Let’s Get Shamrocked With These St.Patricks Day Party Ideas!

•  St. Patrick’s Day

St Patricks Day or the ‘Feast of St. Patrick’ is held every year on March 17th. It’s a green-filled holiday of the Irish heritage where, wearing green clothes, drinking green beer and celebrating all things Irish is a must. With the prevailing virus threat the traditional parades and partying in pubs won’t be possible, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have all the fun. Throw a fun-filled St. Patricks Day Party2021 at home with close friends and family members and lift the festive spirits of everyone around. You don’t have to be Irish to celebrate St Patricks Day, all you need is some green themed decorations, Irish inspired menu, and some Irish music to make your St. Patricks Day celebrations stand out. Read along as we have gathered some simple yet classic St Patricks Day Party ideas that will help you celebrate this years’ St Patricks Day with pure Irish feel.

Usher in and celebrate the joyous spirit of St Patrick’s Day by incorporating lovely green hues along with St Patricks Day icons like shamrock, leprechaun hats, horseshoes and gold coin and get the luck of the Irish on your side this year. Get the party going with some festive Irish or green themed food, desserts, Irish music and celebrate St Patrick’s Day traditions with great zeal and cheer up your guests in style. Pep up your St Patrick’s Day Party by incorporating all things green and honor the occasion with pride. Lift everyone’s festive spirits up high by crafting some exciting St. Patrick’s Day Party decorations, tune in some cheery Irish music to inspire Irish smiles and revel in St. Patrick’s Day celebrations with Irish charm.

 St. Patricks Day

Awe-Inspiring Irish Backdrop Ideas!

Greet you guests in a pure Irish way by setting up a captivating green backdrop and spread Irish smile all around your St. Patricks Day Party ambiance. Ingeniously highlight the look of your St Patricks Day Party by creatively assembling our DIY balloon garland kit featuring Irish tints and give a perky Irish flair to your party. Set this balloon decor as an extravagant St. Patricks Day party backdrop and add a dash of festive jubilance into your space. Furthermore, this balloon garland kit is handy, easy to install and remove, means you can set them up anywhere you want. To make your St. Patricks Day Party decorations more Irish inspired, incorporate our Shamrock Clover Leaf Balloons and arrange them into a giant shamrock to give that extra St. Paddy’s charm. Accentuate the festive cheer of your St Patrick’s Day celebrations with these riveting St. Patrick’s Day decorations and honor the Irish pride with style.

 St. Patricks Day

If you are an Irish at heart and want your St. Patricks Day Party to be an iconic one, then start your festive decorations with an awe-inspiring St. Patricks Day backdrop and imbue a glorious fun vibe to your party. Set the foundation by covering the plain wall with white polyester curtain and spark it up by further hanging an apple green silk fabric in the center along with gold & silver sequin curtains. Add an elegant floral charm by classily knotting these sparkling curtains with an ivory velvet rose bouquet and install a cascading bunch of white peony bouquets/lime silk hydrangea bushes and green leather fern branches on the top corners of the backdrop to give your St. Patricks Day decorations a whimsical appeal. Bring in the Irish luck by creating an emblematic cross sign or shamrocks using our Styrofoam flats or glitter foam sheet and fix it in the middle to impart a festive and cheerful aura into your St. Patricks Day Party.

 St. Patricks Day

St. Patricks Day Green Drinks!

For your St. Patricks Day Party, embrace everything in green and spark your creativity and satiate your aesthetic appetite. Delightfully present your guests with some refreshing St Patrick’s Day drinks, like green milkshakes, margaritas, mocktails, smoothies, and other festive Irish-themed cocktails and bring in some Irish good luck. Get hold of our champagne glasses and fill them up with traditional Irish green drinks and enjoy the festive toast with your friends at your St. Patricks Day Party. Getting creative will never hurt, so make your St. Patricks Day Party a more fun affair by beautifully adorning some green hats with shamrocks made from our foam sheets along with a green ribbon and give your St. Patricks Day party props a more distinctive look. Get your Irish on by putting on these chic green leprechaun hats, share the toast, dance on the Irish music and make your St. Patricks Day Party the rocking one of the town.

 St. Patricks Day

Scrumptious St. Patricks Day Desserts!

Since no grand celebration is complete without desserts, so set up a green dessert station to delight your wee little leprechauns and prepare some scrumptious St. Patricks Day treats. Knock the wool socks off of your little chefs by making some shamrock cookies, Irish creme cheesecake, green frosted cupcakes, and let them get a bang out of baking these delectable treats. Exude a tangy and flavorful festive flair all around your St. Patricks Day celebration with these green themed desserts and let them be the stars of your combo. Set the perfect leprechaun trap for your guests by presenting these luscious desserts in our cake stands as they will perfectly complement your set up and make your dessert station look great right off the bat.

 St. Patricks Day

Adorable St. Patricks Day Party Props!

St.Patricks Day is a special occasion that demands some special things, from decorations and food to wearing the perfect themed costume. Since green color rules highest on St. Patricks Day, so dressing up for this occasion can often become tricky, especially for the wee little leprechauns. To help you find the perfect dress for your little doll, we offer our green sparkling sequined tutu skirt that will keep her active, cheerful, and confident in her every move. Turn your little girl into an Irish princess by adorning her pretty dress with mini gold shamrocks and customize her headband with green tentacles made from our glitter sheets and glitter polka dot fabric and further adorn our green ostrich feathers on it to make it look more beautiful. Highlight the look of your little one’s attire by beautifying her with an ivory pearl beads necklace and watch your little princess light-up in her special St. Patricks Day dress.

St. Patricks Day

Shamrocks are known as Irish blessing angel figurines and are one of the most liked icons used in St. Patricks Day decorations. Bring these blessed tokens of festivity into your St. Patricks Day celebrations and bless your day with this Irish lucky charm. To help you make your St. Patricks Day Party a peppy affair, we have come up with a simple yet interesting St. Patricks Day craft idea that will surely win over any leprechaun and will end your hunt for the pot of gold. Excite all the party members by presenting them some funky DIY 3D green shamrock clover glasses and fill your party space with true Irish flavor. Grab any of your old spectacle frames and neatly cut shamrock shapes by using our glitter sheets, next, paste these shamrocks and let these peppy and edgy shamrock party props be the star of your St. Patricks Day Party.

 St. Patricks Day

Instant Shamrock Tablescape & Craft Ideas!

No St. Patricks Day Party decoration is complete without shamrock crafts as they instantly fill the space with perfect Irish feel. Celebrate the joyous spirit of St. Patrick’s Day in the most festive way by creating an Irish inspired tablescape, simply grab our Real Touch Artificial Young Clover Leaf Garland that imitates the coolness of fresh greenery and shape of shamrock clover leaves. There are plenty of other fun shamrock crafts that your kids can easily and quickly make, so prepare for the lucky day by making your little creative souls getting their hands on some peppy DIY St. Patricks Day crafts, for instance, make them craft a shamrock garland, shamrock key chains, shamrock banner, shamrock wreaths, or anything else that they like and take their love for Irish art to a whole new level of creativity.

 St. Patricks Day


As you can see, it’s so easy to decorate for St. Patricks Day Party, all you need is a couple of green, gold, and white decorations and no more than half an hour! So, what do you think about our St. Patricks Day party ideas? How would you like to decorate your St. Patrick’s Day Party space? Please let us know in the comments!

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