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Every year, Veterans Day is celebrated on the 11th of November to appreciate all those brave soldiers who fought for their country in war or peace and are dead or alive. People tend to confuse this holiday with Memorial Day, although it’s a day to thank all the living veterans for the sacrifices that they made. Veterans Day gives us the opportunity to celebrate the bravery and sacrifice of all the U.S veterans who defended the sovereignty of our beloved homeland. This year let’s give our great soldiers a celebration that they will never forget for years to come and thank them for providing us with the greatest gift of all—freedom. If you are struggling to find practical ways to celebrate Veterans Day, then keep reading as we  have listed some inspirational Veterans Day decoration ideas that will help your reflect your real support and admiration towards those brave veterans.

Raise your American flag up high as Veterans Day is fast approaching. Since all in-person 2020 Veterans Day events and Veterans Day parades have been cancelled due to virus outbreak, we can still honor veterans closer to us in a number of ways and boost the morale of everyone around. Listen to the brave stories of veterans or from the family members of the fallen soldiers, pay tribute to nation’s flag, visit a historical military landmark, or plan a small get together with family or friends to admire the veterans in your life. Start planning a meaningful, yet eventful day for your favorite veterans and treat them like VIPs throughout the day even in these challenging times.

Veterans Day


Exude Patriotic Vibes!

We all know that nothing screams America like the American flag as it is the most visible symbol of statehood, a symbol of our national unity and resilience. So display the colors of your country proudly this Veterans Day in front of your house and everywhere else to acknowledge the sacrifices of our great military veterans. Give your front door fence a truly patriotic feel by dressing it up with American flag pennants, opt for our pennant flag banners and unleash your artistic soul by turning them into American flags. Get hold of our ribbon rolls and star confetti to create these lovely patriotic buntings and hang them proudly outside your house. Another way of showcasing your patriotic passion is by painting some wooden planks in American Flag using our chalk markers. Proudly display your DIY Veterans Day decorations and welcome your highly regarded veterans with utter most respect and honor.

Veterans Day

Since Veterans Day is a patriotic holiday so make sure that you dress up your Veterans Day party ambiance with patriotic hues. Make your kids realize the importance of celebrating this day by telling bravery stories of these great soldiers and get them involved in some patriotic DIY arts and crafts. Take your Fourth of July Decorations out and start making some lovely Veterans Day decorations. Run your creativity wild and set some captivating patriotic centerpieces, get your hands on our white polyester burlap rolls and further adorn it with red ribbons and masterfully stick a square piece of navy blue organza ribbon on a side to craft an American Flag. Ingeniously highlight this patriotic centerpiece by placing a star shaped decorative bowl filled with blueberries or strawberries for a fruitful twist, or you can even showcase some blue or red pearls in it and let this festive runner exude striking flair all around when spread atop your living room tables or on the fireplace mantel. Add a dash of patriotic flair into your Veterans Day party by crafting mini American Flags using our Styrofoam flats and hand over these token of fun and festivity as lovely souvenirs to your respectable veterans. These swoon-worthy Veterans Day decoration ideas will surely boost the impact of your Veterans Day party.

Veterans Day

A Patriotic Festive Feast!

Take advantage of the chilling weather and plan an enthralling patriotic brunch or BBQ for your designated veterans in your backyards. Bring that chic autumnal flair into your Veterans Day decorations by giving your tablescapes a rustic look. Gracefully drape our red/white checkered table runner coupled with white lace table runner in the center of your plain wooden table. Furthermore, elevate its visual appeal by placing our wooden square boxes beautifully flaunting some fresh greenery and yellow blooms along with a metal lantern placed atop the wooden slab and exude warm scintillating glow all around your festive tabletop. To create an authentic ambiance go for some lovely patriotic place settings, opt for our white plates and creatively set them atop our string woven placemats along with modified white and red checkered napkins. Cap off the entire patriotic setting by adding jute cutlery holder and flutes and place a thank you note written on our mini chalkboards tied with red ribbons and ooze oodles of festive elegance and panache into your Veterans Day party feast.

Veterans Day

This Veterans Day give your veterans the most pleasing and relaxed feeling by creating an ambiance worth applauding. Invite your veterans and some active Military personnel at your Veterans Day party and let them share their inspiring war stories. Arrange a wonderful bar and a fruit station to serve some Veterans Day related drinks like Army Ranger, Blue Marine, World War1, Army Special, or Warrior Cocktail. Give a total Americana feel to your Veterans Day celebrations by serving everything in patriotic colors, get a chiller and place some flag-color popsicles inside along with mini American Flags. Serve some mouth-watering fruit cocktails in our party cups and enhance its scrumptiousness further by fixing skewers with berries and delight your guests in the most delicious way. Get all the fruits that are in patriotic colors and pleasingly place them atop our rectangular wooden slice or spread them around the tabletop. Express appreciation and gratitude towards the great warriors in the most patriotic way and let them keep these as one of those sweet memories which they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

Veterans Day

Honoring all those great soldiers who have served and continue to serve our nation with bravery is what Veterans Day is all about. A day where we can let our civilians know more about the sacrifices these military members and their families are making year-round. Plan a Veterans Day night-out this year and let the young Americans listen to the fearless war stories of some unsung heroes in the family. Enjoy the chilling weather by setting up a colorful Veterans Day party in the outdoors. Make eye-catching Veterans Day decorations by illuminating the party space with string fairy light along with some cheerful bunting flags. Pull all your creativity by preparing some lip smacking patriotic desserts like American Flag shaped cake and cupcakes and sweeten things up a bit more by serving red & blue punch or red & blue mixed alcoholic drinks in our cocktail glasses customized with flag colors. Add fun and excitement into your Veterans Day party by handing over American Flags to your invitees and liven up with festive spirit all day long.

Veterans Day

Honor The Fallen Soldiers!

Another way of honoring these brave soldiers on Veterans Day is by visiting their graves and decorating them with lovely flowers. It is known as an ancient custom to decorate the graves of the fallen heroes who served and gave their lives for the cause of sovereignty, peace, and independence. Many volunteers place American Flags, beautiful bouquets and light candles on the graves of military personnel in national cemeteries to express their gratitude and affection. If there is any fallen soldier in your family or friends, then do honor them by paying visit to their graves and decorate them with flowers. Pick our Yellow & Ivory Silk Chrysanthemum Flowers, Cream Artificial Silk Gardenias Flowers and Red Artificial Silk Long Stem Rose and create lovely bouquets to be placed on their graves. Ooze warm and affection by illuminating the space with metal lanterns and other decorative accents and show your true sentiments towards these great soldiers in the most mesmeric way.

 Veterans Day

As you can see there are many meaningful ways of celebrating Veterans Day to honor all those who served respectably in the military, both living and deceased, in war and in peace. We hope that our ideas will give your Veterans Day party a celebratory touch and will make your Veterans Day celebration the most memorable one. So, what is your way of honoring these great veterans? Do let us know about your inspiring thoughts in the comment section below!


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