inexpensive décor accessories. Select the right and elegant chair covers for your chairs by following these guidelines!

Consider The Chair Type

Chair Seat Covers are those adorable chair decorations that not only dress up the dull and drab chairs but also hide those scratches and damages that are on the legs or other visible parts. The very first thing that should be taken into account before choosing these chic chair covers is to consider the type of chairs your venue is offering. Chiavari chairs, banquet chairs, and folding chairs are the most popular ones. Chiavari chairs can get recognized easily, whereas folding and banquet chairs easily get mixed up. The major difference between these two chairs is their backs, like banquet chairs have straight backs, while, a folding chair has a slanted one. Our cheap chair covers collection fits all types, whether it’s a square banquet chair or a round top folding chair, a chic cover for chair will perfectly style any metal or plastic chair.

Suitable Material For Chair Covers

The material of fabric is one of the key factors to focus on when choosing chair covers for your special event. We offer an amazing range of chair covers that comes in a lovely range of fabrics and materials catering to all your event’s theme. For example, if you are looking to exude a glistening and glimmering allure in our wedding reception or a glitzy event, pick our satin rosette chair covers, glittered back chair covers, or premium satin chair covers. For a barn or country theme event, choose burlap chair covers and ooze rustic charm to your party chairs. Polyester chair covers, on the other hand, will perfectly style your party chairs for events like birthday parties, outdoor carnivals, or corporate events.

Size & Measurement Of Chair

Once you have decided on the type and material of the chair covers, the next important step is to access the size of the chairs. Since Chiavari, banquet, & folding chairs vary from each other, thus, you need to determine the exact size of the chair, for example, measure the back, seat, and height of the chairs and then place the order to avoid any confusion and possibility of wrong purchase. We at Tableclothsfactory understand all your chair decoration needs and thus offer our affordable chair covers range with accurate measurements listed on the product description page. This will help you easily pick the chair covers that fit the style of your chairs and will ensure the perfect fitting as there is every possible size available in here. For instance, if your chair size is somewhat larger than the folding chair covers or banquet chair covers style, then the best option is to choose our universal chair covers style, as they have a large pillowcase style that fits 99% of the event chair styles. One valuable tip for you is to first order a single piece to test the fitting and then order the whole lot to avoid any mismatching.

Selection Of Color

We all know that there is a color for each special occasion and choosing the right color scheme can take your event decorations to the next level. Our upscale chair covers come in a rainbow of hues, so select colors according to your event’s theme to harmonize every aspect of your event design. Choose universal colors like black chair covers or white chair covers that will go with almost any theme. Impart a glamorous charm by adorning these chic chair covers with embroidered chair sashes, satin chair sashes, pintuck chair sashes, sequin chair sashes, & sash pins & rhinestone brooches.

Consider The Event’s Theme

Undeniably, chair covers are a great addition to any event design, whether it is a corporate dinner party, an official luncheon, wedding reception, birthday, graduation party, or some informal parties, the choice of the right chair covers will help you impart a chic and stylish statement. For instance, for an outdoor corporate event or trade show, opt for spandex chair covers, whereas for informal parties, polyester chair covers will be the perfect ones. For fairytale themed events, picking crisp cotton or polyester chair covers and adding sheer lace & tulle tutu chair covers or rosette chair caps along with chair sashes will add a lovely finishing touch. If you are looking for wedding chair covers, there is nothing better than our glistening satin chair covers, premium Milan chair seat covers, and further glam up these wedding chairs with metallics like sequin chair sashes or metallic spandex stretch chair belts to create that whimsical and dramatic appeal.


Believe it or not, chair covers can make a big difference in the décor and overall appeal of any event. So glam up your drab chairs with accent chair covers and transform them into sassy seats. We hope that with these key pointers you have a better understanding of, how to choose chair covers for your special event. Check out our exquisite range of cheap chair covers to get the best value for your money.


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