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Planning and designing the details for the wedding day begins with picking wedding colors as they are the most defining features of the decor. Inspired by the couple’s personal style, seasonality, and even the venue location, a wedding color palette helps tie all the visual components and details into one cohesive theme. But with endless color combinations and choices, it’s often hard for brides and couples to narrow down the list of hues they want to incorporate in their wedding color palette—especially when there’s no actual representation of how the end result will look like. Because we all know that what works in theory might not look as great when you lay it all out!  Thus, if you’re all set to tie the knot in 2021 but are still struggling to decide on your wedding color scheme, don’t worry, we have got it covered for you! Featuring this year’s trendiest wedding colors, we’ve curated some elegant and sophisticated palettes that’ll not only help you keep up with the 2021 wedding trends but will also blend a whimsical and dreamy aura into your romantic celebrations. Don’t believe us? We have photographic evidence to prove it! Just keep on scrolling and enjoy our color inspiration boards! 

1.     Dusty Blue, Gold, & Greenery

2021 wedding color trends

Dusty blue is having a moment and we hope it doesn’t end any time soon! For couples who are trying to stray a little from the traditional pink and white hues but still want to imbue that romantic allure, this soft and whimsical dusty blue color palette with gold and green accents is the perfect trio that works for any and all seasons.

Since the tablescape is where all the wedding colors come to life, giving a graceful drape to the head table, cake table and reception tables with round and rectangle dusty blue textured table linens has helped spotlight this stunning hue in the utmost elegant fashion. Whereas, the frosted willow green leafy garlands cascading down the table ends and the ivory floral and foliage garland snaked down along the middle of the reception tables have brought in an enticing appeal that feels edgy and refreshingly modern!

With dusty blue as the main highlight of this wedding color palette and green, as expected, taking its place as the focal color, we’ve added a dash of metallic gold into the mix for a seamless transition between the hues. Gracing the tables with sleek gold metal flower stands topped with lovely ivory hydrangea bunches and foliage arrangement along with a few white and gold flameless candles perched on gold metal cage candle holders, the lustrous gold hue sings throughout the wedding design.

Because silver is no stranger to dusty blue, incorporating it sparingly into the color story will no doubt elevate the beauty of this gorgeous shade of blue tenfold. Hence, we’ve brought in our round silver diamond beaded mirrored chargers pairing them with silver hammered design plates and cutlery set for table settings that’ll gloriously reflect the dusty blue tones off the tablecloth while also adding a glistening shimmer to the tabletop decor.

2.     Shades of Blue

2021 wedding color trends

Often understated but intrinsically a statement color, blue is such a spot-on pick for a tonal color palette if you’re looking for a color scheme that doesn’t include a whole lot of different colors. With an impressive range of tints, from soothing light blues to deeper navy blue and midnight hues, the sky is the limit when it comes to shade pairings and you can never go wrong with any of them!

The many variations of this tranquil hue can be incorporated in all aspects of the wedding design to add the mesmeric visual interest that most couples seek for. But one aspect that truly makes this wedding color stand out among all the wedding decor elements is the table and chair linens. Thus, we’ve laid the base for the tables with light blue polyester tablecloths and outfitted the chairs using dusty blue chiffon chair sashes that harmonized flawlessly with the white curtain backdrop and greenery foliage garlands and sprigs.

Moreover, while the gorgeous navy blue runner oozed a majestic appeal when pleated along the middle of the head table and the shimmering navy blue organza wine bags holding the wine and water bottles added a much needed darker tone to the all-blue wedding color story, the dusty blue satin napkins that were adorned with sparkly pearl and rhinestone brooches pulled all the various shades together for a charming and serene wedding design.

3.     Dusty Rose, Burgundy, & Rose Gold

2021 wedding color trends

We’re calling it now—the dusty rose is the new blush. So all the brides who are thinking of the mainstream blush hue as their main wedding color only because of its ultimate romantic appeal, think again! Boasting a dreamy aura with a hint of grace and sophistication, dusty rose has become a major player in the hottest wedding trends in the last couple of months and is expected to become only bigger in 2021!

Although, this subtle toned pink hue pairs well with almost every color on the spectrum, we’ve coupled it with the all-time favorite burgundy and gleaming rose gold tones creating a wedding color scheme that’ll exude an elegant yet posh allure all around. Starting off with the floral arrangements, we’ve bunched up some burgundy, rose gold, and dusty rose-colored silk peonies and rosebuds together and added pops of warm neutral shades using artificial ivory peonies along with lush green foliage stems that have highlighted the base wedding colors even more.

However, to build drama and glamour into the wedding design, we’ve introduced the alluring floral decorations to our tall rose gold flower ball stands and chose our reef textured rose gold-colored chargers for the place settings. While the single green sprig stylishly positioned on top of the folded dusty rose linen napkin was enough to tie all the decor elements together, the dusty rose satin chair covers were what reinforced the featured color in the reception decor.

With the top trending wedding colors gracing these color palettes, these pairings are sure to work for every season. Did you find a blend that’ll add color to your love story? Please let us know your thoughts about these combinations and inspirations in the comments section below!

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