Designing the Perfect Send-Off: Graduation Setup Inspiration for 2023

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Prepare to be filled with inspiration as we delve into the realm of graduation setups for the class of 2023! Graduation symbolizes celebration, achievement, and anticipation of what lies ahead. In this do-it-yourself article, we'll delve into a diverse array of ideas and creativity to aid you in crafting the ideal farewell for this year's graduates. From distinctive decorations to imaginative flourishes, we'll lead you through the steps of producing an absolutely unforgettable and individualized graduation arrangement. Whether you're a proud parent, a companion, or a soon-to-be graduate yourself, come along as we embark on this thrilling adventure of designing an enduring graduation experience. Let's together explore the boundless possibilities!

What You Need:

- 7.5ft Heavy Duty Gold Metal Round Photo Backdrop Stand
- 7.5ft Navy Blue Metallic Shimmer Tinsel Spandex Party Photo Backdrop
- 8" Gold Decorative Rhinestone Alphabet Letter Stickers
- Beige Spandex Cylinder Plinth Display Box Stand Covers
- 12" Shiny Pearl White Latex Balloons
- 12" Shiny Pearl Navy Blue Latex Balloons
- 12" Shiny Pearl Gold Latex Balloons
- 9" 2-Tier White/Gold Petal Shaped Round Cupcake Stand
- 13" White Round Pedestal Footed Cupcake Stands With Ribbon Trim Edge
- 100 Yards | Black Single Face Decorative Satin Ribbon
- 100 Yards | Silver Single Face Decorative Satin Ribbon
- Clear Acrylic Cylinder Plinth Display Box Stands

What You Need to Do:

Step 1: Assemble the Backdrop

Woman assembling a metal arch and putting a fitted royal blue spandex shimmer cover

First, open the box and take out the gold metal round backdrop stand. Put the pieces together to create the round arch shape. After that, cover it with the navy blue shiny cloth that comes in the box.

Step 2: Put The Acrylic Stands In Place

Woman putting on fitted beige spandex cover on acrylic stands

Arrange three clear plastic cylinder stands at different heights. Cover each stand with stretchy beige fabric. The varying heights will make them look 3D against the dark blue background, and the beige covers will stand out strongly against the blue.

Step 3: Add the Letter and Number Stickers

Woman putting on letter stickers to the navy blue backdrop

Take the shiny gold letter and number stickers with decorations, remove the plastic backing, and put them on the navy blue stretchy cover. Make sure to arrange them correctly to spell 'CLASS OF 2023'.

Step 4: Arrange the Balloons 

Woman attaching a balloon garland to the side of the metal arch

For crafting a sophisticated backdrop arrangement, fashion a balloon garland using latex balloons in shades of navy blue, white, and shimmering gold. Fasten the balloons collectively and affix them to a single side of the arch, producing a captivating and theatrical impact.

Step 5: Present the Desserts on the Acrylic Stand

Woman decorating the acrylic stands with treats and graduation decor

To add the final elegant details, utilize a cupcake stand with a white round ribbon-trimmed cupcake stand to showcase your cake. Additionally, employ a two-tier white and gold, petal-shaped cupcake riser to exhibit delectable treats for your guests to enjoy. As a tribute to your academic achievement, position your diplomas on one of the stands and adorn them with satin ribbons in black and silver hues.

As you get ready to plan a great farewell for the class of 2023, remember it's not just about decorations. It's about making a place filled with love, pride, and joy. Whether you go for a fun theme or a classy feel, let your creativity shine in every part. Let this graduation setup inspire wonderful memories for everyone celebrating the graduates.

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