What Decorations Do You Need For A Backyard Wedding?

Weddings are all about fun, love, intimacy and of course great planning. Backyard weddings surely are more convenient, creative and above all budget-friendly. It is all about sharing your home with your friends and family and accommodating your diverse guest list by making them feel comfortable as after all there is no place lovelier than home. The best part of having a backyard wedding is that you can transform it according to your own style and creativity. Backyard wedding decorations play a major role in setting up the overall tone of your wedding and blending the rest of the details accordingly. Carefully chosen décor ideas can make your at-home wedding engaging and exceptionally sophisticated. There are endless possibilities other than only creating rustic vibes when it comes to a fall backyard wedding. The venue can be transformed into an alluring intimate spot with your imaginations and inspirations and some low budget DIY backyard wedding decorations ideas. Do you want to enjoy the freedom of getting creative with a limited budget but wondering how do you do a cheap backyard wedding? Then keep on reading to discover some fresh backyard wedding decorations ideas for your upcoming nuptial.

backyard wedding decorations

Create an Enticing Entrance Way

Your striking appearance down the aisle is one of the most viewed scenes of your wedding ceremony.  To create an exceptional entry and of course a memorable exit as newlywed, you must pay extra attention to your aisle décor. Our glittery wedding aisle runner will instantly transform the plain grassy ground into an alluring entry-way. Available in vibrant colors to match your love story, these shimmery aisle runners are a great way of adding an instant visual appeal. To augment romance and class, have the satin silk rose petals along both the sides of the aisle. Bring a design element to the ground by lining the aisle with greenery or candles. Placing small silk flower arrangement at every row will surely give your guests that wow- factor as they look forward to the ceremony. You can also look for some perfect additions like wedding columnspedestal floral vase and pillars to compliment your backyard wedding settings and create your own regal entry which will be remembered for long.

Light Up The Outdoors with Luminous LEDs!

 Glamorous lightning is one of the details to be taken into consideration while planning backyard wedding. Even if your home is not furnished with bright outdoor lightening, still you can make the property shine without breaking the bank. The best way to create the romantic ambiance is to explore the wide range of event lighting offered at our online store.  Say “I do” and let everyone hear it with stunning marquee letter lights. Whether you want to highlight the couple’s initials, or use them to express your love in your own intimate way, these bold visuals will add festivity and illumination to your backyard wedding decorations. Create magical glowing corners at the venue with curtain fairy lights for visual appeals. Select from our festive collection of LED lights, string LED lights and fairy Led string lights to add extra illumination and dreamy vibes to your backyard wedding décor.     

Carve Lasting Memories with Backdrop & Balloons!

 Backyard wedding is all about bringing friends and family together in a perfect frame. Create a mesmerizing photo booth to keep your guests entertained till the party ends. Our hexagonal metallic arch when paired with lush greenery will let you capture the most beautiful moments of the day which will be cherished for long. Our vibrant balloons would be a great addition to bring an element of fun and beauty to your lovely clicks. Easy to assemble and handle, this classic photo booth can be repurposed as an elegant décor piece in your new home and will surely bring back some intimate memories from your big day. Choose your preferred spot to place our heptagonal photo booth, and let everyone capture the lovely moments and create lasting memories.

These backyard wedding decoration ideas are simple, easy, and quick to launch. With the right decoration supplies and a pinch of creativity and inspiration, you can effortlessly set up an amazing wedding venue at your backyard for cheap. Are there any other interesting ways the backyard weddings can be celebrated without breaking the banks? Do share your valuable suggestions in the comments section below!

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