Discover Safe Ways to Throw Parties During Covid

COVID-19 Essentials party decoration

Are you thinking of hosting parties during Covid? With states and counties easing the lockdown and lifting the quarantine restrictions, you may be wondering whether it’s safe to throw parties during covid to bring back some fun in life. Although the threat of COVID-19 is still looming over us, many of us are in dire need of some sort of social connection and interaction with our loved ones to lift up the spirit and chase away those isolation blues and we think that it is doable—with plenty of ground rules and modifications, of course! With that being said, it is beyond question that our celebrations are going to look much different moving forward in this age of pandemic but we’re sure that the love, joy, and festivity of the occasion won’t be any different!  

Whether you’re thinking of organizing birthday parties during covid or you’re up for a holiday get together with friends and family to celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas, you will definitely need to go back to the drawing board to ensure that your party complies with all the safety and precautionary measures. From modified venues, spaced out seating arrangements, and social distancing friendly games and activities to setting up sanitation stations and using disposable tableware, we have put together some key tips and pointers to help you make your special events and occasions as risk free as possible whilst also making sure that you and your guests have the time of your lives! After all, we all deserve to relax and unwind after months of being isolated and confined into our homes. So, keep on reading as we walk you through creative and fun ideas to host successful and safe parties during Covid!

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Top of the Line Protective Face Masks to Buy Now!

COVID-19 Essentials

With just over two months to cap off the year, who would have guessed back in March that we would still be thinking and talking about the best available face masks, but here we are! With the holiday season just about to officially start with Halloween around the corner, it looks like we are going to be wearing them throughout the holidays (and most probably even after that) to keep everyone around us safe and healthy during the festive celebrations, after all, there is no excuse for risky behavior!

As the COVID-19 disease continues to spread through the infectious respiratory droplets, it is more important than ever to wear a protective face mask as it is undoubtedly the most powerful weapon we have to defend the virus and stop it from spreading any further, which is all the more reason to stock up on high-quality face masks! But with so many different kinds of face masks available on our online store, you may find yourself in a pickle to choose one that works perfectly for you. Don’t fret! We are here to help! Just keep on reading and we’ll walk you through our premium collection of best face masks and their effectiveness to suit your various needs!

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Make a Statement with Our Ingenious DIY Face Mask Ideas!

COVID-19 Essentials DIY Ideas

With the threat of the virus still looming over us, wearing protective facial coverings when around people other than your housemates has never been more important to protect yourself and others. But just because you are required to wear face masks for parties, events, and celebrations where maintaining the recommended social distancing may not be possible at all times, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your style. Let your imagination run wild and create a personalized DIY face mask to add flair to your overall look without risking your safety. Whether you are looking for a fun crafty project or you want to match your mask with your party outfit to make a fashion statement, decorating your face masks and other protective gear with lovely embellishments is a great way to showcase your creativity and classy sense of style. To help you create eye-catching protective facial coverings for your upcoming party or gathering, we have rounded up some amazing DIY mask ideas with shimmering details to zhoosh up your ordinary-looking face masks and shields. Check out our DIY tutorial videos for useful tips and tricks and scroll down below to know more about how to effortlessly create customized facial coverings that’ll make heads turn!

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Backyard BBQ Party Ideas During Quarantine!

Backyard Decorations COVID-19 Essentials Home Decor party decoration

Summer –the beautiful time of the year is here, when everything seems to come to life and thrive. Nothing says summer like a sizzling BBQ party and with the warmest season around, now is the best time to usher in the fun and cheerful summer charm by hosting a fun-filled backyard BBQ party. Embrace the blissful summer season by incorporating natural elements and turn your patio and backyards into an emblem of fun and festivity. Since you are spending most of your time home staying safe and practicing social distancing, why not make the best of this time partying and celebrating the seasonal bounties with your close family members and loved ones. To lift up your celebratory mood, we have pulled together some safe BBQ party ideas to get you entertained in this era of Covid-19. Read on to get your creative juices flowing and give a revitalizing look to your backyard this summer by throwing a safe summer BBQ party.

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Reasons Why Using a Disposable Black Face Mask is a Great Choice for Daily Use

COVID-19 Essentials

With safety guidelines suggesting that everyone should wear some type of facial covering as a proactive precautionary measure when leaving their homes or when around people other than their housemates to prevent any further spread, wearing face masks has become the new norm. However, the sharp increase in demand for face masks has pushed the suppliers and manufacturers to produce different kinds of masks and offer a variety of choices to cater to the growing demand. From the regular disposable face masks to fancy fashion masks and colorful fabric face masks, there is a wide range of designs, styles, and types of masks to choose from. But if you are looking for elegance with convenience and comfortability, black disposable face masks are certainly an excellent option. Read on and discover why you should choose a black face mask for your everyday indoor and outdoor use.
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Creative Tips on How to Plan a Wedding after COVID-19

COVID-19 Essentials event decor party decoration

Organizing a wedding is stressful as it is, but with the added pressure of adapting to the changing norms and new rules, regulations, and health and safety measures because of the unprecedented changes happening on the global scale, planning a wedding will totally be another feat. It should come as no surprise that wedding parties that used to be grand and over the top festive events with large gatherings will not be the norm again for at least the next couple of months. Couples who were looking forward to their spring or summer wedding had to unfortunately cancel or postpone their celebrations due to the strict lockdown and social distancing restrictions. However, with everything gradually coming back to life as the world begins to open up again after the lockdown, having a fantastic wedding party is not completely off the table if you are willing to tweak things up a bit. That being said, whether you are thinking of getting hitched to the love of your life this year or you have postponed your big day until things settle down, planning a wedding during and after the pandemic will likely be a little out of your comfort zone taking you back to the drawing board.

If you’ve been the one looking after the wedding planning checklist, chances are that you may be feeling overthrown due to the situation at hand. Like many other bride-to-be’s, you might be having a hard time thinking about where to start and how to plan a wedding post COVID-19 while keeping your big day as risk free as possible. But don’t you worry, we have listed some key pointers to help you adapt to the new reality and prepare you for what to expect when planning your wedding after the pandemic. Read on and discover creative wedding planning tips and ingenious wedding ideas to make your dreams come true whilst ensuring that your guests have the best time at your special day.

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Importance of Wearing Gloves for Virus Protection

COVID-19 Essentials

With the ongoing research and studies on how the novel coronavirus spreads, there is emerging evidence that the virus is passed on either through respiratory droplets or via indirect contact. Therefore, along with wearing essential facial coverings such as face masks or face shields, health experts also assert that wearing disposable gloves for hand hygiene is of critical importance to avoid contracting the virus through autoinoculation. Read on and learn more about the significance and benefits of wearing plastic gloves to limit your exposure to infectious agents.

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Importance of Wearing Protective Gowns for Protection

COVID-19 Essentials

As the threat of the infectious novel coronavirus continues to loom over us, using proper and appropriate personal protective gear such as respirators, goggles, face shields, and protective gowns is the need of the hour to reduce the chances of catching the virus and stop any further spread. With the latest research and studies, we now know that the virus is passed on through fluid-borne as well as airborne infectious particles. Therefore, it is crucial to use adequate protective clothing for better protection against the contagious disease. Disposable gowns provide full body protection and prevent the contamination of the clothes underneath. Read on and learn more about the effectiveness and advantages of wearing protective gowns for maximum defense against the viral disease.

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