How To Decorate A Small Wedding Stage?

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Like other special events, wedding also involves joy and jubilancy and therefore need special planning and thoughtful preparation in advance. As soon as the date is finalized for the wedding and no matter how intimate and personalized the event is planned to be, wedding decoration becomes a topic of discussion that takes high precedence. And then pops up the very important question which is, how do you decorate a small stage? If cost cutting is one advantage of opting for low budget wedding stage decoration, the other good thing is that it lets you break away from the stereotypical wedding decorations by executing chic yet easy stage design ideas for an exhilarating and alluring ambience. And speaking about low cost wedding stage decoration, Tableclothsfactory can be your best bet for décor products that will help you in achieving a gorgeous but low budget wedding stage decoration. On that note, let’s explore some simple and easy stage design ideas on how do you decorate a small stage?

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Backdrop with Charming and Glimmering Curtains

A sublime and glimmering curtain backdrop with low budget wedding stage decoration will help you enliven your small stage with the desired look. Choosing eye-catching décor items that will garner undivided attention from all your guests will help in bringing your easy stage design ideas to life. Form a base backdrop by using the Burgundy Metallic Shiny Spandex Backdrop and adorn it in front by hanging the Beige Chrome Grommets Linen Curtain Panels. Use the Apple Green Organza Ribbon to tie bow knots in the middle of the beige chrome curtains to partially reveal the stunning burgundy spandex backdrop. The Purple Metallic Shiny Spandex Backdrop along with Dusty Blue Chrome Grommets Linen Curtain Panels will look good as well if you do not prefer the burgundy and beige color tones for the backdrop. With the curtain backdrop ready, it is now time to spruce it up with some scintillating glimmer with the help of low cost wedding stage decoration items. Beautify the borders of the spandex curtain backdrop by attaching the Silver Diamond Rhinestone Ribbon Wrap Roll vertically and use the Silver Mandala Crystal Rhinestone Brooches to adorn the center portion of the burgundy curtain backdrop. Using the rhinestone brooches as part of your low budget wedding stage decoration will make the curtain backdrop exude an ethereal charisma like the starry night sky or if you prefer more of a jeweled look, then replace the brooches with Teardrop Diamond Rhinestones or you can use both for an ultra-shiny appeal. Implementing such easy stage design ideas with such glimmering and charming décor products is definitely one way of leaving your guests highly impressed.

Wondrous Décor Using Lush Greenery and Alluring Vibrancy

Easy stage design ideas that include lush greenery and bold vibrancy can be equally efficient and impressive.  Beautify the shiny spandex backdrop by perching in some Rose Gold Silk Peony Flower Heads and glorify the central space by placing the Green Preserved Moss Wreaths with White Artificial Hydrangea Flowers in the middle. Glorify this popping curtain backdrop even more by attaching Charcoal Gray Artificial Hydrangeas Wire Stems in combination with Green Globe Thistle Flowers surrounding the wreaths. Be it the burgundy based backdrop or the one with popping purple, your low cost wedding stage decoration will look absolutely astounding by including these easy stage design ideas of using lush greenery and alluring vibrancy.

Enrich the Wedding Stage Décor with Radiant Illumination

Incorporating LED lights and flameless candles among your easy stage design ideas can work like a charm making your low budget wedding stage decoration backdrop involving curtains look more wondrous and enticing. Insert the bright and Flameless Ivory LED Pillar Candles onto the chrome grommets curtains and secure them tight with the Silver Magnetic Curtain Tie Backs. While the pillar candles beautify the chrome curtains, the burgundy or the purple spandex backdrop can be adorned by White Flickering LED Taper Candles which can be stuck on using the Burgundy Washi Glitter Self Adhesive Decorative Tape which will hold the candles tight to the backdrop and still remain concealed due to its dark color tone. Enhance this décor setup to look more heavenly by perching some Burgundy Pearl Beads Wire Stems behind every candle which will make your low cost wedding stage decoration ooze grandeur leading to some praiseworthy accolades from your guests. If you prefer not to include too much of décor items while imparting your easy stage design ideas and still want your low budget wedding stage decoration to look extravagant, then hang the initials of the wedded couple using the Gold 3D LED Light Up Marquee Letters over the backdrop and place the shimmering 12 Arms Gold Cluster Candle Holder beside the couple. The shiny cluster candle holder along with the whimsical marquee letters will spruce up your low cost wedding stage decoration beyond limits as their awe-inspiring radiance will enthrall and amaze your guests.

Though a wedding ceremony proves to be an important day in one’s life, it is fair to think about not expending too much money as it happens to be a one day event. Having said that, you do not have to settle down for a drab wedding ceremony by any means. Accomplishing such easy stage design ideas as discussed above, can make your low budget wedding stage decoration striking and extravagant. And as always, we would be very pleased to know your thoughts and ideas as comments about other charming methods to decorate a small stage.

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