What Are The Colors For Spring and Summer 2021?

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Spring summer weddings are one of those weddings where you can theme, style and color your venue with the magical pastels and bold spring wedding colors. During this time the world is painted in amazing shades and hence gives the spring summer weddings a mesmerizing and captivating allure. Drawing inspiration from the surroundings the late spring wedding colors are so unique and unusual that they instantly pop an air of freshness into your special day. When it’s about planning a spring summer wedding it’s not easy to decide about, ‘’What are the colors for spring and summer 2021?’’ among those great hues that the nature is providing. So, if you’re planning a spring summer wedding and are confused on what’s new and classic, check out the following spring wedding colors schemes that we have nominated and get inspired in the most cheerful way.

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Natural Green & White

Having a natural and earthy theme wedding is in fashion these days and if you have planned a spring summer wedding than, pick organic green and white as your spring wedding colors. The combination of this beautiful spring wedding colors will exude gorgeous natural vibes, giving your organic, garden and backyard spring wedding venue a magnificent charisma of pretty whites and stunning natural greens. To help you ooze those natural sensation into your spring summer wedding, we offer our incredible collection of green & white color line, from where you can pick the spring summer wedding color of your choice. Incorporate plenty of greenery along with airy white fabric, patterns and wooden features to give your spring summer wedding a lovely green landscape and elevate the overall aesthetics of your special day.

Indigo, Purple Rose & Eggplant

Wedding colors for spring and summer are always on the bold and brighter side, the bright sunny season along with the boundless floral gives you the most wonderful feel of choosing the spring wedding colors. Adding a dash of freshness and vibrancy, the late spring early summer wedding colors offers stunning combos like tropical spring wedding colors to chic pastels or neutrals. To give your bright soul a cheerful spring wedding color palette, we suggest opting for some dramatic shades of purple, like indigo lavender, purple rose and eggplant and make one-of-a-kind spring wedding color combination. Since, pastels are considered as the popular spring wedding colors, but having light & dark shades of purple will give your wedding colors for spring summers a splendid allure.

Fuchsia, Yellow & Bright Red

We all know that late spring early summer wedding colors are more on the brighter side, so try infusing fuchsia, yellow and bright hues of reds to brighten up your spring wedding colors game plan. For your spring summer wedding 2021, exude energetic vibes by creating a modern spring wedding colors combination, opt for yellow and bright red and fill your space with brightness. Picking Fuchsia as your spring wedding color can be a great choice too and coupling it with shiny orange, lime green, sage green, grey and brown will give your spring summer wedding venue an upbeat and energizing feel.

Silver & Blue

Love all things sparkling and twinkling? Well, pick silver and make some of the most amazing spring wedding colors palettes by blending it with spring summer wedding colors. While choosing color for a wedding, blue holds a special place as it is an emblem of purity and devotion. Comes in a variety of shades like royal, serenity blue, navy, turquoise, light blue & teal, this classic spring wedding color will warm up your spring summer wedding in the most dazzling way. For a beach spring summer wedding, this beautiful spring wedding colors palette will give your venue a cool ocean feel. Bring more charisma into your spring summer wedding by infusing white fabric and some sparkling adornments like silver organza sashes, pearl string & royal blue silk roses with wired pearl embellishment to dress up your chairs and candelabras holding blue flowers and ingeniously highlight the beauty of your spring summer wedding.


As you can see, the spring wedding colors are so mesmerizing and appealing that you definitely would want to have them in your spring summer wedding. We hope that your quest for, What are the colors for spring and summer 2021?’’ is over now. Do let us know about your thoughts about our selection in the box below!

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