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Despite the raging COVID-19 crisis, the festive spirit of people around the world is untarnished and spring is being celebrated in most parts of the world. Many gather to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day earlier by arranging small social gatherings, as all want to have some festive time with their friends and families amid coronavirus. Nobody wants to get into self-isolation, but the prevailing uncertain situation has forced our festive spirit to dwindle to a trickle. Let’s not get this virus muffle up your festive cheer by limiting your social gatherings and celebrate your special days in the comfort of your home. 

Life without interaction can be trying, but keeping a social distancing is the key to taming the new coronavirus. Give yourself and your loved ones a little time out from this chronic outbreak by celebrating your upcoming special days in intimate gatherings. We have mustered up some fun-filled party ideas that can make your indoor celebrations a lot more fun with our party supplies. Read on to get inspired by some of our sensational ideas to gloriously bedeck your home along with some valuable tips and recommendations to help you keep your intimate celebrations going.


A Warm Welcoming Entrance!

Social distancing looks a lot like self-quarantine and cutting off all the social gatherings might sound really boring. Liven up the celebratory cheer of your friends and family amid coronavirus by throwing a glorious indoor party. Whether it’s your anniversary, birthday or any other special occasion, celebrating within the premises of your home is the best option at this time.

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 Emanate a flamboyant yet classy charm by bedecking your front door in the most elegant manner with our elegant party supplies. Exude a chic festive flair into your doorway by bringing an exotic floral aura with our long burgundy rose garlands, and long blush rose garland, cream silk peony garlands, along with some purple silk hydrangea. Artistically arrange these sumptuous floral vines and add a dash of twinkling greenery with our LED green leaf garlands. Imparting a warm welcoming appeal, these decorative party supplies will adorn your front door beautifully and will ingeniously spruce up your modish event design.

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Unleash your artistic side by creating your own DIY decorations, as planning for a birthday party or any other event won’t cost you an arm and a leg on decorations when you employ craft supplies from our online store. As the world tackles this unfortunate outbreak, steer clear of shopping in stores. Instead, order your party supplies online from Efavormart to gloriously bedeck your home. Pendants and buntings crafted from our adhesive foam sheets will spruce up your indoor roofs by exuding a fantastic allure. Hang these glimmering sparkles all around with some Helium Air Durable Bubble Balloons. Brimming with fun and festivities, these eccentric birthday party supplies will surely uplift the celebratory mood of your friends and family.

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An Enchanting Indoor Decor!

When planning a birthday party at home, start off by decorating your living room mantel. Gather some inspiration by ordering party supplies online from our store and emanate an interesting charm all around. Don’t let the outbreak limit your creativity and embrace your mantel decor by artistically arranging our Fake succulent in Pots along with some Ivory flickering flameless candles and geometric metal wired candle holder with glass votive holder set. Emanating a dazzling allure, these stunning accents will brighten up your space making your festive time more relaxing with your friends and family. Further elevate your celebratory decor up a notch by sticking our Silver Foil Mylar Number Balloons along with some Clear Plastic Balloons on the walls. Augmenting the aesthetics of your ambiance, these lovely birthday party supplies will emanate a magical charm.

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Host a lovely birthday lunch for your closest friends and family to uplift their celebratory mood. Imbue a glorious and fun vibe by setting a scintillating tabletop. Style your bare tables elegantly by opting for our white seamless premium polyester tablecloth. Add gorgeous dimensions to your table by further placing our Tall Silver Floral Stand Pillar Candle Holder along with Taper candles atop, emanating a tantalizing glow these party supplies will give an enchanting appeal to your indoor decorations. A birthday without a cake is unthinkable! Let’s add this sumptuous delight onto your tabletop by displaying it elegantly on our Gold Metallic Cardboard Cupcakes Stand. Elevate the beauty of your cake by imparting a whimsical charm with our delightful birthday party supplies and spruce up your tablescape.

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A Movie Night to Remember!

We are so busy in our lives that rarely get that quality time to spend with our loved ones. Due to this horrific outbreak we all are bound to stay inside our homes and that can be very boring. Let’s turn the tables around and make the most out of this time by arranging a fun-filled movie night with your closest friends and family. If they are into an adventure theme, take them on a jungle ride by picking up a movie of that kind and set the place in the most comfortable manner. Exude a joyous fun vibe by spreading our Taffeta Leopard Print Fabric onto your sofas and indulge in an unforgettable safari adventure. Give a peppy flair to your decor by throwing in some White Satin Triple Rose. Get the party going by flaunting your lively taste of decorations with these comfy party supplies and let your loved ones enjoy this cheerful time in the safe zone.

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We hope that our party supplies online will let your enjoy your festivities in the comfort of your home. We hope that our article has helped you explore more ways of planning fun times with your friends and family amid coronavirus. Stay safe and enjoy in your space! Please share your thoughts in the box below!

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