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Can you hear the sound of leaves frolicking around and the trees dancing with the winds? You guessed it right-- fall is here announcing its arrival. So it’s time to embrace the seasonal change and take the festive dinner parties indoors to get all cozy and warm. We don’t know about you but we think that there is nothing like a stunning fall table decor to cherish and celebrate this bountiful season and all that it has to offer. So we have set up a beautiful tablescape that features a gorgeous color palette and all the fall staples to transform your space into a bona fide fall haven. Are you eager to know more about our chic early fall table decorations? Read on and check out the photos to gather some inspirational table decor ideas for your next family feast!

Table Linens

Since autumn is all about colors, it was only fitting that we set the ball rolling by picking out the color scheme for our fall table decor. Sure you can take cue from the changing hues of the leaves but for our early fall table decorations, we decided to lean on a neutral color palette with earthy tones and a dash of metallic hues to seamlessly transition from summers into autumn. Hence, we have draped our beige slubby textured faux linen tablecloth over our table modishly pairing it with a white chiffon table runner. Combining the flawless rustic appeal and texture of real burlap linen with the sheer elegance of the smooth linen, our faux linen tablecloth has given character and bucolic charm to the tablescape while the suave chiffon runner has added style and finesse to our modern fall table decor. If you have a rustic wooden dining table, you can also choose to leave out the tablecloth and swathe our beige textured runner along the middle of your table layering the white chiffon table runner on top to add a classy flair without concealing the beauty of your intricately designed sylvan table.

fall dining table decor

Tabletop Decor

As soon as the base of our fall tablescape was all set, we moved on to decorating our table with the bountiful treasures of fall for a striking seasonal flair. Considering that picking any one element or centerpiece to bedeck our tabletop just wouldn’t be enough to bring in that glorious fall splendor, we ended up flaunting everything that makes us go gaga over this season to impart a whimsical touch to our fall dining table decor. To begin with, we have stylishly snaked down a faux olive branch garland on our chiffon runner instead of just arranging it in a straight line which has effortlessly elevated the chic appeal of our tabletop. Featuring lightly frosted leaves with clusters of reddish brown and green olives, our faux stone fruit garland is the perfect addition to our fall-inspired table decor adding rich earthy tones to our color palette. In order to further accentuate the bucolic appeal of our decor, we have also scattered around some long brown pine cones and a few gold glittered pine cones alongside our foliage garland which has creatively incorporated texture in our beautiful fall table decorations.

fall dining table decor

However, when it came to grace our classy tablescape with the ever so essential pumpkins, we decided to opt for mini felt pumpkins in white and orange hues that added a lovely contrast of colors not to mention the stubby coarse appeal of the faux felt pumpkins which brought another riveting textural element to our elegant fall table decor. Because we weren’t looking to impart a flashy allure, we haven’t embellished our fake pumpkins with decorative accessories, but you can surely stud the ribs of your felt pumpkins with gold tacks or gold rhinestone gem stickers for added sparkle and oomph. Moreover, if you are all about loading your table with fall treats, you can also pair the pumpkins with other stone fruits like apples, pears, figs, and even berries to animate your tablescape.

fall dining table decor

Though our tablescape was brimming with stunning fall accents, it needed a tad bit of radiance to truly make our tabletop decorations stand out. So without thinking twice we positioned some silver LED pillar candles in varying heights along the middle of the table casting the twinkling glow and warmth of flickering candlelight onto the table. The shimmering lustrous allure of the metallic silver-colored flameless candles not only exuded a posh flair but they were also super convenient to use eliminating the risk of burning the surrounding silk foliage decorations from hot wax drippings.

fall dining table decor

Table Settings

Once we were satisfied with the placement of all the decorative accessories, the only thing left to complete our fall table decor were the place settings. For the dinnerware, we decided to draw inspiration from harvest-inspired motifs to elegantly reinforce the fall theme in our table setup. To be honest, we think that nothing says harvest season better than some beautiful wheat sheaves bundled up together. Thus, using our decorative glass chargers with chic gold and silver braided rims made perfect sense that ingeniously emulated the majestic golden wheat sheaves. To further elevate our table aesthetics, we have paired our exquisite chargers with round white plates that feature intricate gold lace rims topping them with white slubby textured faux linen napkins which were held together with gold napkin rings for a gorgeous appeal. Moreover, our white handled gold cutlery and gold rimmed stemware has added a dash of sophisticated elegance not to mention the striking cohesive allure which has tied everything together!

fall dining table decor

Additional Decorations

With our dinner table decorated to the nines, our unadorned table chairs looked out of place. But since we wanted to keep things simple yet classy, we decided to outfit the chair backs with our taupe-hued faux linen chair sashes for understated elegance and panache. However, we didn’t just stop there, in order to accentuate the idyllic rustic flair we also ended up decorating our backdrop walls with burlap pennant flag garlands that helped to gracefully spruce up our plain and boring walls.

fall dining table decor

Our elegant fall table decor surely packs a refreshing autumnal appeal thanks to the gorgeous color palette and the clusters of reddish brown and green olives with lightly frosted green leaves arranged with long brown pine cones, glittered pine cones, candles, and of course pumpkins. Do you love our early fall table decorations? Please share your thoughts and opinions about our table setup in the comments section below!

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