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As a professional event planner or an avid party-maker, you must know that banquet tables are the first thing people notice when they attend a party. To this effect, it’s highly important to dress up your tables to the nines to set the right tone for the event – that’s why you need to make sure that your linens and tablecloths are off the charts. Whether you are orchestrating an upscale event, or there’s a casual brunch around the corner, you can never go wrong with – true to its name, it’s a home for thousands of tablecloths and table linens of exceptional quality at surprisingly affordable prices.

Benefits of Our Tablecloths Collection

Sewn from high-grade materials, all our table covers offer exceptional quality – to maintain their crisp look and be able to use them over and over again, all you need to do is to follow easy how-to-care instructions (this rule doesn’t apply to disposable table covers, which will take your cleanup a few steps further).

Available in a plethora of shades, sizes, shapes, and designs, our tablecloths and linens can easily become an integral element of any tablescape. Whether you are looking for a satin tablecloth to complement a classic event or a sequin table cover to transform your tablescape into a bedazzling extravaganza of dancing lights and shades, our extensive selection of table linens will never leave you without a perfect fit that will elevate your setup to the next level of sophistication. Furthermore, since we are the manufacturer ourselves, and thus, there are no middlemen standing between us and our customers, all our tablecloths and linens come at rock-bottom prices coupled with undisputable value.

Last but not least, because trends are changing, we are expanding our range by adding new linens and tablecloths on a regular basis – just drop by our new linens in our Fresh Arrivals section and see for yourself!

120 ivory large rosette round lamour satin tablecloth

What Table Linens We Have to Offer

Whichever linens and tablecloths you are looking for, we are always here to provide you with an extensive variety. In order to make things easier, feel free to use our left-side toolbar where in accordance with the shape of your table, you’ll easily find the needed tablecloths.

  • Polyester Linens & Tablecloths

Thus, whenever you are looking for a durable option, which you can use over and over again, and it won’t lose its visual attractiveness, we are at your service with our polyester linens and tablecloths – made from high-grade polyester, these will not just endure an extensive use but will also flawlessly blend in with a variety of themes and occasions.

  • Waterproof Linens & Tablecloths

In case you place top priority on disposability, you shouldn’t look any further than our waterproof linens and tablecloths – made from PVC, these stylish table covers are a safe bet for really messy events. With an extensive variety of shades and designs, they will protect your tables or your favorite linens from all those spills and crumbs without compromising on sophistication.

  • Fitted Linens & Tablecloths

Whether you are looking to assemble a tantalizing food station, which requires a seamless side view, or it’s just necessary to make your guests unaware of those unsightly table legs, our collection of fitted linens & tablecloths is the best place for you to shop from. Depending on what effect you are looking to achieve, feel free to choose from our fitted tablecloths, which are made from polyester, or spandex linens & tablecloths, which are four-way stretchable – use them, and your table will acquire that signature, slender look.  

White cocktail table spandex tablecloths
  • Rustic Linens & Tablecloths

It goes without saying that nothing can give your table that barn-chic appearance better than a burlap tablecloth. If this is exactly what you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to shop from our collection of burlap, tulle & lace linens and tablecloths, which offers a stylish line of burlap table covers. Sewn from 100% jute, these table linens are available in natural color, making them a safe bet for our eco-minded customers. That said, this collection also offers a wide range of lace tablecloths, which can be used either as they are or in combination with our burlap linens.

  • Satin Linens & Tablecloths

In case your occasion calls for something more classic than the options presented above, look no further than satin. For your convenience, our immense collection of satin linens and tablecloths offers a wide range of options to suit any occasion, theme, color palette, and of course, any size and shape of a table. If you need a safe investment to elegantly blend in with any theme, go for our solid color satin linens and tablecloths, which offer an elegant fold and festive sheen. At the same time, those who are craving for more texture won’t be able to say “no” to our large rosette and rosette satin linens and tablecloths – aren’t they charming?

  • Taffeta Linens & Tablecloths

If you are fond of silky fabrics, while still striving for more texture than satin table linens have to offer, don’t disregard our Taffeta Line. In order to transform your plain setup into a spectacle of style and dimension, consider dressing your table with our crinkle tablecloths. Do you want to make the most out of the festive sheen of taffeta? We can help you with our pintuck tablecloths. Meanwhile, our damask & flamingo petals tablecloths will give that exotic feel to your ensemble.

  • Sequin Linens & Tablecloths

Are you striving to jazz up your space with the shimmer and glimmer of your lifestyle? Well, there’s no option better than linens and tablecloths from our sequin line. Available in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes, our sequin table linens feature thousands of sequin rounds, which are intricately sewn onto net fabric, leaving no gaps. Drape your tables with these fabulous covers, and they will make your reception shine like a diamond.

Pink premium sequin rectangle tablecloth

How to Choose the Right Size

Formal vs. Informal

First of all, you need to decide on what style you are going to stick to – believe it or not, the length of the tablecloth will instantly set the tone for the meal. To make things easier, think of it as the difference between an attire for a formal dinner or a casual brunch. With that being said, to achieve that classic, feminine look, which is worthy of upscale events, you should opt for the linens and tablecloths that go all the way down to the floor. At the same time, the shorter table covers will give your table a more casual, even masculine look. In case you want to conceal those dreary-looking table legs, while still being afraid that someone might trip on your tablecloth, we strongly recommend you consider the linens and tablecloths, which do not actually touch the floor but offer enough length to make everybody unaware of your unsightly table and to give the latter that classic silhouette.

Beige polyester rectangular tablecloth

Measure Up Your Table

Once you decide on the style and tone of your occasion, it’s time to figure out what size you need, which is a cinch – just grab a measuring tape and follow this simple equation. If you have a square or rectangular table, first up, measure up the length and the width of your table. Then, decide on which drop from the table side you need to achieve a desired look, and add it twice to each side’s dimension. Thus, if you want to get a 9-inch drop (a nice option for a casual dining), and your table measures 42 inches wide and 72 inches long, add 18 to either side. Thus, the result – 60 x 90 inches – is the size of your linens and tablecloths. For a round table, measure up the diameter and then, add twice the desired drop. Thus, a 60-inch table with a 15-inch drop will require a 90-inch tablecloth.

Note: If you are too short on schedule, we are at your service with our Size Charts, which will help you choose the right tablecloth in no time!

Round denim tablecloth

How to Take Care of Our Linens & Tablecloths

Whichever table covers from our immense variety you choose, they are sure to withstand an extensive use without losing their crisp look if you take care of them in accordance with our easy-to-follow care instructions. Thus, to “prolong the life” of our satin, crinkled and pintuck taffeta, lace, organza linens & tablecloths, it’s highly advisable to hand-wash them in cold water and then, to hang them dry (do not use a dryer).

When it comes to sequin tablecloths, spot-cleaning is the only option possible while ironing and any exposure to extreme heat must be avoided. Meanwhile, spot-cleaning coupled with steam-ironing to remove the creases works with our burlap linens. In case you need something even more unfussy, make no mistake that our polyester table covers will never disappoint you – using cold water with normal detergent, machine-wash them, and then, gradually dry in a dryer to avoid a temperature shock. At the same time, our spandex tablecloths and linens will save you from ironing. If you are eager to find out more about how to take care of a certain tablecloth, please don’t hesitate to check how-to-care instructions listed in the product information.

Premium lace blush | rose gold oblong tablecloth

As you can see, is a reputable manufacturer of linens and tablecloths, which you can rely on whenever you are looking to dress up your tables to the nines in a budget-friendly manner. With the enormous range of sizes, shapes, colors, and designs, you’ll never leave our tablecloth collection without a suitable tablecloth, which will elevate your tablescape from drab to fab. Thus, whenever you are getting prepared for an insta-worthy event, please don’t hesitate to shop from our collection of linens and tablecloths. But while you are here, please let us know what you think about our collection and which table covers you are expecting us to add.

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