What Do the Colors of a Sand Ceremony Mean?

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A ceremony where many loved ones come together to wish the union of two hearts is called marriage. And this is where some unique rituals with deep meanings take place when everyone is surrounded by smile and love. One such lovely tradition with deep meaning is the wedding sand ceremony.  Also known as the unity sand ceremony, this ritual is done by pouring various colored sand from two different containers into one either only by the couple or at times along with their parents. So, what do the colors of a sand ceremony mean? The ritual means that the couple decide to live in unity with each other accepting each other’s individuality and uniqueness. And we at tableclothsfactory have a wide range of special décor products which portray love and bonding needed for the wedding sand ceremony.

wedding sand ceremony

Difference of Characters, Uniqueness of Personalities

Trying to understand the meaning of wedding sand ceremony makes the couple understand about each other eventually. The bride and the groom carry two different containers to perform the ritual which actually represent their uniqueness and differences and they pour colored sand from them into one container which depicts the union of marriage. But what do the colors of a sand ceremony mean? The different sets of characteristic features and traits that human life portrays is the meaning of this ceremony. Even the containers that are part of the wedding sand ceremony need not be identical as the bride and groom can carry different containers with them showcasing their uniqueness such as the Apothecary glass candy jars with lids or the clear long stem cylinder glass vase. These add a sense of chicness along with the couple’s uniqueness and also portray the lovely hues of the sands because of their crystal clarity. The containers come with tight sealing lids which represent the fact that marriage seals the separate personalities of the couple within one union. The unity sands from the ceremony can later be used as a memorable keepsake of the couple’s big day to be cherished for merry years to come. Either place it in the heavy duty cylinder glass vases with some water added to it alongside a little faux air plant or a fern to make an eye catching décor accent or in the same containers as a reminiscence of their eternal bond.

A Variety of Meaning within Various Colors

The containers do not just contain beauty but also specific purpose but what do the colors of a sand ceremony mean? They mean distinctive personal traits of the couple, separate families and set of friends from separate walks of lives, that are represented by the unique shades of sand of the wedding sand ceremony. These different hues of sand also have significant interpretations and meanings and therefore, can be used to depict certain characteristic features of this blessed bond. Couples choose the white decorative sand while thinking about purity, spiritual values and devotion while the couples who think about friendship, balance and harmony go with the yellow decorative sand. The couples who have been together for quite a time and have deep understanding of each other, would choose the red coral decorative sand which depicts love, passion and romance or the green decorative sand which represents health, luck and prosperity. Those who wish patience, tranquility and longevity for each other while starting their lives afresh after marriage carry the blue decorative sand as it depicts the same qualities.

A Union Forever!

It is very important to know what do the colors of a sand ceremony mean before deciding on your color for the sand ceremony. And along with these, the wedding sand ceremony means that a great bonding of love, happiness and peace are all possible even though two hearts unite from different walks of life. The unity sand ceremony set kept at houses makes the couple take a trip down the memory lane every time they see the unity sands thus making them understand the significance of the union of marriage and a long married life together with many cheering and charming memories.

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