What Can Be Displayed On A Cake Stand?

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Do you have a cake stand that has been gathering dust on the shelf, but you’re willing to put it to good use? Are you thinking about what can I display on a cake stand? There’s nothing that can stop you from living your passion if you’re a creative addict who loves to use fancy cake stands for displaying flowers, candles, beverages, household essentials, and much more than just using them for sweet delicacies. Cake stands hold a special place in our hearts no matter how we use them. These pretty accent pieces can do wonders to your décor only if you know the right places to fit them in. Don’t just limit a cake stand to your cupboard waiting for a party as we have some amazing ideas for you to uniquely display different accents. Opt for your favorite cake stands from our amazing collection and breathe life into your imagination to make a standout statement.

Cake Stands

Group Succulents Under A Dome

Even a simple cake stand with dome can elevate your display to a whole new level of grandeur. Group some mini succulents pots together on the serving platter of our glass cake stand and let the transparency of the dome impart an elite shine to your beautiful arrangement. Fill the spaces in between the small pots with preserved green moss and secure the mini whimsical garden by covering it up with the dome. You’ll be amazed how everything pulls together perfectly, exuding a mesmerizing look and feel with the addition of only a few accents.

Enchanting Florals

Flowers speak a beautiful language of love, delightfulness, and beauty we can all comprehend very well. These cheerful accents can transform the entire look and feel of your cake display by adding hints of color and texture in the form of a beautiful, luscious floral arrangement. For instance, you can elevate a tiered cake stand to a whole new level of magnificence by displaying a few florals with your sumptuous desserts or create an elegant floral masterpiece by arranging hydrangeas, peonies, and roses along with some white plume ostrich feathers to fully cover a white cake stand.

Magical Candle Display

Candles and florals are something decorators always have their eye on. It is a lot more convenient to add a few of these appealing accents to create a breathtaking masterpiece rather than spending the big bucks for imbuing that perfect decorative flair into your décor. Our gold cake stand is something you’ll love decorating with lots of candles to add warmth and beauty to the surroundings.  Group some clear glass votive candles and place them atop each tier of our 3 tier black rustic cake stand or arrange candles of different sizes and shapes on top of our gold crystal beaded cake stand to infuse the right dose of gleaming radiance into your magical candle display.

Pretty Cake Toppers

Setting up a dessert station with cake stands of different sizes adds interesting dimensions accentuating your cake display to the next level. Bring in a few more textural elements to complement your setup and add a glamorous appeal to your arrangement. Display your sumptuous treats on our cardboard cupcake stands and top them with lots of gold butterfly decals fluttering around. Use gold rhinestone letters to bring focus to your sumptuous treats and keep one of the cake stands reserved for the royal crown cake topper to gracefully sit on top.

Coffee Bar

Your coffee essentials would look adorable when placed on a cake stand along with some floral accents or greenery creating a classy coffee station. This pretty little grouping of daily essentials on a cake stand is a win-win décor style statement to make you tempt for an after-dinner cappuccino even more.

Kitchen Essentials

A kitchen organizer is one of the most popular ways people think of using a cake stand for. The idea behind this is to put these useful décor accents to good use without having to wait for a special occasion. Organize soaps and scrub brushes along with a small flower vase and a flameless candle onto our clear acrylic cake stand to create a warm and welcoming space. You may also keep the stands with other dishes on open kitchen shelves to organize all your essentials in place.

Now, that you have plenty of ideas to redecorate your cake stands for an aesthetically pleasing display of various accents, let us know what you’d use your favorite cake stand for? Please leave a comment and inspire us with your creative ideas.

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