How To Decorate My House On My Wedding Day?

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A wedding ceremony is a special event that gives you the opportunity to invite your most loved people and friends and cherish the moment with love and joy. And if you can do it within the comforts of your house, the moment becomes way too special. But you might ask how to decorate my house on my wedding day? The advantage of having your wedding ceremony within your house is it allows you to arrange your decoracion de bodas just the way you want them to be. And at Tableclothsfactory, you will find many exquisite wedding supplies and décor items that can make your house look spectacular by all means. On that note, let us explore some mind blowing ideas for elegant wedding décor.

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Fabric Décor with Wonderful Floral Presence

Well, many people would have come up with the answer of wedding arches and backdrops when you had dropped the question about how to decorate my house on my wedding day? But if you want something low-key and graceful that is not too elaborate or posh, then choose our pink and cream hydrangea flower wall panels to give your walls a touch of sublime subtlety.  The glorious presence of white and pink pastel hued blooms will make your wedding decorations extra special and create a wonderful backdrop for your photos. And just like wall flower panels, using tulle fabric as part of your decoracion de bodas does a great job of revamping your doors and windows with its elegance. Let fuchsia tulle fabric flow across your windows and doors and place natural rustic grapevine twig wreaths at the center for a gorgeous appeal. In case you want to infuse an extravagant floral flair into your decoracion de bodas, use some chic flower bushes in abundance along with your tulle wedding ceremony decorations to make a mighty impression in the hearts of your guests.

Spruce Up Your Ceiling with Hanging Décor

A ceiling can become the pinnacle of beauty with gorgeous hanging wedding decorations if done properly. When it comes to decorating your ceiling, you do not have to crowd it with décor supplies but using the right kind of décor accents will garner undivided attention from your guests throughout the event. Suspend a few burgundy silk kissing flower balls with some gold kissing wedding favor bells and use gold pearl garland strings along with them in varying heights. The sizzling sight of the dancing flower balls and strings with the ringing bell sounds will accentuate your decoracion de bodas and enthrall your guests without a speck of doubt.

Impressive Lighting Décor

Wedding decorations involving LED lights look ethereal as the luminance creates an alluring ambiance for the event. Our clear starry LED battery micro lights and battery operated cotton ball string lights will be spectacular additions to your wedding home decoration. The best feature of LED lights is that they are versatile and can either be used across the wall flower panels to emanate a mesmeric glowing appeal or can be wound around the tulle fabric décor setup across the doors and windows adding a touch of whimsy to your simple wedding decoration at home.


Fabric, flowers and LED lights have been the mainstays of decoracion de bodas. These elegant wedding décor accessories work like a charm for all kinds of wedding themes and styles impressing your guests with their astounding demeanor. Do leave your thoughts about this blog in the comments section below and tell us what else you would do to enliven your wedding decorations!

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