What Are The Different Types Of Wedding Themes?

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Your wedding is no doubt one of the most momentous occasions of your life. It is quite natural to experience mixed feelings of ‘excitement and anxiety’ as organizing a wedding party is not a child’s play. The novelty and extent of the affair add to the enthusiasm and nervousness. However, if you plan and pay a little attention to minor details, you would definitely sail through. Begin with selecting a theme for the big day as everything else is dependent on your wedding theme. So, it is important to know what are the different types of wedding themes. Focus on other vital things like Wedding Decoration Checklist once you zero in on your wedding theme.

Wedding decoration checklist

You must address the question what are the different types of wedding themes in the beginning as it helps you to find the appropriate theme for your wedding. For those who have no clue about the type of wedding themes that exist, we have compiled a list of wedding themes that are in vogue. As Wedding Decoration Checklist guarantees all components of a specific style have been covered, we have also presented Wedding Decoration Checklist based on each theme.  

Country Themed Wedding

If you are keen on holding a rural style wedding and wondering if you need to move to a village for this type of wedding, the answer is that you need not do anything like that. All you need to do for such a type of wedding is that you have to infuse rural charm in the wedding venue through Rustic Wedding Decoration. An exquisite rural wedding theme may have rustic accents alongside light fixtures all through the event. To create perfect rustic wedding theme, opt for Burlap Aisle Runner, Jute Tablecloth, Gingham Linens,  Rustic Burlap Ribbons, Ivory Satin Table Runner, Pink Satin Table Runner, and Clear Wedding Champagne Flutes. Decoration Checklist for country themed wedding includes: Centerpieces, Table Runners, Table Garland, Chandeliers, and Dinnerware.

Garden Themed Wedding               

Garden themed wedding is for your favoured laid-back style and Spring & Summer is the ideal time to hold such kind of weddings. Gather decorations like Eucalyptus Vines, Faux Green Foliage, Wooden Arch, Organza Curtain Panel, and more if you have garden theme in mind.  Decoration Checklist for this type of wedding includes: Artificial Flowers, Hanging Vines, Green Foliage, Decorative Pots, and Mats.

Beach Themed Wedding

People usually prefer to hold the Beach theme wedding near the coastline, but if it is not possible for you to do so, you can simply import the maritime vibes to your wedding scene with reliable nautical theme decorations. Spread out all things that are roused by the beach front waves and emit seaside charm. For the coastal wedding, all elements, right from seats to inflatables, need to tie up perfectly with the peaceful atmosphere of the area. Blue Hand Throw Streamer, Blue Scalloped Tulle Circles, Reef Charger Plates, Mermaid Scale Plates, Seashell Table Scatters, Seashell Assortments, and Blue Tulle Fabric Bolt are some of the items that you can use to impart coastal look to your wedding. Decoration Checklist for Beach Wedding includes Wedding Arch, Ceremony Backdrop, Tablescape, Chair Décor, Display Boards, and Curtains.

Fairy-tale Wedding Theme

You need to create an ethereal realm for a fairy-tale wedding theme as it would make visitors feel being transferred to a wonderland the moment they arrive at the venue. For the fairy tale effect, you may try the following: Place lots of colorful flowers and candle holders at focus points, use pony-drawn carriages to carry visitors to the main venue, and let hosts dressed in colorful gowns welcome the guests at the entrance and direct them to their seats. Place a bunch of Carnation Flowers, Silk Rose Buds, and Peacock Special Craft Lilies at strategic points to intensify the mood of the partygoers. Light elegant metal candle holders to brighten up the entire space. Wedding Decoration Checklist for Fairy-tale Wedding includes Welcome Sign, Aisle Decorations, Aisle Runner, Ceremony Table, and Candle Stands, Cinderella Carriages, Crown Cake Toppers, Cinderella Slipper, and Favor Boxes

As Wedding Decoration helps a great deal in executing a wedding celebration, it is crucial to prepare it for the big day of your life. If there is a wedding around the corner, you can try any of the above wedding themes. On the other hand, you may reflect for a while and come up with something unique to transform your wedding celebration into one of the most unforgettable events of your life. 

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