What Are The Best Wall Flowers For Decoration?

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Flower decoration is one of the most important design elements when planning any festive occasion like a birthday, baby shower, wedding, or even a formal dinner at home with family and friends. Indeed, we all love fresh flowers as they instantly add natural beauty to the event decor with indefinite well-being attributes. It’s hard to resist the immense array of vibrant blooms that spring brings but with the high cost and short life span, these are hard to keep fresh and alive for a long time as compared to the artificial flowers that are not only cost-effective but with little care, they last as long as you want. Apart from flower bunches and floral showpieces, flower walls are a new trend to create alluring wedding backdrops as lively blooms clustered together into a wall will instantly transform your large event décor from drab to fab, inviting your guests to capture the lovely moments to be cherished for long. These eye-catching flower walls are easy to create and guaranteed to look gorgeous. If you have already decided on a wall floral display for your upcoming large event décor but are still undecided about what are the best wall flowers, then visit Tableclothsfactory to shop for the best artificial wall flowers that are available in vivacious hues and replicate the look of the real ones. Before you get carried away with the beauty of our faux wall flowers, let us fill you in with some simple yet useful info so when you search for faux flowers, you can pick the finest ones for elegant event decoration.

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What Are Wall Flowers Called?

Although there is no match to the beauty and liveliness of natural flowers, artificial flowers on the other hand when picked from the right place and arranged as per the event’s overall theme add a splash of colors to your event wall and last longer with the same beauty and elegance. With wall murals, wall decals, or flower wall décor, you can effortlessly change the appearance of your venue's simple walls and create a lively photo backdrop to capture the beautiful smiles and merry moments of your memorable event. If you are looking for top-notch floral décor accents to take your large event décor to new heights, check out our wall décor flowers and accessories and choose the ones that you adore the most. 

Phenomenal Walls With Wall Mat Panels

Flowers are one of the must-have add-ons especially when it comes to large event décor. If you are one of those who take care of even the minute details and trends while planning the floral display of the event, then our ready-made wall mat panels would be the perfect choice as they can easily be attached to any arrangement, are easily bendable, and can be trimmed as per your need and space. These unmatchable lifelike screens having the super soft touch, sheen, and shine of silk flowers will create a gushing effect with their brilliant finish. Beautify your bare walls with a couple of bold and beautiful panels combined to create visually stunning décor which will surely get all the likes and praises from your invitees. If you love colorful wall art, then our assorted flower wall panels would be the perfect fit to give a fresh and realistic appeal to your plain walls. The contrasting shades and varying sizes of roses, hydrangeas, and peonies together form a mesmerizing wall display that will surely attract everyone’s attention.  

Ooze Joy And Color With Giant Foam Flowers

Joyous occasions are never complete without the addition of appealing florals. Giving a facelift to your plain walls has been much easier with the new floral wall trends as now all you need to do to turn your walls from simple to gorgeous is deck them with some bold and beautiful faux flowers. Our oversized foam flowers are one of the most popular choices for photo booths, ceremony backdrops, or even at the entrance as they not only seamlessly mimic the look of real blooms but also alluringly work as a marvelous décor accent. For a mix and match of colors and textures, pair up these foam flowers with our silk and paper flowers. Easy to use with adhesive glue dots, our lifelike flowers can be reused multiple times over our moss sheets for both, small-scale and large event décor.

Indeed, decorating your walls with pretty artificial flowers can be stunning only if you know the art of picking and placing them rightly. At Tableclothsfactory, you will definitely find the best wall décor flowers and ready-to-use wall mat panels to upgrade your walls in style. Let us know about your favorite blooms in the comment section below.     

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