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When April is knocking on your door, it’s hard not to let it in. In our opinion, the best way to usher the seasonal charm into any space is to decorate it with natural elements. Since the lion’s share of natural décor loses its fresh look too fast, we’ve got you covered with our Natural Moss Line, which offers a variety of accessories that will please your eyes all year round as if they are made from faux materials.


When winter eventually gives way to spring, it’s a perfect opportunity to refresh your front door with a stylish wreath. In case you are not a jack-of-all-trades at heart or just too short on schedule for making a wreath from scratch, our natural twig & preserved moss wreath is exactly what you need. Artistically crafted from natural twigs and preserved moss, this wreath offers natural appearance and life-like texture. Depending on how much moss you want to see on your wreath, you can choose from our natural twig & preserved moss wreath and green preserved moss wreath with twig wraps. Regardless of color and style, all our natural wreaths can be displayed as they are or used as a nice foundation for your future wreaths – just feel free to style them with our silk flowers, artificial butterflies, succulents, dried fruits, fairy lights, and ribbons to give them that seasonal flair. Whichever idea crosses your mind, you can traditionally hang our wreaths from your doorway to welcome your invitees, use them to style your mantelpiece, or utilize them as a candle ring atop our wooden slabs.


Whether you are planning a Bohemian-style event, or your tablescape lacks an eye-catching décor piece, a traditional glass vase full of blossoms won’t be enough. At the same time, our freshly launched selection of preserved moss planters will elevate any setup to the next level of sophistication. Available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles, our stylish planters will beautifully complement any surroundings. To this end, if you want your centerpiece to reflect a certain theme, we are at your service with our teacup planters, boot boxes, and star-shaped planters, to name just a few.

In case there is an Easter party on the horizon, you should take our rustic bird nest planters into consideration – made from natural twigs and moss, these lovely planters are exact replicas of bird nests; the lovely tokens of spring!. You can use them as planters for your florals or fill them with Easter eggs, stones, pearls, or small artificial birds to go even further with your bird nest theme.

Runners & Rolls

Probably, a sunlit meadow is the first thing that crosses your mind when you think of the spring season. Even if the nearest meadows still haven’t put on their “springtime suits”, you can easily recreate one on your tabletop by styling it with our moss table runners. Featuring fine preserved moss atop a thin fishnet grid, our runners will instantly infuse your space with a spring feel and an earthy charm. Due to their fine construction, our moss runners are easy to cut and shape according to your preferences and needs. They will look perfect atop a bare rustic wooden table or a lace tablecloth. Whichever foundation you choose, don’t forget to accessorize our runners with matching flower heads, moss balls, pine cones, wooden slabs, or petals to recreate that refreshing flair of a sunlit meadow in the early spring morning. Carry on with your moss theme by creating charming placemats from our moss rolls or by styling your centerpieces with our moss ribbons.

Moss Fillers

Are you looking to show some appreciation to your guests with keepsakes in lovely favor boxes? There is no doubt that some additional favor box fillers will add to the charm of your mementos. How about our moss grass fillers? Crafted from preserved fine fescue grass, these favor box fillers can add a woodsy charm to whatever applied. In accordance with your theme color, it’s highly recommended to choose from our green, white, charcoal, and natural gift box fillers. Whether you are going to give out favors or not, these moss fillers will look amazing atop your table. It’s highly recommended to shape them into bird nests, which can be further filled with pearls, Easter eggs, gems, or flower heads.


Is your tablescape ready to steal the show? Don’t rush! – adding a couple of finishing accents will never hurt. For example, you can scatter around our handmade natural gold glittered twig rattan balls. Made from natural preserved moss with gold accents, these tantalizing scatters will tie together gold and moss decorations on your table. Meanwhile, our sets of assorted vase fillers, which feature mismatched pine cones and pieces of bark, will take your fall setups to the next level – you can scatter them atop your moss runner, use them to fill your vases, style your napkins, backdrops, chair sashes, or whatever you find interesting.

Since all the accessories from our freshly launched Moss Line are crafted from natural materials, they are 100% eco-friendly in spite of the fact that they can maintain their fresh appearance for a long time. Furthermore, they give a lot of space for creativity and can be used within a plethora of themes. So, what about you? What do you think about our preserved moss products? How would you use them within your theme? Or maybe, you are already using them? Please tell us about your ideas and share photos of your setups with our moss in the comments below!

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