Tablecloths to Silverware, How to Set the Perfect Table

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In today’s busy world, we barely have the time to sit down and eat, let alone set a formal dining table. It may not be needed as everyday knowledge, but whether you are setting your own table or attending a formal event, it will be important to know how to set the perfect table.

As for a formal event, the setting and décor will be much different than a more casual lunch or breakfast, so keep that in mind. As for a formal event the table setting will follow the following order from left to right. Beginning on your left side you have your napkin, salad fork, dinner fork, and dessert fork. You will then set the dinner plate with the soup bowl or salad plate on top. After that, you will have the dinner knife, the teaspoon and finally the soup spoon. Above this line of silverware and dinnerware you will have the bread and butter plate along with the butter spreader above the forks. On the right side, above the knife and spoons will be your water goblet, red and white wine glasses. They will be arranged from left to right, beginning with the largest, the water goblet to the smallest, the white wine glass.

This is not the only way that a formal table can be set; there is a number of additional silverware or dinnerware pieces that can be added. However, this is a simple guide that covers most of the needed items. As for the table linens, tablecloths, such as linen tablecloths, are almost always suggested for formal dinners, with matching cloth napkins if possible. After that, you can add unique touches to the table, including fresh flower centerpieces or candles. Even place cards for guests are an option and a nice touch to welcome guests. If setting your own table, make it a reflection of you.

What occasions do you set your table with table linens?

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