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Christmas is right around the corner so you must be busy decorating your house with gorgeous Christmas decorations and buying gifts for your friends and family. Did you somehow forget about the outdoor Christmas decorations while you were busy planning the interiors? Well, it is never too late to create a Christmas wreath on your own that’ll adorn the front door to greet and impress your friends and family. After all, a stylishly decorated Christmas wreath is of utmost importance as it is the first décor accent that’ll display your creativity right at the entrance. So, we suggest you to make it a priority along with the Christmas tree glistening in your living room, and Christmas lights embracing your home’s exterior.

If you feel that you lack the creative instincts of an artist, don’t fret – we have cherry-picked some unique and simple DIY Christmas wreath ideas that can be assembled within no time quite effortlessly. We’re sure you’ll have lots of fun while creating a Christmas wreath and it will be a family moment if you involve kids and other family members too. Christmas is a celebration for the entire family after all!

Faux Succulent Wreath

While succulents are popular to bring a pop of fresh green color on your tablescape or in your home décor for a festive holiday celebration, Tableclothsfactory offers an immense range of realistic-looking artificial succulents in an array of styles, sizes, and colors. These faux succulents can easily be used to create a unique wreath as they are independent of water and soils and have been crafted using high-grade flexible plastic which makes them the exact replicas of their natural counterparts.  All of these fabulous characteristics make our succulents an ideal choice to create a unique Christmas wreath.

Here’s what you’ll need to make this wreath become a reality:

Christmas wreath


  • Firstly, you’ll need to trim off the excess stems from the faux succulent plants with the help of scissors.
  • Once all your succulents are ready, insert them randomly in the preserved moss wreath.
  • Although the entire wreath should be covered with succulents completely, the preserved moss on the wreath will help in the coverage of any left out empty spaces.
  • Having arranged all the succulents in place, this gorgeous Christmas wreath is ready and can adorn your front door or any space where you decide to place it.  

Alluring Greenery, Floral, and Twig Wreath

Have you ever wondered about creating a woodland-style Christmas wreath to adorn your space? Embrace the rustic flair and try out a unique floral and greenery wreath for your Christmas décor. Our natural twigs preserved moss wreath is intricately crafted with naturally preserved moss, twigs, and twine and it is the perfect accessory to serve as the desired woodland style foundation for your alluring Christmas wreath. Decorate one side of this wreath with blooms and greenery while leaving the other side exposed to bring out the true essence of rustic beauty in your wreath.

The assembling of this rustic style wreath includes the use of the following accessories:

Christmas wreath


  • The first step requires you to cut off excess stems from our peonies and iris flowers as they have long stems. Leave some leaves on for a greenery contrast.
  • Once you have the desired length of stem to work with, start inserting the flowers in your twig wreath. Arrange the peonies first and apply a little hot glue to make the position of the flowers firm on your wreath.
  • With the peonies in place, you’ll need to work with our silk iris flowers next. Arrange the iris flowers on either side of the peonies gluing them in between the twig wreath just as we did in the previous step.
  • Lastly, cut some individual stems from our artificial eucalyptus and place them on either side of your peonies and iris arrangement. Make sure you secure each greenery stem with glue to secure its place on the wreath and that’s it! Your rustic Christmas wreath has been assembled and can be displayed anywhere around your space to enhance your woodsy Christmas setup.

Elegant Metal Hoop Asymmetrical Wreath

Are you looking for a wreath that'll ooze oodles of elegant flair into the ambiance? We have discovered a fabulous Christmas wreath idea that involves the use of artificial silk roses, peonies, and artificial greenery placed asymmetrically on a rose gold metal hoop. Arranging the blooms and greenery asymmetrically looks exceptionally beautiful  so rejuvenate your space with this Christmas wreath and welcome your guests to your soiree with a sophisticated yet elegant style.

Begin crafting this amazing asymmetrical wreath with the following accessories;

Christmas wreath


  • Cut the required length of our wisteria vine garland so that it can be wrapped around the metal hoop easily.
  • Once you have the desired length of your garland ready, wrap it around half of your wreath leaving the other half exposed. Secure the garland’s position on the wreath safely by applying dabs of glue beneath the garland and assemble the wisteria flowers at the front of your wreath to create a central point for your floral arrangement.
  • As soon as you have the garland in place, you’ll need to work with the peach silk roses next. Separate rose flower heads from the bushes with the help of scissors and glue them on your wreath in the form of a bunch beside the wisteria flowers.
  • Next, you’re required to cut off a single flower head from our rose gold peony bushes and glue it on the wreath positioning it in between the roses and wisterias as shown in the image below. Once this step is accomplished, you have successfully created your elegant metal hoop wreath to serve as an eye-catching decoration piece.

Fruit, Foliage and Pinecone Wreath

A wreath is the first glimpse a guest gets of the style of Christmas décor at your home. Make a great first impression with a fruit, pine cone, and artificial foliage wreath but this stunning piece of craft will look far from artificial. Inspired by a walk in the woods, foliage and pine corns come together to make this wreath beautiful and this natural-style arrangement will become one of your favorite Christmas decorations.

Since you’ll need some dried citrus slices to decorate your foliage wreath, we’ll help you through the process if you don’t know how to dry fresh citrus slices. All you’ll need is some slices of blood oranges to be placed in an oven at a high temperature. Let them dry out completely, remove from the oven, and cool them down. Once they reach room temperature, they’re ready to use on your wreath.

You’ll need the following set of supplies to begin crafting this wreath:

Christmas wreath


  • Since our greenery garland is easily bendable, wrap it around your foam wreath leaving no space uncovered. Cut off any excess garland with a scissor and secure the garland tightly on your foam wreath with dabs of glue.
  • Arrange leaves and foliage all around the wreath generously by sticking them with glue to give your wreath a greener and luscious look.
  • When your foliage base on the foam wreath is ready for further decoration, glue some pine cones uniformly on the garland and foliage.
  • Tie two or three cinnamon sticks together with twine or a string and attach them to your garland in between the pine cone with the help of a glue gun.
  • In order to attach two or three dried citrus slices together, you’ll need to poke holes into each of them and then tie them together to be placed all around your foliage wreath randomly.
  • When all the citrus slices are in place, add a pop of red color with fresh red berries or some burgundy beaded wire stems. Once complete, your wreath is ready to be displayed on your front porch or on the mantle. It would also look lovely as a Christmas table centerpiece filled with a hurricane lamp and candle.

Was this article useful to you? Which of the Christmas wreath ideas are you going to follow to recreate your own masterpiece? Please share your thoughts and comments with us in the section below!

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