Throw a Potluck on National Cooking Day!

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Did you know that September 25th is National Cooking Day? That’s right! A day dedicated to all things cooking! What a time to celebrate such a holiday, too. With Fall in the air, we’re shifting over to different foods in season such as apples, squash, and pumpkins.

Do you want to celebrate National Cooking Day with your friends and family? Then you should organize a potluck! Everyone can share their cooking skills and special recipes of their best dishes. Here’s how you can throw your own potluck for National Cooking Day.

1. Set a Time

Invite your friends and family to your potluck. See what works best for both their schedule and yours. Remember, this holiday lasts all day, so you can throw your potluck whenever. It doesn’t have to be around dinnertime. Plan a breakfast potluck with your coworkers or invite your neighbors over for an evening appetizer social. Once you set a time, you’ll know what type of dishes to bring to it.


    2. Create a List

    Following the first step, now’s the time to create a list! Raise your hand if you’ve been to a potluck with five different kinds of potato salad, and no pasta salad. The point is, sometimes we like to cook similar dishes and miss out on the variety. That’s where a list is handy. You can write a general list, or let your guests create the list together. Want to make things interesting? Find several different online recipes and assign them to your guests. This can be a challenging and fun thing to do if your guests approve of it.

    3. Buy Supplies

    You will need to buy supplies before your potluck. Get all the ingredients you’ll need for your dish. You might also need disposable dinnerware, chargers, tablecloths, centerpieces, or other similar supplies. Have a friend who can’t bring a dish? This is where they can help!

     4. Decorate & Set Up

    Let’s be honest, a well decorated potluck adds so much style to a normal meal. Use overlays or runners to make a regular table fancy. Set out colorful dinnerware and napkins for added details. Create a fun theme that your guests will enjoy. Make your potluck a memorable experience!
    5. Enjoy the time with your guests (and their food)

    Without a doubt, this is the best step in throwing a potluck. Now is the time to enjoy the event! Indulge in the delicious food your guests prepared. Carry on conversations that create lasting memories. This may be a new tradition for you and your guests to enjoy for years to come!

    Think you’ll throw a National Cooking Day potluck? If so, let us know in the comments!

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