How To Decorate A Table With A Table Runner?

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Whether you are looking for seasonal accents to transform your dining room table or just want to spruce up your table décor for a festive occasion, a table runner is the most charming and practical decor accessory that instantly adds exciting details to your tablescape while bringing together the rest of the décor accents for a synchronized appeal.

Creating fun and fresh table decoration is more about your own creativity, preferences, and aesthetic sense rather than following a strict set of rules while adorning your tables with runners. If you are wondering about the ideal length of a table runner and are thinking, should a table runner hang over the table, so yes it can, as it may lay lengthwise, aligned centrally with approximately 6-12 inches fabric hanging over each end of your table. However, if you would like to highlight your centerpiece or don’t want to cover the entire center of your beautiful wooden table, then layering one-third of the tabletop using a small table runner would surely do the needful and also serve as a visual center for everyone during dining.

As there are plenty of options when shopping for table runners and many creative ways to grace your tables using this trendy table ornament, below we have compiled some useful guidelines and tried to answer all your queries related to the use of table runners to help you accentuate your table décor most creatively.

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What Is The Purpose Of A Table Runner?

A table runner not only adds a celebrity touch to your simple tables but also serves as a foundation for your table décor, shield tablecloths from hot serving dishes, and effortlessly capture spills while allowing your tables to stay as spick-and-span as possible. Creating a chic tablescape is super easy with the right table runner that complements your tablecloth and blends well with the rest of the table setting. At Tableclothsfactory, we provide a fantastic range of table runners to complement almost all table sizes, designs, and textures.

If you want to add some interesting details to your simple table without concealing its beauty completely, let our gold or silver maple leaf table runners do the trick for you. However, if you choose to let the stylish and long piece of fabric hang over the ends of the table then grab your favorites from our wide range of chiffon, satin, cheesecloth, or burlap table runners to create a distinctive tablescape with an upscale look.

Whether you want to revamp your simple table with a short table runner or like to match it with your tablecloth, this deluxe table accent will surely transform your simple dinner into an over-the-top dining experience.

Can A Table Runner Be Shorter Than The Table?          

Apart from augmenting the décor theme, table linens also serve the purpose of self–expression and personalization, so there are no fixed directions when it comes to determining the size, style, and texture of a table runner. You can either choose to let it hang over the ends for a flowy appeal, like our Mexican serape table runner that comes with fringed edges to bring a little touch of whimsy to your table décor or you can always choose to center the table runner completely on the tabletop to spotlight your centerpiece while keeping the overall table décor sleek and simple. So yes, a table runner can be shorter than the table to create a perfect visual center and can also drape over the ends for an impeccable dramatic flair.   

What Can I Use Instead Of A Table Runner?

No matter how casual or formal your table décor is, a table runner is an excellent accent piece for any table, especially a dining table as it instantly transforms your tablescape for a marvelous meal. It’s always fun and exciting to try out new and innovative ways to decorate the center of your tables with the same class and sophistication that is achieved with trendy table runners. Read on to explore an easy, economical and fresh way to substitute traditional table runners and create a versatile and extended table décor that will last longer with the same brilliance and freshness.

Flower  Garland

Undoubtedly flowers are increasingly used in unexpected and over-the-top ways in almost all décor styles. Faux floral runners are a new trend that completely renovates a traditional tablescape into something fresh and blooming with visual appeal. Thus, give a touch of renewed beauty to your otherwise ordinary tables with our flower garlands and vines that are the best alternatives for fabric runners. These aesthetically appealing floral chains are flexible, adjustable and can be repurposed on various occasions. Check out our entrancing selection of Eucalyptus flower garlands, dark and light green leaf garlands, and LED rose flower garlands, and pick your favorites as per your décor style to add fascinating and invigorating final touches to your tables.   

Whether you want to spruce up the look of your dining table a notch further or add a seasonal touch to your hallway table, carefully chosen table runners surely add grace and value to your simple tables. Which of our table runners do you adore the most? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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