How to Set a Formal Place Setting for More Casual Events

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Are you paying attention to your knife edge? Not the sharpness of it – but in relationship from the plate silly! Whether surrounding a rustic centerpiece of red and orange leaves or an ornate Cinderella carriage, the formal place setting is an essential skill that instantly gives any table a level of refinement. Reactions range from the impressive nature – hey this person can set a table – to the acknowledgement from Grandma – they’ve done right and proper.

So how do you make your table setting perfect? Teaching Good Things has more than a few tips, as well as this handy chart to keep your table more than picture perfect – it’ll be Pinterest picture perfect!

Some things to keep an eye for in this formal place setting:

  • Think: Eat your way in. The dinner fork lies inside the setting, because you start on the salad fork on the outside.
  • No bread? For a brunch, place the suitable replacement, be it a biscuit or other appetizer.
  • Too many glasses? Remember water is a simple convenience that makes everyone happy – no matter their drink of choice.
  • Daunted by the napkin fold? By placing it in the water glass, you have the opportunity to try several simple folds (like the accordion pictured) while still impressing the guests. Tuck a few sprigs of lavender or thyme into the fold too! 

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