What Is A Table Overlay?

Whether you are planning for a casual dinner party, your near one’s birthday, or a lavish wedding, table decoration is one of the most essential elements while deciding on your overall décor theme. Apart from tablecloths and runners, table overlays not only add visual interest to your tables but also effortlessly conceal any unwanted stains on your tablecloths. These high-quality square toppers usually go over longer tablecloths and let you add glamour and beauty to your party ambiance in a way that looks royal and elegant at the same time. If you want to add a chic allure to your table décor but are still uncertain about what is an overlay for the table, fret not, we have gathered some important information about table overlays that will help you choose the best ones to take your table beautification to a level further. Keep on reading to find more about overlays and discover our huge variety of table linens to enhance the overall aesthetics of your event design.

table overlays

What Size Table Overlay Do I Need?          

After you have finally decided to beautify your birthday or wedding table with an overlay, you might be confused about what size table overlay you need? To get your table settings started off the right foot, all you need to do is pair up the correct size table and overlay. For a 48" table, the best suitable overlay size is a 60"x60" or 72" x72", whereas a 90"x90" table overlay will work best to give your 10 seated table a facelift. A pro tip to find the perfect overlay for your table is to measure the diameter of your table before you go shopping.

After the dimensions are noted and the correct measurements are taken, it’s time to select the appropriate fabric which not only adds striking persona to your table décor but also goes well with your overall décor. Keep scrolling to get a sneak peek at our wide variety of table overlays and find out which one is perfect for your table setting.

Exude Modish Flair With Stylish Overlays

Whether you’ve invited your close ones over lunch or dinner, a dining table is the main focal point of every meal you have and if you are in search of a décor element that not only adds a distinctive twist to your table decorations but also makes your table look well dressed, then a table overlay will flawlessly do the job for you. With the new table trends and styles, the use of overlays is not only confined to festive occasions and events but now your everyday use dining table can also be adorned with a delicate and sophisticated overlay to further amplify its classiness. To make your regular family meal exceptionally enjoyable and memorable, drape your tables with our lace table overlays and polyester overlays which are the most suitable overlays for small gatherings and occasions.   

Fancy Overlays To Add A Luxurious Flair To Your Lavish Affair

It’s no secret that a visually appealing table setting plays a significant role in setting the tone for your meal. Be it your little one’s first birthday celebration or your most beloved couple is finally getting married, tables are the highlighters of every event décor so make sure they are accentuated with classic table overlays that add a sense of elegance and festivity to your celebration. Pick your favorites from our wide range of satin and sequin table overlays or if you want to go with something more opulent, organza table overlay and velvet overlays will definitely work best for you. Trust us, the combination of our premium quality overlays and tablecloths will make your high-end event décor even more luxe and plush.

Undoubtedly, table overlays effortlessly add design and element to your minimal table settings and make a spectacular statement when paired with the right tablecloths. Don’t forget to tell us about your favorite table toppers in the comments section below.

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