What Colors Should You Not Wear To A Wedding?

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Weddings are all about joy, pleasure, delight and obviously a lot of planning. It’s always difficult to choose the ideal wedding color scheme for your attire which helps you blend with the rest of the guests yet let you look stylish and attractive in your own fashion. Whether you are to attend your best friend’s big day or invited to a formal wedding, your ultimate goal is to blend yourself with the surroundings and let the bride sparkle as after all it’s her day and she has all the rights to remain the center of attention till the celebrations end. With changing trends, there are endless possibilities of color and styling for the guests wedding attire but still there are few shades to be avoided while picking the right wedding color scheme. If you find yourself delving through your closet, trying to pick out the perfect dress to wear on an upcoming wedding but still wondering about what colors should you not wear to a wedding, worry not; We have researched and rounded up few wedding colors that you must avoid as a wedding guest to make an elegant and impactful presence.

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Say No To These Colors:


There is no doubt that white represents purity and simplicity and often seems like a blank slate, signifying a new beginning so let it be reserved for the bride only. Although white is the most elegant color but wedding season invites you to be more lively and delightful by choosing some vibrant hues like gleaming shades of pink. Until and unless you are advised to wear white by the couple, keep your favorite white aside and opt for some fascinating substitutes like a slip dress styled elegantly using our pink satin fabric which will surely leave you cheerful with a lot of approving compliments. There is no better alternative of white than dreamy pink for an elusive wedding color scheme. Besides pink, some similar shades in pink family that will surely make you look and feel alluring are rose gold, blush, mauve, dusty rose, peach, and rose quartz. 


Although Black is associated with power and sophistication but choosing this hue is rather not suggested for guest attire. Black is often associated with grief and can be taken as a faux pass for the sprightly occasion like wedding. This dark hue attracts a lot of sun and might leave you in sweat before the ceremony is over. Try out something unique and stylish this wedding season with an expanded color scheme. Our dusty rose satin silk fabric would surely be your perfect choice for a camisole midi dress. A lace-up back with double spaghetti straps, this chic dress made with the finest fabric will let you look superb and stylish. Look stunning for the special occasion by adorning yourself with the right accessories to compliment your outfit and enjoy the event to its fullest.


Dressing up aptly for the wedding of your loved ones shows you are equally joyful for their union. Keeping the wedding theme, weather and the venue in mind help you choose the right color outfit. For the spring inspired wedding, keep your neon and overly expressive attires aside and let the nature play alone with vibrancy to spread radiance. Choose outfits in cool pastel shades that will flawlessly balance the vibrant floral arrangements of spring wedding. Choose our royal blue satin or lavender satin fabric for an impeccable asymmetric silk dress which exudes a total wedding vibe. Augment your beauty with matching heels, spotless make-up and dazzling jewelry to treat yourself with just the right looks for the event.


Pro tip: Before you finalize your wedding outfit with a perfect color, try to look for a dress code in the wedding invite, know the couple’s taste and consider the weather.  


While thinking to pick your wedding dress color as a guest, try picking shades that help you merge with everyone while not taking away the spotlight from the bride as this is bride’s day and she deserves to be the epicenter of charm and beauty for the entire program. Share your innovative inspirations of exclusive color dress you have chosen to wear in the upcoming wedding you are invited to.                              


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