Top 25 Summer Table Decorations that Set the Mood

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Celebrate Summer with Stunning Table Settings

Elegant summer table decorations in a lush garden setting.

Ah, summer! It’s all about vibrant colors and warm gatherings, isn't it? There's nothing like setting up the perfect ambiance for a chill backyard picnic or a chic dinner under the stars. At TableclothsFactory, we’ve got you covered with an exciting range of tablecloths, table runners, chair covers, and so much more to jazz up your summer soirees. Whether you’re going for quick and easy setups with disposable tablecloths or adding a dash of elegance with delicate lace, we have all you need to make your summer parties the talk of the town. Why not dive into our top 25 summer table decorations? They're sure to dazzle your guests and add that extra sparkle to your celebrations!

Guide to Getting Started Setting a Summer Table

Rustic summer table decorations with simple floral arrangements.

Ready to give your summer gatherings a splash of style? Here’s a fun and easy guide to setting up a summer tablecloth that’s as vibrant and inviting as the season itself!

Plant Centerpieces: Nothing says summer like the lively touch of greenery and blooms at the center of your table. Go for fresh plants or bold artificial flowers to keep the vibe lively and colorful. Why not choose low arrangements that make it easy to see and chat across the table? Cute potted herbs or succulents make for charming centerpieces and can even be a little gift for your guests to take home!

Using Vivid Colors: Summer is all about those bright, happy colors. Deck out your table with table linens in shades like aqua blue, sunny yellow, or coral pink to mirror the season’s cheerfulness. You can mix these hues in tablecloths, table runners, and napkins to create a stunning backdrop for your outdoor meals.

Lace Details: For that extra touch of elegance, sprinkle in some lace details. Lay a burlap table runner or lace placemats over a plain summer tablecloth for that delicate, vintage look—perfect for romantic dinners under the stars or stylish outdoor weddings.

Outdoor Setup: Planning to dine al fresco? Choose an outdoor tablecloth that can stand up to the summer weather. Look for fabrics that are easy to clean and resist stains to keep your setting looking flawless. Throwing a laid-back picnic? Disposable tablecloths or a themed outdoor tablecloth can add a fun twist while blending seamlessly with the great outdoors.

Light and Airy Materials: It’s hot out there, so keep things cool with light, breathable materials. Cheese cloth table runners are ideal for a soft, airy feel that won’t hold the heat. They pair perfectly with disposable dinnerware, making your life easier when hosting a big group. Feel the breeze and enjoy your picturesque summer setup!

25 Summer Table Decorations!

There’s just something about this season that invites us to gather and celebrate in style. Whether you're hosting a backyard barbecue or an elegant dinner, your table setting plays a crucial role in setting the mood. Here are 25 fabulous ideas to make your summer table sparkle with personality and charm.

1. Colorful Flowers

Bright and colorful summer table decorations with tulips.

Nothing says 'party' quite like a vibrant "Garden Party" theme. Imagine layering white tablecloths with colorful table runners, and at the heart of your table, vases brimming with multicolored flowers like tulips and peonies, creating a visual feast. Around them, scatter smaller, color-coordinated artificial blooms to enhance the festive feel. This setting shines best under the sun, where natural light makes the colors pop even more!

2. Tropical Centerpiece

Lush tropical summer table decorations with vibrant florals.

Why not turn your dining area into a "Tropical Oasis"? Start with a lush green outdoor tablecloth and crown your table with a show-stopping display of tropical leaves and bright flowers like hibiscus. Tuck some LED lights beneath to add a soft glow as dusk falls. And for practicality, sprinkle some disposable tablecloths in lively prints around for an easy post-party cleanup.

3. Seashells Theme

Coastal summer table decorations with sand and seashells.

For a dip into coastal vibes, go for a "Coastal Charm" theme. Dress your table in blue table linens and a rustic burlap table runner. Along it, arrange a collection of seashells and driftwood, bringing the beach right to your backyard. Candles in tall glass holders filled with sand can set a serene seaside evening mood.

4. Sunny Citrus

Citrus zest summer table decorations with yellow tones.

Inject some zest with a "Citrus Zest" theme that’s as refreshing as a cool drink on a hot day. Lay down a yellow summer tablecloth and top it with green lace placemats. Centerpieces? Bowls filled with bright lemons, limes, and oranges, interspersed with delicate white blossoms, perfect for a day that transitions into a lively evening.

5. Nautical Blues

Nautical summer table decorations with hydrangeas and shells.

Set sail with a "Sail Away" theme, using deep blue round tablecloths and delicate white lace table runners. Adorn your table with maritime touches like rope-coiled napkin rings and scattered seashells, anchoring the nautical theme. Center it all with lanterns surrounded by blue and white hydrangeas, echoing the tranquil colors of the sea.

6. Wildflower Whimsy

Rustic summer table decorations with wildflowers and lace.

Imagine lounging in a field of dreams surrounded by wildflowers. Why not bring that vibe to your next event? Lay down a white outdoor tablecloth and toss a few lace placemats here and there for a touch that's rustic yet refined. Fill vases of all shapes and sizes with local wildflowers like daisies, lavender, and wild roses to craft a look that's eclectic and utterly carefree. Perfect for a laid-back outdoor wedding or a charming afternoon tea where you can soak in the beauty of nature.

7. Fiesta Brights

Fiesta-themed summer table decorations with bright flowers.

Ready to turn the brightness up a notch? Kick off your gathering with a "Fiesta Forever" theme. Choose vibrant, colorful disposable tablecloths and match them with lively orange and red table runners. Dangle some small, colorful paper lanterns overhead and add vibrant placemats and napkins to the mix. For centerpieces, think terracotta pots brimming with bright geraniums or sunflowers—ideal for a buzzing backyard barbecue or a festive summer birthday bash.

8. Elegant Evening

Elegant summer table decorations with soft roses and candles.

Looking for something a bit more upscale? Opt for a "Midsummer Night’s Elegance" theme. Go for round tablecloths in soothing tones like soft lavender or silver and team them with cheese cloth table runners for just the right amount of texture. Keep your centerpieces simple yet sophisticated with candles and LED lights nestled among floral arrangements of white peonies and lush greenery. This setting is just the ticket for an elegant dinner party as the sun sets, where the decor quietly complements the natural splendor of twilight.

9. Bohemian Rhapsody

Boho chic summer table decorations with eclectic florals.

Feeling a little artsy? Embrace a "Boho Chic" style with a blend of burlap table runners and sweet lace details. Start with disposable tablecloths in natural earth tones and layer them with colorful, eclectic table runners and placemats. Throw some decorative pillows around for comfy, low seating to foster a relaxed, bohemian vibe. Round it off with an array of mixed lanterns and low vases filled with wildflowers for a laid-back, artistic feel.

10. Garden Tea Party

Vintage teapots with roses for summer table decorations.

How about a genteel "Tea in the Garden"? Set the scene with pastel table linens and pristine white chair covers. Convert small, elegant teapots into vases for fresh pastel blooms like roses and hydrangeas. Add a touch of elegance with fine china and crystal glassware, making it perfect for a classy bridal shower or an exquisite afternoon tea. Lace accents and soft LED lighting will further enhance the romantic, vintage ambiance of your garden setting.

11. Beachside Banquet

Seashore summer table decorations with shells and candles.

Imagine setting up your next beachside event with a "Beachfront Bliss" theme. Picture soft blue tablecloths against white placemats, bringing the calm of the sea to your table. You can almost hear the waves as you decorate with sand, shells, and candles in clear glass, all reflecting that serene beach vibe. Throw in some driftwood and a burlap table runner, and you've nailed that rustic yet tranquil look. It's perfect for soaking in those peaceful ocean vibes during any coastal dinner.

12. Rustic Country

Rustic summer table decorations with herbs and candles.

How about going rustic for your next gathering? Design your table with a "Country Harvest" theme using natural burlap table runners atop a classic white tablecloth. Fill galvanized steel containers or wooden crates with a mix of seasonal veggies or fruits for that down-to-earth feel. It’s the ideal setting for a farm-to-table dinner or a rustic outdoor wedding, where simplicity and the beauty of nature are the stars of the show.

13. Sunset Soirée

Romantic sunset summer table decorations by the sea.

Capture the stunning warm tones of a sunset in your "Sunset Glow" themed event. Use orange and pink table runners that mirror the sky at dusk, coupled with golden candles and amber lighting to really set the mood. Add some floral arrangements with sunflowers or marigolds to celebrate the golden hour in full bloom. It’s a dreamy choice for an enchanting evening cocktail party.

14. Under the Stars

Sparkling blue summer table decorations with candlelight.

Planning a night to remember? Opt for a "Starry Night" theme. Lay down dark blue tablecloths and sprinkle them with silver star confetti to set a celestial scene. Imagine small, twinkling LED lights above and around your table, creating a magical night sky effect. Silver and crystal centerpieces will add that extra sparkle, perfect for a romantic dinner or a glamorous night-time gathering.

15. Mediterranean Feast

Mediterranean-inspired summer table decorations with fresh fruits.

Bring the vibrant colors and flavors of the Mediterranean to your table with a "Mediterranean Mosaic" theme. Deck out your setting with summer tablecloths in sea blue and earthy ochre, enhanced by table runners and placemats featuring mosaic patterns or Mediterranean motifs. Serve up dishes like terracotta plates brimming with olives, grapes, and bread, and don’t forget the lavender and fresh herbs centerpieces for that authentic sensory feast, ideal for any hearty meal or wine tasting soirée.

16. Picnic in the Park

Country picnic summer table decorations with baskets and bread.

Why not throw a charming "Park Picnic" with checkered disposable tablecloths and simple placemats? Picture a table centered with baskets brimming with fruits and freshly baked bread—it's just like the old-fashioned picnics! Go for reusable plates and cutlery to keep things eco-friendly and laid-back, making it ideal for a family day out or a relaxed catch-up with friends outdoors.

17. Floral Elegance

Elegant white orchid arrangements for summer table decorations.

For a touch of sophistication, set up an "Ethereal Floral" theme with white tablecloths and lace table runners. Imagine tall, elegant vases filled with exquisite flowers like orchids, lilies, or roses. This elegant setting is just perfect for a high tea or a special event where the flowers steal the show with their fragile beauty.

18. Vintage Vineyard

Greenery-themed summer table decorations with wine and candles.

Step back in time with a "Vintage Vine" theme. Choose deep green table linens and cheese cloth table runners for a rich, earthy foundation. Adorn your table with grapevines, corks, and wine bottles as unique centerpieces and pair them with antique-look silverware. It’s a great match for a wine tasting or a dinner where old-world charm is cherished.

19. Bright Brunch

Bright sunflower summer table decorations on a sunny day.

Light up your morning with a "Sunny Side Up" theme. Choose yellow table runners and blue placemats for a warm, welcoming vibe. Decorate your table with vases of sunflowers and citrus fruits, and use colorful dishes and disposable napkins to keep the atmosphere vibrant and festive. Perfect for a weekend brunch or a laid-back birthday breakfast.

20. Tropical Fruit Fiesta

Vibrant summer table decorations with tropical fruits and umbrellas.

Dive into vibrant colors and tastes with a "Fruit Frenzy" theme. Select bright tablecloths and table runners adorned with tropical fruit prints. Use real fruits like pineapples, mangos, and coconuts as eye-catching, colorful centerpieces. Throw in some mini umbrellas and tropical drink accessories to amp up the fun, playful vibe, ideal for a themed party or casual get-together.

21. Zen Garden

Zen garden summer table decorations with bonsai and smooth stones.

Imagine yourself in a place of peace with our "Serenity Now" setup. We've gone for minimalist white tablecloths and stone placemats that really highlight the simplicity of the setting. Picture a small sand garden with rocks and tiny bonsai trees right in the center of your table. It's not just clean and serene, it's a perfect spot for a quiet meal or a thoughtful brunch.

22. Carnival Colors

Bright summer table decorations with colorful balloons and polka dots.

Feel the buzz of a summer fair with our "Carnival Delight" theme. We use vibrant table runners and fun placemats in stripes and polka dots to capture that classic carnival vibe. Imagine having balloons, pinwheels, and little carnival games right there on your table—talk about a meal that's both playful and engaging! It's a hit for family get-togethers or a kid's birthday bash.

23. Lakeside Luncheon

Soft summer table decorations by a lake with candles and wildflowers.

Settle in for a "Lake Breeze" themed meal with soft pale blue tablecloths and delicate white lace placemats. We style it up with glass vases filled with river stones and candles that seem to float on water, bringing that lakeside essence right to your table. Whether it’s a calm lunch by the water or dinner at a lakeside hideaway, this setting is sure to soothe your soul.

24. French Country

Rustic summer table decorations with lavender and wheat in a basket.

Step into the rustic elegance of a French countryside with our "Provence Charm" theme. Think lavender and cream table linens, beautifully paired with lavender bunches, sunflowers, and dried wheat at the center. We sprinkle the setting with old-world French décor like candle holders and woven baskets to round out that sophisticated, yet homey feel. Perfect for a classy dinner with a rustic touch.

25. Island Luau

Lush summer table decorations with tropical leaves and candles.

Bring the tropical vibe to your doorstep with our "Island Getaway" theme. We lay down vibrant green tablecloths and burlap table runners for a truly natural feel. Deck out your table with tropical leaves, vivid hibiscus flowers, and bowls made from coconut shells. With Tiki torches and little lanterns scattered around, your next summer party or themed event will feel like a true island escape.

Refreshing Summer Table Decorations

Summer table decorations with tropical fruits and flowers.

Summer is really the perfect time to spruce up your dining area, whether you're hosting a lively garden party or a serene dinner by the sea. The choices you make for your table linens and decorations really set the mood and can make your gatherings even more special.

Start With The Basics:

A fabulous tablecloth is foundational. For daytime soirees, think light, breezy fabrics that feel like a breath of fresh air. Evening events? Go for deeper, richer tones to add a dash of elegance. Round tablecloths are just the thing for cozy meet-ups, and outdoor tablecloths are indispensable for any meal under the sky.

Table runners bring a touch of sophistication or fun, tailored to the vibe you're aiming for. Cheese cloth table runners lend a soft, laid-back feel, perfect for informal get-togethers, while burlap table runners can create a charmingly rustic setting outdoors.

Don't Forget The Details:

Chair covers can elevate your usual seating to blend seamlessly with your festive or chic theme. For ease at bigger parties, disposable tablecloths are your go-to for a swift clean-up.

And the pièce de résistance? The centerpiece. Whether it’s the romantic flicker of candlelight, vases brimming with fresh seasonal flowers, or innovative displays with faux blooms and twinkling LEDs, the right centerpiece can transform your table from mundane to magnificent.

Keen to explore more? Drop by TableclothsFactory for an extensive range of summer table decor essentials. They’ve got everything you need to perfect your setting for any occasion.

Elevate Your Summer Gatherings

Elegant summer table decorations at dusk with candles and flowers.

Thinking about jazzing up your summer get-togethers? It's all about setting the perfect vibe with the right tablecloths, table runners, and centerpieces. Whether it’s a lively backyard bash or a calm evening meal, swinging by TableclothsFactory will help you find just the right touches to make your events stand out. Go ahead, choose tablecloths that mirror your style and the lively spirit of summer. Then, just light some candles, and get ready for unforgettable evenings filled with good food and great company under the twinkling stars.

Written By Naomi Roberts - Updated May 14, 2024

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