Invite the Christmas Spirit with the Cozy Glow of Fairy Lights!

While it gets colder and darker, decorating with Christmas lights is a perfect way to add warmth and coziness to any space. With so many options out there, it’s sometimes hard to make a choice. To help you out, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about this Christmas staple!

From Edison to LED

The first person to decorate a Christmas tree with multicolored bulbs was Edward H. Johnson, the vice-president of Edison’s Electric Company, in 1882. The invention was reserved for the wealthy – the cost of renting and hiring a “wireman” was $300, which is about $2000 today. Later on, a teen named Albert Sadacca transformed white novelty bulbs produced by his family into multicolored Christmas lights safe for using in the home. He founded NOMA Electric Company, which was the most prominent fairy lights manufacturer in the world up to the rise of aluminum Christmas trees. It wasn’t until the invention of high-impact, low-cost mini-lights that fairy lights made a comeback. Eventually, the growing demand resulted in the introduction of LED, which is more efficient, versatile, and long-lasting.

What We Have to Offer

Adding some shine and sparkle to your party venue or Christmas tree is easy with tableclothsfactory. Our collection of fairy lights carries a myriad of options ranging in design and color. Thus, if you need ordinary lights with several modes for decorating walls, floor, ceiling, pillars, or whatever calls for a touch of extra, don’t pass by our 7.5ft 20-LED string light lamp or  200 LED battery-operated fairy light – made from copper, the string is bendable and invisible, making the LEDs appear to be floating in the air. Whenever you need an LED backdrop, draping your party space with our Twinkle-in-the-Night lights will transform any area into a residence of stars.

For a specific theme, feel free to choose from our LED metal battery operated string fairy lights available in a variety of shapes, LED rose fairy string lights, LED photo clipsLED glass jars beach theme fairy lights, battery-operated flower garland, LED mini-disco mirror balls, and burlap barrel lights, to name just a few. To bring a retro flair into your ambiance, you can hang our globe-style lights from ceilings, arches, or trees. Our recently arrived cotton globe string lights deserve special attention – wrapped with cotton thread, these cute and cheerful “fireflies” are ideal for decoration candy shops, kids parties, backdrops, photobooths, Christmas trees, and beyond.

Get Creative

Since fairy lights add whimsy and festive glow to any space, they can be used everywhere. Besides being utilized for Christmas trees and party backdrops, these luminaries can appear on tables, in mason jars, and on bed canopies. If you can’t resist your brimming creative potential, sky’s your limit – for example, you can place string lights under our spandex tablecloth to create a mesmerizing atmosphere or arrange our LED roses into a charming bouquet. To transform your backyard into an enchanted forest, you can wrap ordinary tomato cages with classic string lights to mimic evergreens. With the help of our apothecary jars, fake snow, figurines, and LEDs, you can recreate this miniature Christmas scene. An ordinary hula hoop in combination with our sequential lights will make a perfect chandelier. If you have an unused wall, you can fix things up by adding fairy lights to the canvas with tiny holes.

As you can see, there is no wrong way to decorate with fairy lights. How do you prefer to use these tiny luminaries? Please let us know in the comments below!

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