Should You Put Rocks At The Bottom Of Succulents?

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Plants can enhance your home décor aesthetics by creating a positive ambiance within. They help you lead a healthy lifestyle and not just that, they also make your interior design look top notch with their gorgeousness. There are many varieties of plants that can beautify your house with their own unique flair but they will look fresh and beautiful only with proper care, especially plants like the pink moonstone succulent. Proper care includes everything such as regular watering and changing of soil as scheduled. This also leads to the most basic yet significant question which is, should you put rocks at the bottom of succulents? Yes, you should put rocks but in the right way. Tableclothsfactory offers some chic and stylish decorative rocks and crushed gravel that can be used for topdressing and soil care as well. Without any further delay, let us check out some brilliant ideas on how to use rocks within plant pots.

pink moonstone succulent

Decorate with Crushed Gravel

Rocks might look trivial and you may think about ignoring the question, Should you put rocks at the bottom of succulents? But putting rocks at the bottom of succulents enhances the water drainage out of the pots properly. This helps the moonstone succulent plant and other succulents as well to grow better and healthier. And choosing our white decorative crushed gravel stones, rose quartz decorative crushed gravel or metallic rose gold decorative crushed gravel helps you achieve that purpose properly. You can either opt for one or use all three types of crushed gravel stones to decorate your moonstone plant pots. Another benefit of using these crushed gravel stones is that they can be used as topdressing as well. Evenly spread these stones on top of the succulent pink moonstone pots to keep the soil well hydrated and protect it from direct sunlight exposure for a healthier plant and root system.

Bring In Those Polished Stones

The assorted natural polished decorative stones can be a trendy addition to your pink moonstone succulent plant pot decor. Their smooth and polished outer coating prevents water from getting stacked near the bottom which in turn protects the roots of the pink moonstone succulent plants from rotting. And they also look very pretty as topdressing for the soil which is another reason to use rocks if you are still asking yourself, why should you put rocks at the bottom of succulents?     

Alluring Moss Rocks for Some Natural Flair

The artificially made decorative moss rock stone fillers give you a wonderful opportunity to bring out the nature lover in you. The green coating of these artificial moss rocks proves to be the perfect choice to support water drainage below the soil for the pink moonstone succulent. They also work great as topdressings for the moonstone succulent plants. The natural flair and appeal of these moss rocks paired with your moonstone plant will surely impress your guests fetching you widespread appreciation.


Well, you now know what rocks are capable of when it comes to decorating your succulent pink moonstone plant pots and how they support proper plant growth and health. Choosing the right kind of decorative rocks will make your moonstone succulent plants look amazing. We would be glad to read your comments down below about how else would you use rocks as part of your home and plant décor.

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