Setting Up a St. Valentine’s Table: Fast, Easy, and Cost-Effective

•  Valentine's Day

St. Valentine’s day is a week away, meaning that you might be racking your brains over how to decorate a celebratory table. Whether you are going to host a romantic dinner at home to celebrate love, friendship, or both, or your client is craving for a one-of-a-kind, cost-effective, yet hassle-free setup, this captivating arrangement will not just make things easier and faster but will also trigger your inspiration to assemble something, which is uniquely yours!


Needless to say, color palette is the first thing you should take into consideration when putting together a celebratory table. When it comes to St. Valentine’s Day, there is no need to go an extra mile to come up with a heart-stealing color scheme – reds with their passionate appeal and whites with their innocent charm are your best friends here. With that being said, we’ve looked no further than our red sequin round tablecloth, which we’ve accentuated with our white satin table runner, making satin and sequin – the most beloved fabrics – meet. To soften the effect of whites and reds, we’ve pulled out our favorite white dinner plates with fancy silver rims.


If you are an experienced event planner, you might have heard that fancy napkin folds to go with sophisticated dinnerware are a fire-sure way to make your guests buzz about your table even before appetizers. We believe that napkin folding is a true art, like origami. To make things easier for you (without compromising on the end result and all those multiple likes on social media), we suggest this easy yet extremely romantic heart-inspired fold, which requires nothing but our red polyester napkin, a pinch of love, and following a few simple steps:

  1. Start by folding your napkin in half;

       2. Fold it in half again;

        3. Then, fold up the right-hand side vertically. Do the same with the left-hand one.

       4. Finally, tuck the center and the corner flaps under to shape the heart.

That’s all it takes – one minute and your heart-shaped napkin is ready to steal hearts!


Once you are done with the basics, move on to the centerpiece. Of course, you can always skip this part, but without it, your tablescape will look a bit incomplete. If you are sick and tired of those flower arrangements, which are always in, you can step up your blossom game with a trumpet vase filled with red and white petals. In order to save yourself from all the hassle with real petals, we strongly recommend you consider our confetti petals from our online store. So, to recreate this accent piece, you’ll need:

With all these materials at hand, you are only two steps away from this heart-melting centerpiece:

  1. Trim the vase with the ribbon;

       2. Fill it with the petals.

Voila, your unforgettable centerpiece is ready to “wow” the beholders!


When it comes to romantic setups, candles are always a must. You may skip linens or even a centerpiece, but without candles, that romantic ambiance will forever remain to be a dream. It goes without saying that wax luminaries are perfect as they are, and a couple of votive or pillar candles are often enough to create those special vibes. However, a pinch of creativity and passion will instantly make even the most ordinary candles shine, to say nothing of our already charming LED luminosities. One of the most efficient ways of taking your candles to the next level will require:

Once everything is there, please stick to a few steps, which are listed below:

  1. First up, stick a glue dot to the candle (to hold the ribbon in place) and attach the end of the ribbon to the dot;

      2.  Once the ribbon is there, begin wrapping it around the candle. Feel free to give way to your creativity: you may overlap the bands, make gaps between them, or organize them into neat rows, like those in the picture;

      3. After that, stick a glue dot to secure another end of the ribbon;

      4. To finish things off, you can cut out a heart shape from a sheet of glitter foam and stick it to the candle.

Though this setup includes a few DIY crafts, it took us no longer than half an hour to put everything together. Speaking about expenses, the given tablescape has appeared to be extremely cost-effective, to say nothing of its universality and comeliness. By the way, what do you think about this ensemble? What would you change, or is there anything that needs to be changed? Please let us know in the comments below!

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