What Are The Best Artificial Ivy Plants For Decoration?

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Brighten up your home and event decor with plants that instantly elevate and revitalize the overall ambiance. But maintaining fresh plants is often difficult as they require a lot of care and attention, thus artificial plants are an ideal choice to add a lively appeal to your decor. They not only look real but are also durable, affordable, versatile, and stress-free as compared to natural plants. If you want to design interesting decorations with plants, select faux vines to create wreaths, cover the ceilings and backdrops, decorate tabletops, and enhance your flower decor to impart scenic beauty to your party space.

Artificial ivy is a perfect solution for all your decor purposes and it can be positioned anywhere with ease to impart a natural colorful allure to the ambiance. Now, you might be thinking what is the best artificial ivy? The main aspects to consider when choosing fake ivy decorations are the quality of the material and UV protectant used to make sure they look realistic. Below we’ve listed important points related to fake vines to guide you more about them so keep reading!

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Charming Artificial Ivy Decor

Imbue a refreshing flair into your party space with charming artificial ivy decor. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, baby shower, wedding ceremony, bridal shower, or any other festivity, add a lively and ethereal vibe to the ambiance using artificial ivy vines or wall panels. You can create dazzling backdrops, adorn the ceilings, and spread them on the event tables to impart a majestic allure to the decor. Here are some creative ideas to stylishly decorate your event space with vines.

Liven Up Your Wedding Décor

If you want to design an eye-catching backdrop for your wedding festivity, set white sheer curtains on a wooden square arch stand and intensify its charm by creatively hanging green real touch artificial ivy leaf garlands on top of the curtains for a captivating display. Also, cover the ceiling of your venue with white sheer ceiling drapes along with green real touch artificial ivy leaf garlands generating an interesting visual appeal. Moreover, add an oomph factor to the wedding table decor by arranging artificial green ivy leaf vines with fairy string lights at the center of the tables to exude glimmer and shimmer.

Add An Idyllic Touch To Your Baby Shower

Whereas, ooze elegance into your outdoor garden-themed baby shower by installing assorted artificial ivy mix greenery wall panels on a round backdrop stand and arrange gorgeous flowers on the top along with a ‘’oh baby’’ neon sign placed in the middle for an eye-catching display. Further, augment the visual aesthetics by dangling bulb string lights all over the venue along with green real touch artificial ivy leaf garlands and metal weave basket candle lanterns to add a dreamy allure to the decor.

Benefits Of Using Faux Vines

There are many benefits of using artificial vines as they are a perfect alternative to natural vines. They are an effortless and stress-free way to add greenery and liveliness to the surroundings.  Moreover, faux vines are durable and undying, and you can use them as many times as you want to add a pop of color to the venue. They look beautiful and eye-catching and come with a bendable stem so you can easily use them to design scintillating decor pieces.

Do Fake Vines Look Good?

Faux vines mimic the appearance of fresh plants and it is often difficult to differentiate between artificial and real. They add a sophisticated and serene touch to the environment and take your decor up by manifolds. However, you should avoid vines that are extra shiny, have dew drops, or if all the leaves are of the same size as it’ll make them look unrealistic.

Give a fresh appeal to your event space by decorating it with artificial vines that are easy to use and are cost efficient as well. Keeping these tips in mind you’ll be able to select the best artificial ivy decorations for your party decor. Do give us your feedback about the blog in the comment box below!

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