Swoon-Worthy Table Decorations for Your Posh Date Night

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Finding time to connect with the love of your life is something that keeps the spark alive in the relationship. And there is no better way to bask in the romance than having a lovely dinner date night with some elegant table decorations to make the whole experience even more special and memorable. Whether it’s a special occasion or you just want to surprise your favorite person and rekindle the love and passion, a beautifully set table can even turn a regular weekday dinner into something you’ll cherish for years on end. To unlock the romance, we have set up a posh dining table decor featuring a luxurious gold and white color palette with exquisite modern accents that’ll set the mood for your romantic dinner. Check out the video and photos to get the panoramic view of our date night table decorations and read on to find out exactly how we managed to create a swoon-worthy tablescape that is the epitome of elegance and panache!


Because we were aiming to set up a table arrangement that’ll ramp up the level of intimacy, we thought arranging a sweetheart style table instead of the usual face to face seating arrangement would be a great way to relive the wedding moments for a married couple while giving a chance to cuddle up with that special someone. Thus, we decided to arrange a rectangular table by the wall which provided us the opportunity to create a lovely wall backdrop for our tablescape. With our long sheer white curtain panels stylishly overlapped over one another on our heavy duty backdrop stand, our table backdrop looked oh-so graceful. In order to elevate our date night table decorations up a notch, we also set up a second backdrop stand in front of our table as you can see in the video and drooped shimmering gold circle dot garlands along with gold diamond chains from the top of the stand for a glittering statement. The alternate arrangement of the glittery gold circle dots with the twinkling rhinestones diamonds which were embedded in the gold metal chain added a glamorous sparkle to our decor.

gold and white table decorations

Table Linens

As soon as we were done decorating our table backdrop, we moved on to our dining tabletop decor. While our store is loaded with an immense range of exquisite table linens, we decided to dress our table in two different tablecloths to incorporate majestic grandeur and opulence. Hence, we have given our table a luxurious drape with our plush gold-colored big Payette sequin tablecloth pairing it with a crisp white table linen which augmented the allure of the sparkling Payette sequins tenfold not to mention the gorgeous dual-toned appeal. With the glittering gold circle dots hanging above the table and the gleaming big Payette sequins that were intricately sewn all over the mesh fabric linen, our table decorations couldn’t have been any more classy and cohesive! In case you aren’t keen on layering different colored linens, you can also swathe a glossy gold satin tablecloth underneath your gold sequin tablecloth for a glorious monochromatic table decor.

gold and white table decorations

Table Settings

Since our date night tablescape needed only two place settings for the couple, we had plenty of room to play with ornate accents and designer dinnerware. So, we decided to opt for our white and gold round antique chargers featuring an ornamental embossed baroque design rim and a metallic gold finish to add sensuous richness and extravagance to our gold and white table decor. However, for a truly upscale look, we paired these beauties with our gold and white scalloped rimmed dinner plates and gold baroque cutlery which has brought drama and opulence centerstage. To further enrich our sumptuous table settings, we perched gold-rimmed stemware for wine and gold-rimmed glass cups for water alongside our dinnerware. But we didn’t just stop there, we also ended up placing a couple of glass mason jars with scented white silk rose petals inside which teased the senses and exuded an intoxicating scent of love and romance in the air.

gold and white table decorations

Tabletop Decorations

When it came to bedecking our romantic date night tablescape, we decided to break out our lush greenery garlands, lovely artificial blooms, and loads of candles—all the hallmarks of romantic decor. We don’t know about you but we think that using artificial greens is a great way to accent any dining table top decor. Thus, we have displayed a gorgeously intermingled artificial vine runner featuring luscious foliage and floral garlands and a sleek lighted green leaf garland on the front edge of the table which not only added a refreshing idyllic flair but also brought a contemporary modish charm.

gold and white table decorations

Because we were in awe of the modern appeal of our table decorations, we just couldn’t resist adding more bucolic touches and sylvan accents to further enhance our table aesthetics. Keeping our swish color scheme in mind, we decided to position a couple of white wooden planter boxes on either end of the table and decorated them with a lovely assortment of fake succulents for a riveting allure. While we were at it, we also ended up creating a cute little “love” signage using our wooden hanging plaque which added an idyllic charm to our dining table top decor

gold and white table decorations

Next on the agenda was to imbue glowing radiance and warmth onto our tablescape, which we handled with some decorative candles and string lights. While our clear glass votive candle holders holding white votive candles and the chic white cotton ball string light garland elegantly outlined our table, the crystal clear globe votive holders with gold votive candles nestled inside placed beside the dinnerware emanated a dramatic allure. Moreover, we also arranged ivory LED candles in varying heights on both ends of our table along with our wooden planter showpieces which not only added gorgeous dimension to our tablescape but the soft fluttering candlelight evoked a romantic ambiance.

gold and white table decorations

As romantic table decorations are practically incomplete without a bunch of pretty blooms gracing the table, creating enticing floral arrangements to elevate our date night table decorations made perfect sense. However, with the gorgeous white flower garland adorned on the edge of the tablescape, it was only fitting that we opted for an alluring white peony flower bouquet to strike a perfect match. You can also choose to flaunt wildflowers from your backyard or use exotic fresh blooms, but we suggest that you save yourself from the hassle of picking and caring for the delicate fresh flowers and opt from our beautiful collection of lifelike silk flowers that won’t ever perish away!

gold and white table decorations

Incorporating grandeur and great style with just the perfect amount of lustrous sparkle, this gold and white table decor is surely one to bookmark for future reference. What do you think about our sweetheart style table decor for a romantic date night? Please share your opinions in the comments section below!

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