Our St. Valentine’s Day Setup to Make Your Heart Skip a Beat

•  Valentine's Day

February 14th is less than three weeks away and the holiday dedicated to the loved ones; St. Valentine’s Day is almost here! Whether you are going to enjoy a romantic feast with your significant other or have planned to spend a good time by surrounding yourself with the people you love and care about, adding some holiday spirit into your setup will make your dinner even more memorable. To help you do the magic, we’ve set up an easy yet tantalizing arrangement, which is inspired by Love!

Table & Chair Linens

While red is a color of love and passion, satin seems to whisper that something special is about to happen. In order to combine radiance of romance with mystery of texture, we’ve chosen our red satin tablecloth. For an extra volume and dimension, we decided to spread our red organza chair sash (yes, a sash, not a runner!) over our blush polyester table runner, which appeared to complement each other in an elegant manner! Meanwhile, our lovely red rosette satin sashes have “warmed up” that metallic appeal of our silver chiavari chairs without overshadowing them (a classic red satin chair bow would have blended in with the tablecloth).

Place Settings

Once you are ready with the linens, it’s time to proceed with place settings. In terms of colors, we’ve decided on rose gold - as a “cousin” of pink, which is another signature color of love, it shines in combination with our red linens and blush table runner! In our opinion, our rose gold chargers will make your guests swoon over with joy and joviality. But no matter how comely these chargers are, they can only be used for decorative purposes. To this end, don’t forget about dinner plates - any white round plates with silver rims (like this one) will be a perfect fit for the chargers and silverware. To top it off, we’ve folded our blush napkin into a love letter envelope with a heart-shaped seal made from our red glitter foam.


As soon as the essentials are there, think about the centerpiece. For your floral arrangement, you can’t go wrong with red roses that have enjoyed the status of being tokens of love and beauty since the dawn of time. Of course, it’s up to you to decide which roses to choose and how to display them on your tabletop - you can go for a traditional bouquet in a vase, arrange numerous rose flower heads, or assemble a floating statement piece in a glass cylinder. But if you are after classics, our long-stem red and ivory roses in a tall cylinder vase are always a safe bet.  

Additional Decorations

In order to add a personalized touch to your tablescape, think about the details. Since nothing can create a romantic atmosphere better than candles, we’ve arranged mismatched holders, and it worked - our crystal holder, red and white heart-shaped tea lights, LED flameless votives, and red votive cups have transformed that already-charming tabletop into a grand “troupe” of dancing lights. To achieve a balanced look, we’ve pulled out our faves, a set of three glass apothecary jars filled with candy (it’s optional - you can consider pearls, LED cubes, flowers, candles, succulents, figurines, or whatever you find suitable), and a bottle of bubbly displayed in our red organza bag to infuse the ambiance with a holiday spirit! To finish things off, we’ve scattered multiple heart-shaped petals all over the table.

What do you think about this setup? Isn’t it charming? What are your plans for this Valentines? We would love to see your creative ideas and opinions about our love-theme decoration in the comments below!


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