What Are The Different Types Of Studio Lighting?

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There is no denying the fact that good lighting is all you need to capture the scenic beauty of any place. Photographs taken under proper lighting have an outclass look and feel that cannot be compared with the one taken from a normal camera. For those who love taking pictures and want them to look like a professionals’ work, there are some technicalities that they have to follow. A professional photograph cannot be taken without studio lighting, and there are some special equipment and lighting kits without which no professional shoot can be conducted. With the advancement in the field of technology, the elegant lighting has also taken a step ahead by becoming portable; yes studio lighting is not confined to a studio anymore, which means you can create natural lighting effects anywhere you want. Before you get your hands on photography lighting, first learn about studio lighting and what are the three types of studio lighting? We have rounded up some key pointer about studio lighting, read along and learn how to take professional photographs.


What Are The Lights In A Studio Called?

Studio lighting is used by professional photographers in their studios to enhance their photography. For those who want to get professional like photographs, first learn, ‘what are the lights in a studio called?’ as it will help you set up the best equipment and achieve that professional look. 

Key Lights

Key lights are the main source of lights in a studio and therefore their intensity is the highest among the other lights used there. This bright lighting drops straight on the face of the subject irrespective of where he/she is standing and perfectly shapes the image. We offer our bright strobe spotlights, stage uplights, landscape spotlights, string light bulbs, and strobe spotlights with dual mode that can be used as key lights.

Fill Lights

The shadow that is caused by other lights, especially the key lights needs to get filled and for that fill lights are used. While shooting in the studio make sure to diffuse the lighting so that you get the best image. Choose our sunset spotlight lamp, white strobe light, or mini strobe lights, as fill lights that come with remote control and adjust the light whenever it is necessary.

Hair Light

Another important lighting in the studio is called the hair light that is used for separation. This studio lighting is placed at the top of the subject’s head so that the depth in the image can be created. Our boom arm hairlight softbox offers maximum support and is an ideal addition in professional studio lighting photography. This lighting is positioned straight above and slightly behind the subject’s head and the boom arm helps in making the lights, reflectors, and flags position better above the subject matter as well as brighten your arrangement from new and exciting angles.

Types Of Studio Lighting

While having a professional shoot in the studio you must know everything about the studio lighting, especially the three major types of studio lighting that are most commonly used. Read below to learn more about the types of lighting used in the studio:

Strobe lighting is known as one of the popular studio lightings that emanates a bright surge of light and flashes only when the camera is fired. This studio lighting helps give your photographs a surreal stroboscopic effect. We at tableclothsfactory offer, 10 watt white strobe spotlights, 108 LED 25 watt strobe lights, mini strobe lights, or 15 watt strobe flash lights that are made of hard plastic casing that protect against weather changes. This flash lighting has adjustable shade pivots that allow you to direct the light where you need it the most; moreover, this elegant lighting has a handle attached that makes it easy to operate.

Continuous lighting doesn’t flash on and off as you take photos, in fact, they continuously work to illume the subject. Our Softbox Lighting Kit will give bright lamination for shooting your photos and will save energy up to 80%. Adjusting the lighting in the studio is a key factor to get perfect images, so use this continuous studio lighting with our photography photo portrait studio 400W daylight white umbrella continuous lighting kit. The soft white translucent umbrella in the kit will help in softening, broadening, and diffusing the light out.

The small flashlights used in and out of the studio are called the speedlights, this studio lighting produce a short burst of flash that is faster than an average camera flash. This flash lighting is paired with umbrellas and softboxes and is handy, light weighted, which makes it ideal for temporary photography studios, remote shoots, still photography, fast action shots, or product photography. We offer our photo photography studio lighting light tent kit that comes with high quality LED light with a stand and a portable camera camcorder tripod stand to let you enjoy taking top class photos anywhere as it has space saving and flexibility features.

Types Of Studio Lighting Equipment

To get the best photographs and to keep things in control, elegant lighting and proper studio equipment are needed in a studio. We offer our 2400 watt softbox photo studio continuous lighting kit with boom arm hairlight softbox that comes with a high quality light stand, softbox light holder, photography boom arm, stand & sandbag combo, photo studio softbox reflector with holder, & full spectrum light bulb to give you a professional like image. Our 8ftx10ft adjustable photography backdrop stand kit that comes with 2 free backdrops will give your backdrops a strong support. To make your photos a masterwork, opt for our photo portrait studio lighting equipment that comes with light stands, light bulb holder, soft umbrella reflector, fluorescent daylight balanced photo light bulb, 6Ft×9Ft (black, green, white) backdrops & backdrop support stand with 10 Ft. crossbar. For taking pictures of products like a professional, choose our tabletop photo photography studio lighting light tent kit in a box and leave people overwhelmed with the superior lighting quality.

Polish your photography skills and make the best use of proper studio lighting to get your desired result. At tableclothsfactory, you will find some amazing studio lighting equipment for sale and decorative lights that are suitable for all level photographers. Hopefully, this blog post was helpful enough in making you understand what studio lighting is and how good it is? So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to click. We would be looking forward to your comments in the box below!

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