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Do I Need A Unity Candle At My Wedding?

Candle decoration wedding

Weddings are such beautiful events that call for nothing but perfection; from wedding dresses to choosing the wedding colors, food, and overall decorations, there are plenty of things that complete a wedding ceremony. Apart from all these, there are some rituals and traditions without which no wedding is completed. One such beautiful tradition is a unity candle ceremony where the two different families get united for the newlywed couple. Lighting the wedding unity candles in a wedding ceremony was once considered as a ritual but now it’s a part of every modern wedding. The light of these unique unity candles lit by the couple not only exudes romantic vibes all over the space but also symbolizes the two different souls entering a new relationship with their own individuality. For those whose wedding bells are about to ring and are questioning themselves that, ‘Do I need a unity candle at my wedding?’ we have shared some lovely aspects of conducting a wedding unity candles ceremony in this blog post, so continue reading and get inspired.

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LED Lighting & Candle Decor To Make Glowing Memories This Memorial Day!

Candle decoration memorial day decor

The time to praise and honor all those brave soldiers who lost their lives serving for our country has just arrived. Yes, it’s Memorial Day and we all need to gear up with our celebratory mood to celebrate this patriotic day with the same zeal and zest. The uncertainty prevailing all around has hampered all of our grand celebrations, big barbeques and get-togethers are not in the plan this year. But why to lower our festive spirits when we can still enjoy in the confine of our homes with our loved ones. Celebrate this Memorial Day in the most positive and hopeful style by spreading warm welcoming sheen and make your indoor space most serene with luminous lights and candles. Our scintillating collection of LED Lighting & Candles will help you bring a shining aura all around your home and will make your Memorial Day’s celebration the most glowing one amid these trying times.

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Chic Memorial Day Candle Decoration to Ooze Patriotism

Candle decoration Home Decor memorial day decor patriotic decoration table decoration

Memorial Day is just around the corner and for many of us, this long holiday weekend marks the unofficial start to summer, cueing to head out to the outdoors with your friends and family to have barbeque parties and picnics to commemorate the event. But since this year all the outdoor activities are out of the question due to the unprecedented circumstances, honor the services and memories of the men and women who sacrificed their lives for the sake of our freedom in a different style. Show your American pride and deck out your home with flags and flowers and incorporate riveting candle decoration in your holiday home decor to ooze a festive flair. Start a new Memorial Day tradition by lighting up your decorative holiday candles and observe the national moment of remembrance in your home with your family to pay tribute to all the valiant fallen soldiers. Get inspired by our sensational candle decoration ideas that will surely ignite the patriotic spirit imbuing a festive feel to your space!

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Light Up Your Space with Candelabra & Candle Holders

Candle decoration

For giving a peaceful luminosity and radiant glow to a space, candles and tea lights have been used for centuries.  As time passes, the need for decorative candelabra & candle holders to enchantingly light votive and taper candles for creating a serene ambiance has increased. 

When it comes to candelabra and candles holders you don’t need to look further as we have got some amazing styles that will perfectly match with your desired decor. Be it Nordic style candelabrum or rustic wooden style candlesticks, beaded crystal chandeliers or iron candle holders, we have got your covered with our scintillating collection of Candelabra & Holders. Bring all the positivity into your indoors in these challenging times by brightening up your humble abode with charismatic candelabra and candle holders and get connected with your home space in this era of social distancing. Read on as we have gathered some sparkling ways to incorporate these shining accents into your space that will help ooze heaps of positive imperial radiance all around you amid these trying times.

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Looking for Candle Holders? Meet Our Springtime Arrivals!

Candle decoration Spring decor

Spring is a time for growth, expansion, and renewal. Inspired by that springtime optimism and urge to make our customers happy, we’ve added an immense variety of fancy pieces to our already extensive selection of candle holders and candelabra! From now on, you have a perfect chance to breathe that refreshing spring air into everything from party tables and backdrops to office desks and kitchen vignettes…even if you are not going to decorate with candles! To learn what exactly we have to offer and how to use it, please make a pause for a moment to read this article!
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Mercury Glass: All You Have to Know

Candle decoration

You can see it everywhere, from magazines to elaborate table settings at celebrity weddings. It’s no surprise – featuring that distinctive, silvery appearance, mercury glass is hard to miss. In this article, we’ve distilled everything you need to know about this timeless material and our Mercury Glass line. So, please read on if you are ready for new discoveries! What is Mercury Glass? It might sound surprising, but mercury glass or silvered glass has nothing to do with silver and mercury. As a cheaper alternative to sterling, it is actually double-walled glass with the liquid silvering inside (the formula was...

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Candles and Candle Holders – One of Fall’s Most Loved Accessories

Candle decoration fall decor

There are tons of things that we associate with Fall, like scarves, boots, and pumpkin spice. We also decorate our homes to match the Fall vibe. When we think of Fall home décor, we think of maple leaves, pumpkins, Autumn signage, and more. Among all these items, candles and candle holders are also one of Fall’s most loved accessories. Many of us often use candles in the Fall time, whether it’s for decoration, nice smells, or both. Candles are a great go-to accessory being that they’re affordable, elegant, and simple. For a dramatic look, dress them up with a gorgeous...

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