Why Tablecloths Are More Sanitary?

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The foundation of any table is the tablecloth, which adds a pop of color and style to your tablescape, that is why it is important to choose the right one. Tablecloth is essential for both dining aesthetics and elevating the value of the food, it not only protects the table from scratches and spills but also serves as a significant decor accessory. Whether you’re hosting a formal event or just a casual family dinner party, using the right kind of table cover can boost your decor aesthetics to the next level. To enjoy a healthy and happy mealtime, hygienically clean table linens are what everyone opt for and often doubt the fact that; ‘Are tablecloths more sanitary?’ To make you understand well that a tablecloth is the best table covering to provide protection against germs and infections, we have rounded up some benefits of using tablecloth that will tuck all your worries away and will impart an elegant and sophisticated look to your table décor, adorning it like never before. 


Sturdy & Re-Usable!

To add class with convenience, using fabric tablecloth that is highly sturdy and can sustain its unique texture and charm even after multiple washes is highly recommended. To keep these banquet tablecloths clean and sanitized, regular washing is the only option that ultimately results in damaging their color and material. To help you protect your table linens from any damage there are some linen-care tips, follow them and take full advantage of the value of your tablecloth.

For velvet & pintuck tablecloths use hand washing technique, as rubbing will damage the fabric and for a delicate material like satin, use cold water or dry clean method as it will keep the fabric new for long. For burlap, spandex & polyester tablecloths machine washing is recommended and when it comes to cleaning sequin, organza, & lace tablecloth, machine wash or ironing is discouraged, and spot cleaning is recommended. Keep the safety and personal hygiene at priority and use our high-grade linen tablecloth that will keep your tables clean from germs and can be washed multiple times.

Easy to Wipe & Disinfect!

Table linens heighten the urbanity of your event and give your tables a rich and glamorous presence with their vivid styles, dimensions, and textures. Our collection of vinyl tablecloth offers wholesale tablecloths that feature easy to wipe-clean surface, and get disinfected with any anti-bacterial or disinfectant spray and keep your space sterilized. Choose from our affordable, durable, and reusable plastic tablecloth & vinyl tablecloth collection and simply wipe the stains and spills clean and use them with impeccable luster time and time again. Exhibit your ornate satin, rosette, or embroidered tablecloths without fearing of possible spills and stains by opting for our clear vinyl tablecloth protector and bring an impressive yet highly sanitized opulent look to your space. These cheap tablecloths are made from high quality PVC plastic that gives you superior strength and durability and also provides the convenience of disposability that your events require.

Water-Resistant & Accident Repellent

Tablecloth is undeniably the best way to keep your table sanitized and clean, as it protects the tables from any kind of bacteria that can be transmitted by touch. We offer our stylish plastic tablecloth and vinyl tablecloth collection containing waterproof tablecloths that are water resistant and accident repellent. You simply have to use any sterilizing spray to disinfect them and keep your hygiene level maintained. The party tables that are commonly used during barbeque dinners, backyard picnics, family feasts, holiday parties, casual eateries or any picnic in the public places have the highest risk of carrying germs. For a safer and cleaner party table, pick from our outdoor tablecloth assortment featuring chic table covers like buffalo check, chevron, polka dots, crushed design PVC plastic or eco-friendly vinyl waterproof tablecloths and let these holiday tablecloths take all your worries of catching any kind of germ or infections away.


We understand that staying safe and protected against any kind of bacteria and germs is everyone’s right and to make your life stress-free we recommend browsing our exclusive tablecloth collection that will maintain all your sanitary demands as well as will give a chic look to your dining tables. So, what are your waiting for, explore our tablecloths selection and enjoy the most relaxed and fun-filled mealtimes with your loved ones. Do share your opinions with us in the comment section below!

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