What Is A Memorial Table At A Wedding?

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Since the origin of marriage about 23,000 years ago, different cultures have created their own wedding customs. Many of these customs have stood the test of time and have evolved into the wedding rituals we still practice today. A lot of these traditions have their origins in ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece.

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Wedding day is one of the most significant times in your life to remember for as long as you live to commemorate the day when you are legally united with the love of your life. Have you ever taken a minute to ponder the purpose of all of these deeply instilled wedding traditions? For example, what is a memorial table at a wedding? Memory table is a wedding ritual to honor and pay homage and reverence to the very important family members who are not there with you on your special day. It’s a reverential loving memory sign to honor your deceased friends and family members. Whether exhibiting photographs throughout the ceremony, devoting a specific time during the day for a moment of silence, or leaving a seat empty for them during the ceremony, do whatever resonates with you and your relationship to your late loved one. To remember a friend or relative with a meaningful gesture or dedicated moment on your wedding day, one popular custom is to set a memory table at wedding. Wedding day is a celebration of love surrounded by those you hold dear and celebrate this momentous day and display anything from pictures to poems, loving memory wedding signs and personal items on the table to show how much meaning they’ve had in your life.

Celebrate Your Big Day With The Personal Recollections Of The Departed Ones

There are numerous ways to honor a late loved one at your wedding. From memorial displays to small personal mementos, acknowledging those who have passed away at a wedding ceremony can be as public or private as you wish. Either at the reception or ceremony venue, set up a table display for memory table at wedding. Fill the table with picture frames of loved ones who have passed away. Even though they may be gone, this special tribute can help it feel like they’re celebrating alongside you. Replace your plain banquet tablecloths with the wedding table runners that will bring out a unique appeal to your entire décor set up. Stylishly spread our Gold Glitzing Table Runner, Silver Glitzing Table Runner, Cherubic Carnations Motif Runner or Silver Glitzing Table Runner atop your tables to instantly elevate your tablescape from a bore to wedding reception galore. For a truly exotic look and effect, place the photos of deceased loved ones; and in addition to photographs or a scrapbook, gather items that represent the passions and hobbies of the deceased family members.

The theme of the memorial table can be in accordance with your wedding decorations, in style, color and texture to complement with the wedding décor.

Incorporate Minute Details With Floral Foliage

The presence of the memoirs of your late family members on your wedding reception can be as subtle as a symbolic white rose in your bouquet or as public as a moment of silence at the ceremony. Add a rosemary twig to the boutonnieres on memorial table at wedding as rosemary symbolizes remembrance or include your departed one’s favorite flower in your memorial table décor. The unique selection and presentation of loving memory sign along with the framed pictures of the deceased and candle burns will ignite a spark of reminiscence of all the times you have spent with them on your wedding reception. Cluster the table with flowers, textures, and foliage. Showcase your centerpieces florals in a creative way by mixing and matching. Use Purple Silk Hydrangea Artificial Flower Garland, Flowers Silk Peony Garland | Bendable Wire Vines | Artificial Flower Garlands, Tall Dual Tone Artificial Bush Peony Bouquet - Blush|Pink or  Artificial Wisteria Vine | Ratta Silk Hanging Flower Garland | Lavender to create a romantic and uplifting atmosphere at wedding reception. Use either one or numerous flower arrangements depending upon the size of your table.

Augment Shimmer & Shine To Festive Events

Add a touch of magic to your memorial table at wedding with a remembrance candle. It looks great as it glimmers throughout the reception as a sweet nostalgic reminder of your loved ones on the wedding day. The candle burns make it evident that the memories of your loved ones are still bright and burning in your heart. Candles in our ornate Gold Honeycomb Glass Vase, Bubble Glass Vase, Glass Candle Holders Table Centerpiece, Clear Glass Geometric Candle Holders - Table Top Prism Glass Candle Holders or Lace Design Gold Amber Hurricane Glass Candle Holder Set With Glass Tube are perfect for making stunning centerpieces and unique floral , candle, or succulent display for the memory table. Light up Pink My Happiest Moment Special Cake Candle Favor or Gold Dripless Unscented Pillar Candle | Long Lasting Candle to incorporate the right amount of shine and sparkle on your memory table.

Weddings are an embodiment of cheerful blooms, laughter, family members, memories, wedding photos and wedding decorations. Whether your way of recalling loved ones at a wedding includes a personalized note or a sweet photo of them at memorial table, be mindful that they are always in your heart and want you to be contented on your special wedding day! Do share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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